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The Auto-Correct Game

This is a fun and easy game, just type in a bunch of nonsense, right click on it once the red squiggly line appears, and choose the first a…

Started by daniel

21 Oct 5, 2017
Reply by Sabrina

That Awkward Moment When...

The game is simple. Think up awkward moments and stick them onto that sentence! Then start the next sentence! Example: That awkward moment…

Started by daniel

73 Sep 14, 2017
Reply by SonicFan

Person Below You

Write about the person below you, and then they respond with "True" or "False". EXAMPLE: Daniel: You eat candy on a daily basis Mike: Fals…

Started by daniel

1037 Sep 26, 2016
Reply by SonicFan

You Know You're a Writer When...

Call it a game, call it a writing discussion. It falls somewhere in between. Here's an example: You know you're a writer when the death of…

Started by Jenth

29 Oct 15, 2015
Reply by Hope

Image Wars

Simple. Post a superior image to the one of that above you! I'll start:

Started by daniel

77 Feb 15, 2014
Reply by The Destroyer Of Worlds

King of the Hill

An everlasting game where we battle and try to get to the top of the hill...only to get knocked down again. You can use anything...but if y…

Started by daniel

14 Feb 4, 2014
Reply by Bladebearer

Keep Up or Give Up!

O.K., here's how it works: I shall start by writing down a series. Then, the next person will add to that series. We will start over after…

Started by daniel

250 Feb 1, 2014
Reply by Bladebearer

The Games of Crux RPG

Okay, so this will be a little like the Hunger Games, but with a super-powered futuristic twist. Storyline: In the year 3000, on the planet…

Started by daniel

27 Oct 10, 2013
Reply by Eden

Smiley discussion

Here we can have a discussion with smileys! I'll start:

Started by daniel

4 Apr 5, 2012
Reply by Lexi

Food Fight!

This is like Junk War and Snowball Fight, but with food! Choose a team, Green or Black, and let the fun begin! Team Green: daniel Evelet C…

Started by daniel

10 Apr 5, 2012
Reply by Lexi


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