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Ok, so... The title says it all. What's the best thing you've ever done or experienced??? Mine was probably riding a zipline at MAD camp, o…

Started by Pink Flame

21 Dec 4, 2015
Reply by Cypher

Home School or Public School

Which are you, and why you like and/or dislike it?

Started by Bladebearer

108 Dec 4, 2015
Reply by Cypher

Great Idea for Minecraft Users!!!!

Hey everyone!! Who all plays Minecraft?? Do any of you know how to get a server going? Because I was thinking that if you guys wanted to, w…

Started by Math ew!

3 Dec 4, 2015
Reply by Cypher

The Old Site *Sighs*

Here we can reminice with fond memories of the old site. I found this paper yesterday from the old forums and inspired me to make this thre…

Started by Explorerdude

251 Nov 27, 2015
Reply by DatGlutenFReeChef


Move arguments here. I promise not to delete other peoples opinions that I disagree with.

Started by Hope

50 Nov 27, 2015
Reply by DatGlutenFReeChef

Story Ideas

Ever had a random scene just pop into your head but you didn't really feel like writing down the entire story? Well here is a place where y…

Started by Silver Phoenix

27 Nov 2, 2015
Reply by Arely


If anybody has heard of or likes the current hot shot that is Undertale, this is the place to post it. (Not sure why I'm adding more topic…

Started by The old soul

2 Oct 25, 2015
Reply by The Destroyer Of Worlds

Broken bones

What bones have you broken? Tell the stories that tell of injuries.  

Started by Math ew!

28 Oct 17, 2015
Reply by Bladebearer

Adventures in Odyssey

Talk about the best radio show ever here! Who's you favourite character?

Started by Tanwen

243 Oct 2, 2015
Reply by Qrow Branwen

Ever Wonder How to Type Upside Down? ¡ʍoɥ s,ǝɹǝɥ 'ןןǝʍ

Want to learn how to type upside down? ¡ǝɹoɯ ou ɹǝpuoʍ 'ןןǝʍ Here's how: *drum roll* ¡uʍop ǝpısdn ǝʇıɹʍ !!!!!! So, discuss it here! ˙˙˙ǝɯo…

Started by daniel

13 Jun 27, 2015
Reply by Arely


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