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Movie this or that?

:D Just like all the other this or that thingys I guess! :) I'll start.   Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones?

Started by Skate98

116 Feb 20
Reply by Seth

You Know You're a Writer When...

Call it a game, call it a writing discussion. It falls somewhere in between. Here's an example: You know you're a writer when the death of…

Started by Jenth

31 Feb 10
Reply by Anika Cowl

Mixed words

The first person will post 2 words, such as Microsoft Windows, and the next poster will use the 2nd word in their post.Example:post 1- Mic…

Started by Brook Pittman

250 Feb 10
Reply by Anika Cowl

Corrupt a wish

i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you                                              …

Started by Impy

1075 Feb 10
Reply by Anika Cowl

Person Below You

Write about the person below you, and then they respond with "True" or "False". EXAMPLE: Daniel: You eat candy on a daily basis Mike: Fals…

Started by daniel

1041 Feb 10
Reply by Anika Cowl

The Quotes

This should be simple. One person post a quote and then you post one that you think is better, For example: ME: "I like to start my semeste…

Started by The Destroyer Of Worlds

29 Aug 30, 2018
Reply by DatGlutenFReeChef

Ctrl V

Simple game, just hit ctrl + v to paste whatever you last copied.     I'll start: *Control V!!!* Flying through Endor, On a pair of speed…

Started by TTUG

488 Aug 23, 2018
Reply by SonicFan


Here is a forum game about trading. You play like this.   TTUG: I have pizza.   Cypher: I trade a lit stick of TNT for the pizza.          …

Started by Cypher

398 Aug 23, 2018
Reply by SonicFan

5 letters

Easy game...I've picked five letters, and wrote them down below. The next person has to make a sentence using just the five letters. Examp…

Started by Brook Pittman

279 Aug 23, 2018
Reply by SonicFan

Four letter word

Try and change one letter of a word to make a new word Example: 1: Foot  2:Fool  3:Pool   Just change any 1 letter in the word to make anot…

Started by Brook Pittman

1257 Aug 23, 2018
Reply by SonicFan


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