When a clock strikes midnight, at the Townends Academy a strange addition is always added. Whether its a staircas, a corridor, dorm house or classroom building. This time however a Stitcher, a Half-Puppet, a Crow Shifter, 2 brothers that are Shadow Takers, a Changeling, a Black Bunny Shifter, and a fallen Angel-Demon. But Townsend Academy doesnt have just magical buildings appear, its part of a curse thats hidden. Its in the unused half of the school, crooked doors, broken windows and walkways. Thats where the crystal butterfly is kept, either in the floors or in the walls. Once it is found, it is said to destroy the curse then to set things back to normal.
In the meantime the new students that had arrived needs to find eachother, become friends then lastly work together to find the crystal butterfly.Currently they'll find trouble around every corner, evil cheerleader, jocks, and teachers. Plus a group that somehow calls themselves the Broken Candle. They plan on getting the Butterfly to by destroying anybody in their path, even if it means the academy itself. But the new students won't back down without a fight.

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I like. Sounds really exciting. Kinda makes me think of Black Butler.

Yep and Fairoze
Chapter 1: Half Puppet (part 1)

Never pulled up on the circular drive to the front entrance of Townsend Academy.
He was driving his black porsche his brother Nearly had given him as birthday present.
He loved it to pieces, including his mansion that had burned from the inside but had somehow went out in a instant..
The accident had happen when he was younger and he plus Nearly had escaped.
They both have their own mansions, but had never failed or miss a change to keep in touch.
Parking behind a silver jeep, Never got out to call his brother that he made it.
"Hey brother,"he greeted.
"Hey to you too my dear brother...have you made it?"asked a voice on the other line.
"Yep just parked on the driveway,"replied Never taking in the crazy mess of a academy.
"Why you did that?"demanded his brother's voice.
"I saw a sign that says park on driveway for valet to park,"answered Never seeing all kinds of towers jutting out all over the place.
"Oh well good luck brother i'm kinda busy soo..,"started off his brother.
"I understand talk to you later brother,"finished Never seeing the valet start moving the cars.
"Thank you.. talk to you later brother,"said his brother then the line went dead.
Handing the keys to the valet, Never grabbed his bags before opening the front door to the academy.


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