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Ariel Cahill replied to Zhadow's discussion DC Comics VS. Marvel Comics in the group Superhero Fans
"Uh... not sure about that. Let's see what happens in Batman vs. Superman first. I want to see if the new Batman actor does the character any justice or not. :( Loved the original Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight trilogy, shame he had to go."
1 hour ago
Ariel Cahill replied to fire wiz's discussion villons in the group Superhero Fans
"First of all, it's spelled "villains." Second, this group has been dead for a little bit. I wouldn't expect it to suddenly jump to life. :( Codebearers has been seeing a decrease in activity over the past months, which is sad.…"
1 hour ago
Ariel Cahill replied to The Dark Lord's discussion Who Are You?
"I am someone who is currently hating every minute of AP Human Geography. Who are you?"
1 hour ago
fire wiz replied to Zhadow's discussion DC Comics VS. Marvel Comics in the group Superhero Fans
"no i mean a batman movie when robin comes in"
2 hours ago


An "Inspiration Cover" for Codebearers Continuum is finally finished. It will likely change as writing continues, but for now...enjoy! 

Post a comment here or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think of it, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting Codebearers stuff in the weeks ahead. We might even post up the original "Inspiration Cover" design for the first Hunter Brown book. :-)


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Give the title of What you're Watching.Doctor Who Episode: Utopia Continue

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