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Rilaeon Ithien commented on Zhadow's group Superhero Fans
"And by the way, I read your meme again – I didn't call you useless. I only called you arrogant. #ReadCommentsCarefully"
5 minutes ago
Rilaeon Ithien commented on Zhadow's group Superhero Fans
"I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you really need to examine how you think and feel about things. Just simply stating something like "oh, that actress wears makeup" or "oh, that singer got plastic surgery" implied a lot…"
11 minutes ago
Ringwraith commented on Zhadow's group Superhero Fans
"Thats the thing; I never belittle'd anything. I never criticized her. I simply stated that she wore makeup. Thats besides the point. Eh, It's kinda the default meme. This may come as a complete shock to you all, but I DO have feelings. And…"
14 minutes ago
Rilaeon Ithien commented on Zhadow's group Superhero Fans
"We all know everyone in Hollywood wears makeup. And whether they've had plastic surgery or not is not a reason to belittle their appearance or "value." Not natural? Maybe they personally didn't like how they were…"
19 minutes ago


An "Inspiration Cover" for Codebearers Continuum is finally finished. It will likely change as writing continues, but for now...enjoy! 

Post a comment here or on our Facebook page to let us know what you think of it, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting Codebearers stuff in the weeks ahead. We might even post up the original "Inspiration Cover" design for the first Hunter Brown book. :-)


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