Winter Rose academy has the annual Battle Day every once every five or so years. Their rival teams coming from other academies to win. Once the Battle Day is finish, new teams will form and practice will start again. Who will win this year Battle Day?


Captain- taken
2nd in Command- Taken
3rd in Command - Open
Swordwarriors- Open
Archer- Open
Sniper- Open
Hunter- Open

Ryuin Guard-

Takara (Captain) - BladeAngel
Zako (2nd in Command) - Zhadow
MW - BladeBearer

Character Profile-


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Takara eyed the other across from her eating her second muffin then she tapped at her notebook with her pen. Wondering how to get new team members.

Zako followed Takara's eyes across the room. "What are you thinkin?" he asked folding up his muffin's wrapper.

Takara showed Zako her notebook. "Trying to get a new Ryuin guard together....wanna join Zako?" She asked.

wasn't he already apart of it?

(I'm starting over so no but lets just say they are good friends)


Zako took the notebook from Takara. "I'm in."

"Welcome aboard then Zako," said Takara with a smile.

"It is a pleasure." Zako smiled.

"Know anybody else who would like to join?" Takara asked looking around again.

"Not a clue." Zako took a look around the cafeteria. "Maybe some of the newcomers."

Takara nodded her head. "Yeah maybe they would like to join," she agreed.

Zako stood. "I must get myself to class before I get in trouble."


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