If you want to be or are a leader (the people who post the "sermons") come here and we can discuss who will be posting which month.

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Jess: yes that's fine

Nikki: either one.

You know what, I'll do one.




Ok who's got this month?


Sure! Also if y'all could help me find a good Christmas one for December.


Post your sermon! -_-

Easy, easy, September ain't over yet!

That's the problem.You need to post it before September is over. I posted mine in August because I was going to lose it remember? So just posted in 3 days, ok?

P.S. in other words just posted before my birthday.

P.P.S my birthday is on the 30th.

Or post it at 11:59 PM on her birthday, as an almost-late birthday present.


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