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Hello wonderful people of this wonderful world! I see you've stumbled into my comic book discussion! 

Well, if you like comic books, then feel free to chat with us! If you don't like comic books, still feel free to chat with us! 

We don't have to talk about comics, here we can just chat about whatever with other comic book fans. 


1. No cursing or NSFW content, such as images or writings 

2. No hating on people's opinions

3. Do not insult other people's writing or art. If they say it's okay you may give them constructive criticism

Violation of these rules will result in a warning and if the issue continues, I will report you to I've of our respectable moderators.

If you want to post something, but feel it may deserve it's own post, go ahead and make a separate discussion for it and put "Comic Book Fans Club" before your title so we know what it's a part of. 

e.g. Comic Book Fans Club: New Fanfiction

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 


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I found a couple Ranma 1/2 comics about a year ago. I was lucky and got a whole story arc! It was about a fighting cheerleader competition. lol.

I'm gonag ask a couple questions and then you can answer them if you want

Favorite non comic book related movie: 

Favorite comic book related movie:

Favorite movie:

Favorite Superhero:

Favorite villain: 

DC or Marvel: 

Favorite color: 

What super power do you think you would be most likely to have:

God's not Dead, Batman Begins, Inception, Batman, Bane, DC, GWEEN, SUPER PARKOUR POWERS


Favorite non comic book related movie: Rise of Voltron

Favorite comic book related movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Favorite movie: Rise of Voltron

Favorite Superhero: Sam Alexander's Nova

Favorite villain: Non comic related is Prince Lotor, comic related is Venom

DC or Marvel: Marvel

Favorite color: Purple

What super power do you think you would be most likely to have: According to a horde of sources and opinions, Telepathy, Telekinesis and Energy Constructs

Soo...... I saw Winter Soldier today (missed first 20 minutes or so actually) and all I can say is......

*Breaks down crying* 

There are no words! This is the best movie I have ever seen and I'm an emotional wreck right now. Between Varian, Kuro and Winter Soldier I basically have no grip on reality. 

Okay you can go back to your lives now I've got some crying to do.

Winter Soldier is

I feel very disconnected from the world right now. That only happens when A) I've been watching/reading something for so long that I've forgotten my surroundings and think I'm in the book (first time that happened was with Hunter Brown actually) B) I'm completely in love with something but only found out about something very recently (like Tangled: The Series. I will fight you for Varian I love him to pieces) or C) something is so good that I can completely engross myself in it (like Voltron, Spider-Man: Homecoming and now Winter Soldier)


*hugs* Been through that a lot. There's just a period of life where you want to lose reality, but in all honesty the sooner you get back to reality and find the perfect balance of reality and losing yourself in fiction the better.

But for now you should totally check out Miraculous ladybug. (But Chat Noir/Adrien is mine) Oh, and check out lego ninjago if you haven't already. (The series not the movie that came out.... last year?)  (Lloyd is mine too btw.) (As soon as I find some irl to be crushing on you can have them XD)

Also the tangled series is great. Not sure you're gonna like the ending of season one...

I've always been like that....

And don't worry about the Tangled Series. Believe me, I know. 

♪I know, I've sunk pretty low, but whatever I've done you deserve.♪

(Yes I know the entire song)

Maybe you are too obsessed with the unreal?


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