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Hope replied to Jamal's discussion The Fight for Freedom RPG
"I think I should do Lidia, "
5 hours ago
BTW replied to Zhadow's discussion Next
"Hartwin sat across from her. "You know, scars aren't that bad. It's like your story on your skin." Zac bolted awake. "Huh?" Audrey nodded. "I just hope it's not true. I hope it's your imagination and we…"
8 hours ago
Zhadow replied to Zhadow's discussion Next
""Look," Lucien stood up. "I didn't mean to freak you out, but knowing you, however a short of time it's been, you would've found out what I saw anyways." "The one thing perk I would love to get for following…"
8 hours ago
BTW replied to Zhadow's discussion Next
""Dude, you say this but you still wonder why you have no girl. It's because we are apart of a secret mutant organization." Aileen said unbuckling her seatbelt. Hartwin nodded. "How's the leg?" Audrey looked at the…"
8 hours ago


An "Inspiration Cover" for Codebearers Continuum is finally finished. It will likely change as writing continues, but for now...enjoy! 

Post a comment here or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think of it, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting Codebearers stuff in the weeks ahead. We might even post up the original "Inspiration Cover" design for the first Hunter Brown book. :-)


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The Fight for Freedom RPG 1200 Replies

The Fight for FreedomA group of kids are separated from their parents during a fight with the deadly Shadow, stranding them on a shard far from Inire. It is the kid's quest to find their way back to…Continue

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Next 3307 Replies

They call us mutants, but that’s just a name because not even we know who we are. They say that we can’t be controlled, that we’ll destroy everything on Earth. Some live in fear of us, others want to…Continue

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Songs (DO NOT COPY) 20 Replies

Well, people have been asking me to post my songs - or whatever I've written. Well, here's the only song I have completed so far. I'll probably post basic chords later when I have the time. (I will…Continue

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