You asked for got it!

The first ever official Codebearers "Author's Writ" T-Shirts is available for pre-order at Catch a sneak peek, pick your favorite color and let us know which size to order for you on the Miller Brothers' website or by simply >> CLICKING HERE . 

1. We're placing our order for shirts on June 1st.
2. We can order a variety of shirt colors with our first order. After that, we'll be limiting the selection of shirt colors to 1 or possibly 2 to cut down on inventory we need to carry on an ongoing basis.
3. This presents a LIMITED TIME opportunity for you. Sooooo...if you have a special color that we currently show on the website and you want to get it. NOW IS THE TIME! Pre-orders are guaranteed to get their favorite color.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Place your pre-order online before June 1st. 

Have an idea for another design? Let us know and we'll see what we can do. As soon as we get 12 pre-orders of a design we can order it on any color shirt for $19.99 + shipping.

Have fun picking your favorite color...

For the Way of Truth and Life!

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These are $20 right?

Correct. $20 + Shipping (Unsure of exact price but likely around $3-$4)

Ok so I'll pre order the shirt in the picture above

I need a job T.T

Another shirt pattern could be a blue veritas sword crossed with an orange one with the bloodstone at the tips or in the middle!

In aqua would be cool.

Like this?

what about in turqouise blue? like ocean blue or something?

All current colors are sizes are shown on our website now. Check it out and let me know if there is a color that you like. I may be able to custom order something that isn't on the site already.

I think there is a color on the website called Sapphire that might be similar to what you are looking for.

That is so cool! It looks awesome.

The T-Shirts are available for pre-order on (click on shop) or by simply >> CLICKING HERE   There are over 15 colors to choose from and sizes range from YXS - 3XL


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