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DatGlutenFReeChef commented on Sabrina's blog post Role-play for three
"~A-Okay from Ringwraith~"
BTW replied to BTW's discussion Make It Through The Night
"When they got to her cot, aileen grabbed her blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders. She then turned back to Graham. "Goodnight. And thank you." "We are on our way to meet Sofia, one of my contacts,  in Fort Puyi. I sent…"
BTW replied to Zhadow's discussion When the World Falls
""We will return back to London where these two will stand trial for their crimes. Once we arrive, we will contact you. The UN will determine what will happen to the former US as the entire cabinet was wiped out in Ravenwood's…"
Zhadow replied to BTW's discussion Make It Through The Night
"Thomas nodded back. "What's our next play, Aiden?" he asked as he sat to Aiden's right. Graham got Aileen to her cot before it got too much colder."



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Make It Through The Night 1426 Replies

Some called it the end. Others, the beginning. Either way, it didn’t…Continue

Started by BTW in Roleplaying. Last reply by BTW yesterday.

When the World Falls 3089 Replies

Two years. Two years have gone by since the decline of the United States of America. It was now referred to as The Refuge. A mass of land that was home to any imperfect that was willing to follow…Continue

Started by Zhadow in Roleplaying. Last reply by BTW yesterday.


Sadie Drake just wants to keep her sister safe. But this is growing steadily difficult as Arley insists on finding a way back to Solandria. Amber wishes to be left alone with her troubled thoughts,…Continue

Tags: Codebearers

Started by Sabrina in Roleplaying. Last reply by Cypher on Sunday.

Ctrl V 487 Replies

Simple game, just hit ctrl + v to paste whatever you last copied.  I'll start: *Control V!!!*Flying through Endor, On a pair of speeder bikes, Through the trees we go, shooting all the way, I think…Continue

Started by TTUG in Forum Games. Last reply by Zhadow Aug 7.




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