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Boys vs. Girls

I found this on ctf. we start at 500. Girls take away 2; boys add 2. let's see what happens.   500

Started by Bladebearer

85256 yesterday
Reply by Mark


Okay, here's how it goes. One person says a word, and the next person to post has to say the first thing that came to mind when they read t…

Started by 117

2856 on Thursday
Reply by firewhiz

Banning game

To play, each person must "ban" the person who wrote the previous post, usually for something ridiculous and unrelated reasons.    For exam…

Started by Brook Pittman

3243 Apr 12
Reply by SonicFan

Movie Elevator

Ooo!  I shall bring it back to life!  Stole your thread, sorry Jelf.   Okay, so, basically, someone says the name of a movie and the next p…

Started by The Dark Lord

302 Apr 5
Reply by SonicFan

How to get kicked out of Wal-MArt

Because you can't do these things in real life without having to face parental consequences, let us write the things we think about doing t…

Started by Lexi

325 Apr 5
Reply by SonicFan

Would You Rather...

Welcome, to "Would You Rather"! This game is similar to This or That, but is more detailed... Here's an example of how it goes.   ToeFace:…

Started by 117

893 Apr 5
Reply by SonicFan

Write a story together

Here's how it works; someone writes part of a story, and people just keep going with it   I'll start: I was riding next to a bulldoser when…

Started by Lexi

518 Apr 5
Reply by SonicFan

Disassociation Game

In 'dis game, you have to post a word that is completely dissociated with the last word posted. For examples; Bird Clock Toothbrush Garbage…

Started by Ringwraith

107 Apr 5
Reply by SonicFan

Q and A

Answer the question of the person before you, and write your own after. Like this:   Aviad: Q: How large is the U.S.A. debt?   Shizzle: A:…

Started by Aviad

572 Apr 5
Reply by SonicFan

You Laugh, You Lose

Here's the deal, you post pictures of things worthy of an lol. First person who laughs loses and must find something funnier. Now I want no…

Started by TTUG

2245 Mar 5
Reply by Cypher


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