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Katerina replied to Sabrina's discussion THE DIRECTIVE
"Sadie noticed Vert's twitching hand, and instinctively pulled Arely closer. Something was for sure off, though she didn't know what, but she was determined to be prepared for whatever. Delilah, also uneasy, casually moved her hands to her…"
Oct 2
Sabrina replied to Sabrina's discussion THE DIRECTIVE
"Fiel walked a few paces behind Amber. It was easier to keep up now that he didn't have a sharp pain in his chest, but he wasn't sure if it had gone away or if he just couldn't feel it because of the pain killers. He'd find out…"
Oct 2
BTW replied to Zhadow's discussion When the World Falls
""In some twisted way it does." Ben agreed. He offered her the seat in between his and Audrey's as audrey moved down to make room."
Sep 23
Satar replied to Zhadow's discussion When the World Falls
"Natalie smile grew as she took in the extra embrace. "Thanks." She said then she looked around to see almost everyone else "Feels like a strange family reunion." She said as her smile lessened a bit as she remembered why they…"
Sep 22



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Sadie Drake just wants to keep her sister safe. But this is growing steadily difficult as Arley insists on finding a way back to Solandria. Amber wishes to be left alone with her troubled thoughts,…Continue

Tags: Codebearers

Started by Sabrina in Roleplaying. Last reply by Katerina Oct 2.

When the World Falls 3109 Replies

Two years. Two years have gone by since the decline of the United States of America. It was now referred to as The Refuge. A mass of land that was home to any imperfect that was willing to follow…Continue

Started by Zhadow in Roleplaying. Last reply by BTW Sep 23.

Make It Through The Night 1430 Replies

Some called it the end. Others, the beginning. Either way, it didn’t…Continue

Started by BTW in Roleplaying. Last reply by BTW Sep 20.

The Coffee Break 3776 Replies

Hey!  All you kids!  The Coffee Break is hereby going through a temporary transformation.  This is NO LONGER the place where you can come to shout pizza, or any other random thing that comes to you. …Continue

Started by The Dark Lord in *OPEN FORUM*. Last reply by Bladebearer Sep 5.




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