Wow...I haven't made one of these in ages...

Speaking of that, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this site isn't used that much.  Though I'm REALLY glad it hasn't been deleted!  It's so fun to look back at all these different things we've done and people we've "met".  The stories told, the games played--it was great!

Now, I would like to hear your memories on Codebearers.  What are some things that still stick with you?

Also, I'm curious; what do you guys think happened to this site?  Why isn't it more active?  What do you guys think would revive it, if it can be revived?

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Chris said that is was just a spin-off trilogy for CB (1st book coming out some time this year) and he is writing another trilogy (and I think it comes out after the CB book). I dont think Continuum is ever coming out :(

We are hoping that it will be 10 episodes! Its going to be 35 years after the CB books. And it will follow Hunter's twins.

Ohhhh okay!  Cool!  And also a bummer about the Continuum :/

As for the podcast, coolio!  Where will they be?  Will they be on this website, or elsewhere like YouTube or something?

I don't know yet. I am more just writing. I do have a blog on my page and we also have to FB page.

Ah, alrighty!

How much of it is completed?

We're still in the early stages and are not 100% certain where the audio drama (podcast) will be for certain. Because of it's easy access, YouTube would be a fair guess if you were to make one.

Did you write a Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic some years ago on here?

Yeah, I did!  Why do you ask?

Cool!! I would love to reread it, if you still have it.

Sure!  It's still in The Bookshop last I checked =)

i'm actually kinda new here, but i'm going to be honest here and say nothing right now really stands out. perhaps i'm spoiled bc i'm used to social media and how much interesting content there is. forums usually die out anyway (unfortunately)

the site is dead bc nobody knows about the books anymore - people, especially teens, at the churches i've attended have literally never heard of codebearers. with lack of promotion (and shallow promises of new updates and then not following up on them from the authors) people are not going to read the books, let alone visit the site. if they do visit the site, the lack of inactivity from users still on the site probably turns them off too. there are so many new accts but there isn't enough incentive for them to actually become active. the final reason is that as ppl get older, they lose interest in the site. there's no one to take their place, so the site is eventually becoming abandoned. even we current users don't use it that much.

for what happened to the site - i did explore the older pages and groups of the site a bit some time ago. it's difficult to understand bc of deleted posts and missing accts, but from what i can piece together, a lot of drama has happened and people have probably left due to animosity from others. you could say some light arguing has also taken place in recent weeks. i'm sure that's an unappealing look to new visitors.

the only thing that can revive the site is a new codebearers trilogy, with MASSIVE promotion. also the site needs big ui and customization changes to make it more appealing and modern. a switch to bbcode instead of primarily html (and disabling the automatic line spacing between paragraphs) would be super amazing imo, so users can make special profiles and embed things in a more creative way like on the website myanimelist. there's just not much to do here on the site anymore. i heard the old site had games connected to the secret codes in the books - that would be nice tbh. but none of these things can happen without new published print content :/

i imagine this site was more active when you were around! could you share some of your own memories?

Makes sense.  A lot of sense actually.  The getting older aspect definitely applies to what happened with me.  Plus, life can take more of our attention as we get more responsibilities.  Makes it a little more difficult to focus on online stuff as well.

Glad to hear your thoughts on this!  I hope, like Seth said, we might be seeing a revival sooner rather than later with the new series coming out!

My memories...well, I was on the old site for a little while!  Funny enough, if I remember right (cuz this was loooooooooong ago), I was on there mostly for the games they had.  Kept getting stuck though with this one level...never got past it.  It had a ton of rocks with different symbols on them.  I had NO clue what I was doing XD

As for the newer site, a memory that sticks out first is my first roleplaying group that I participated in.  It was called F.B.S. (Fantasy Boarding School).  THAT was FUN!  Interacting with other people's characters with my own, being a part of the overarching much fun!

Though.....I...was not great at it at first.  I kept trying to go my own way in the story, and I wrote way too dramatically. Oh, the growing pains.... 

Yooooo FBS. That's throwback


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