we are in the year 2015 and we are are in D.C. and we are trapped in a battle for life and freedom and we are all alone and we are the only ones and we need to fight to get the freedom that we deserve and the evil is a group spiritual force's that help a very evil guy get his power and we need you

you can join any time you want to   


1# No controlling other people's characters.

2# No foul language.

3# No killing other people's characters.

4# No being all powerful.

you can have 4 character's 








Pet (If you want one and you can put it now in battle for life and freedom RPG Off topic but all Characters can use one of the pets)

 my characters

Name: lisar

Age: 19 



Bio:She is nice but some time's She get's mean and she has a thing for Joshua 


Name: Kalenz

Weapons: Bow. And dagger 


Name: Jason

Age: 30 

Gender: Male



Weapons: Sword, And, Bow 

Bio he is a Knight and He is Konrad and John's brother


Name: Jake 

Weapons: Fire breath  razor sharp claws and razor sharp teeth   

Name: Konrad

Age: 20

Gender: Male 



Weapons: Sword, Dagger, And bow

Bio: His John's Brother and he was a Knight five year's back


Name: Caleb

Weapons: Fire breath razor sharp claws and razor sharp teeth    

name John

age 20 

gender male



bio truthful, Strong, Leadership, Persistant, Intelligent. And he has a thing for Raven 

Weapons Sword to daggers a bow and a shotgun 



Name: Bill

Weapons: Fire breath razor sharp claws and razor sharp teeth 


blackwingedangel's  characters  

Name: Takeru 

Age: 20
Gender: male
bio: loves to battle the evil and will find a way to stop it.
Weapon: sword to daggers and bow and arrows

Name: Jasper
Weapon: flight,runs fast,sharp claws and is electric charged

Name: Ghost Shadow
Gender: male
Weapon: bow and arrow and his crystal dagger chain


Name: Skye
Weapon: shadow run and flight

satar's characters

Name: Joshua

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Weapons: Bow with customized arrows and duel G23Bio: TBD


Name: Javi (Ha-vi)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearence: Dark brown hair, Blue eyes.

Weapons: M16, multiple throwing knives, and an SR25.

Bio: He's Joshua's older brother and he leads a tactical force in another town.

Other: He is amazing with electronics and he also made a vehicle that Joshua had made the plans of.


Bladebearer's characters

Name: Raven Greystone

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Weapons: twin jade studded daggers Her daggers are infused with magic. Basic magical spiritual properties, like superspeed and limited healing.

Bio: Raven is a lone wolf. Her father tried to help her make friends, but the other chilfren, as well as their parents, didn't like her. They thought her evil. She wonders if there is something evil inside her. 

She wishes she could be accepted. Now with her father gone, she really is all alone


 Knight Rider's characters

Name: Nathan Fang

Age: 19

Gender: Male


 Weapons: Two twin revolvers, a sawed off double barrel shotgun, and a knife.

Bio: Ever since he was a kid he was fascinated with old western guns and as he got older he made it a hobby to learn how to use them. He started learning to shoot at the age ten, and now being nineteen he’s practically a professional at quick drawing his two revolvers from his holsters, and is extremely accurate. Now in this time of trouble, he must fight for his life and those skills will definitely come in handy.

Other: He’s also really good at throwing knives.

this are pic's of his Weapons

Battle For Life And Freedom Character.docx Battle For Life And Freedom Character.docx, 475 KB


Name: Twilight


Weapon: Flight, claws, and sonic screech. Twilight's sonic screach allows him to let out a screech that is capable of creating massive sound waves that send anything in it's path flying.

Dragon Lover<3's characters

Name: Alissa

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Weapons: sword and daggers

Bio: TBD (To Be Determined)


Name: Lily


anime pet

Weapon: Can fit into small spaces, turn invisible, and has incredible hearing.


Name: Clover

Age: 21

Gender: Female


Weapons: Taser, pistol, and pocket knife

Bio: Before the war started Clover was the secretary for the governor, she quit once she found out how stupid they were for starting the war. She also has been obsessed with technology her entire life and knows how to hack into almost everything.



Name: Willow


Weapon: Her Sharp teeth, sharp claws, super fast running, extremly strong tail, and her howl can make a person fall unconscious.

Cypher's characters

Name: Alex Seekers

Age:  19

Gender: Male

Weapons: Bow, trick arrows and sword


Bio: Alex is a master with his bow and sword his brother (A inventor) makes his awesome trick arrows and his parents are overseas on a new job.

Pet: Sneak

Pet Bio: Alex found blur outside his home town in the woods. Alex Doesn't know what blur is All he knows is Her sense of smell is terrific, can see in the dark, has chameleon like fur that can change make her almost invisible and that she is a great friend.



Zhadow's  characters

Name: Ashtin

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Weapons: Walther PPS 9mm and two Katanas


Bio: Ashtin got caught up in this mess just because he was in DC. Born and raised in Britain, Ashtin's rich family has always spoiled him. When he reached the age of 10, Ashtin begged his parents to let him take martial arts and sword fighting lessons. They couldn't resit and gave him these lessons. At the age of thirteen, Ashtin had a black belt in martial arts and was a genius when it came to sword fighting, his sword of choice being a Katana. A year later he asked his parents for shooting lessons. They resisted for a year then on his fifteenth birthday, the told him to get ready for shooting lessons. Ashtin immediately favored the Walther PPS 9mm over all the other guns. A couple weeks later, a man was visiting Ashtin's father one day and noticed Ashtin. The man offered him an acting career. Ashtin immediately agreed. From that day forwards, Ashtin was an actor. He had been in more movies than actor his age had ever been in before. Ashtin's latest role brought him to Washington, DC which is when all hell broke loose.

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Alex was on the outside of one of the smaller hunters getting ready for battle.

Oh you'll see *Evil Laugh*

um okay

That's good

Raven kept attacking from teh shadows.

L:  I broke the gas padol

is this rpg dead, because I might drop out?

i think it is

hmmm. *thinks about what to do*


should we try to restart it?

I'm back and I think we should restart to and anyone who wants to drop out can oh and my sister who on here is called Elmira will be on in a few days


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