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Four letter word

Try and change one letter of a word to make a new word Example: 1: Foot  2:Fool  3:Pool   Just change any 1 letter in the word to make anot…

Started by Brook Pittman

1257 Aug 23, 2018
Reply by SonicFan

Would You Rather...

Welcome, to "Would You Rather"! This game is similar to This or That, but is more detailed... Here's an example of how it goes.   ToeFace:…

Started by 117

894 Jul 31, 2018
Reply by Bladebearer

This or that?

simple, like we had in the old forum. Name two choices. The next person picks between the two and offers another choice.   EXAMPLE: Aviad:…

Started by Aviad

1983 Jul 15, 2018
Reply by Bladebearer

You Laugh, You Lose

Here's the deal, you post pictures of things worthy of an lol. First person who laughs loses and must find something funnier. Now I want no…

Started by TTUG

2247 Jul 15, 2018
Reply by Bladebearer

Boys vs. Girls

I found this on ctf. we start at 500. Girls take away 2; boys add 2. let's see what happens.   500

Started by Bladebearer

85469 May 24, 2018
Reply by BladeAngel


some of u old site peeps might remember this game heres how it goes:   jellybean380: *coin*   jfisher23: u get a lifetime supply of milk!  …

Started by CrimsonAngel

748 Mar 26, 2018
Reply by Melody

Who Are You?

One of yours, TTUG.   So, here's how it works.  I make a statement about myself and then ask "Who are you?"  Then you make a statement abou…

Started by The Dark Lord

1051 Oct 7, 2017
Reply by Melody

Rules of the Playground

So this is a game where we make up silly rules of some random playground. I'll start:   Absolutly NO projectile vomiting

Started by Explorerdude

265 Oct 5, 2017
Reply by Melody

The Auto-Correct Game

This is a fun and easy game, just type in a bunch of nonsense, right click on it once the red squiggly line appears, and choose the first a…

Started by daniel

21 Oct 5, 2017
Reply by Melody

Drive Thru Order...

What would you order if you went thru a drive thru right now? tell it here! I will be like the person who is taking your order! have fun!

Started by daniel

86 Sep 24, 2017
Reply by firewhiz


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