Winter Rose academy has the annual Battle Day every once every five or so years. Their rival teams coming from other academies to win. Once the Battle Day is finish, new teams will form and practice will start again. Who will win this year Battle Day?


Captain- taken
2nd in Command- Taken
3rd in Command - Open
Swordwarriors- Open
Archer- Open
Sniper- Open
Hunter- Open

Ryuin Guard-

Takara (Captain) - BladeAngel
Zako (2nd in Command) - Zhadow
MW - BladeBearer

Character Profile-


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"Pretty amaing about you Zako?"Takara asked just as a waiter came over.

"It's pretty decent." Zako replied.

"What may I get the two of you?" the waiter asked.

"I'll have a Chestnut Praline Frappucino." Zako leaned back in his seat as the waiter turned to Takara.

"Same thing please," replied Takara.

The waiter smiled at Takara then left to get the drinks.

idk what to have them talk about

The waiter came back in a few minutes and set both drinks in front of them. "If you need anything, just let me know."

"Thanks." Zako smiled.

"I would like to order the cookie sampler,"said Takara smiling too.

Waiter scribbled it down. "I'll go put that in." He said before he left.

"You just had a snowball brownie and now you want cookies?" Zako looked surprised.

"I didn't eat it besides it melted so i threw it away, said Takara.

"I see."

"Now your half melted too."

The waiter came back with the cookie sampler. "Here you go." He set it on their table smiling at the two of them before attending other costumers.

Takara grabbed a warm peanut butter to take a bite then took a sip of her drink.

"How does it taste?" Zako asked taking one for himself.


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