Wow...I haven't made one of these in ages...

Speaking of that, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this site isn't used that much.  Though I'm REALLY glad it hasn't been deleted!  It's so fun to look back at all these different things we've done and people we've "met".  The stories told, the games played--it was great!

Now, I would like to hear your memories on Codebearers.  What are some things that still stick with you?

Also, I'm curious; what do you guys think happened to this site?  Why isn't it more active?  What do you guys think would revive it, if it can be revived?

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OH SO CRINGE! I look back on LSOP and am "No, no stop. You can do better than that. More depth."

DUDE!! That's amazing! 

Oh gosh the cringe there lol. I've been reliving itttt

<3 Thanksss. I want to make live action adaptions of my superhero series on here but you knew that XD

Lol I'm sorry

Just a little :P but I totally want to see it! I'm sure it will be epic!

(Hi BTW!!!  :D )


WOW you reply fast O.O

Lol I was responding to Zhadow and then got an email notification. I'm on my laptop and on my taskbar I have my email pinned to it. It alerts me when I have new emails. Really helpful when talking to professors or during class projects lol

Ohhhhhh okay!

Yep :)

Didn't mean to interrupt; feel free to keep going, I just wanted to say hi 

I'll be here reading the comments!

Lol it's fine. I'm currently mad at Zhadow anyway because he just killed off a very important character in a very unwarning like way and I just cried while typing out a response. 

Yea... She's madddd


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