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BladeAngel replied to Bladebearer's discussion Boys vs. Girls
2 hours ago
BladeAngel replied to BladeAngel's discussion Battle Day RPG
"Takara nodded then grabbed her bag. "Good job Rabbit." Rabbit nodded then took the fake away."
2 hours ago
Satar replied to Zhadow's discussion Next
"Chris walked into the makeshift mission control so he could get briefed on the mission's details. Joshua stopped soon after the diner at a gas station and purchased a pre-paid cellphone and texted the number that he had memorized '1 day…"
3 hours ago
Satar replied to Hope's discussion Narnia RPG
"(Awesome!) Zeke looked the way the wagon had went to chase after the caravan "They should be on their way by now." He said to himself. "Form up!" The leader of the guard, whose name was Damien, shouted and the horsemen behind…"
3 hours ago


An "Inspiration Cover" for Codebearers Continuum is finally finished. It will likely change as writing continues, but for now...enjoy! 

Post a comment here or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think of it, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting Codebearers stuff in the weeks ahead. We might even post up the original "Inspiration Cover" design for the first Hunter Brown book. :-)


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Boys vs. Girls 82011 Replies

I found this on ctf. we start at 500. Girls take away 2; boys add 2. let's see what happens. 500Continue

Started by Bladebearer in Forum Games. Last reply by BladeAngel 2 hours ago.

Battle Day RPG 3621 Replies

This is base off my story The Lost Ryuin Guard. Basically theres two academys one is Rasryn Academy the other Wryn Academy. Each academy has a guard that has a captian and ten guards (5 girls & 5…Continue

Started by BladeAngel in Roleplaying. Last reply by BladeAngel 2 hours ago.

Next 4445 Replies

They call us mutants, but that’s just a name because not even we know who we are. They say that we can’t be controlled, that we’ll destroy everything on Earth. Some live in fear of us, others want to…Continue

Started by Zhadow in Roleplaying. Last reply by Satar 3 hours ago.

Narnia RPG 905 Replies

In this RPG Narnia is being attacked! The Kings and Queens (Edmund, Peter, Susan and Lucy) have been taken captive and it is up to a group of young Narnians led by the young princess (my character)…Continue

Started by Hope in Roleplaying. Last reply by Satar 3 hours ago.




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