This is base off my story The Lost Ryuin Guard. Basically theres two academys one is Rasryn Academy the other Wryn Academy. Each academy has a guard that has a captian and ten guards (5 girls & 5 boys). For Rasryn its Ryuin Guard and Wryn its Lyrin Guard. But only one guard can battle in the tournament called Battle Day to face other academys. First they train and do practice runs before having obstacle courses that determine who is better.

For profile-

Age : (13-21)
Positon: (captian or guard)

Here are the characters you can be:

Ryuin Guard
Takara Kaiyn

Ahiko Awen
Rapheal Hachiyo
MW Raisa
Scrydan Blaze
Leontyne Bladewell
Daithm Rain
Kannelite Wing
Iscariot Frost Jashen Saber

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"Of course." Zako replied with a smile.

Starlit suddenly appeared above Takara, blocking the view.

"What u want Starlit?"asked Takara.

Zako didn't say anything to Starlit.

Starlit smirked. "You and your team are needed in the principal's office,"she said before flouncing off.

Zako rolled his eyes. "Of course we are."

Takara rolled her eyes. "Lets go see what we did now,"she said as she got to her feet.

"Probably isn't any truth to it." Zako muttered rising to his feet.

"Never know Zako,"says Takara as she follows Starlit to the principal's office.

(Skip ahead?)

"Takara! Zako! Please come in",greeted the principal.

"Hello principal,"said Takara taking a seat.

Zako nodded his head towards the principle before taking the seat next to Takara.

Principal told them to come in.

”Are we in trouble principal?” Takara asked

”Not at all I have good news for you Takara,” replied the principal smiling big.


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