i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you







                                     I wish i could have ticket's to go see red!

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Instead you guitar starts playing you.

I wish I could have gone on-set of Thor: Ragnarok and watched them film it

You didn't and there's not a single time traveler available to take you back there. *screen pans over to the doctor tied up next to the Tardis* No sir, not a one.

I wish for Cypher to wake up! So we can play ghost in a shell like he said he would.

Cypher doesn't wake up. Ever.

I wish for the ability to FC DragonForce songs in Guitar Hero.

.....You lose the ability to ever hear or enjoy any kind of music ever again.

I wise the full moon made people randomly fall into big puddles of water, instead of falling in love.

You wish is granted but the puddles are full of acid not water.

I wish for my college degree!

You get it! But is only a fake one make out of gummy worms.

I wish that shadows could suddenly start talking, terrifying everyone out of their minds, even though all the shadows were really nice.

They start talking, but everyone is totally fine with it for some reason. I mean, they are pretty nice.

I wish for CTR (Crash Team Racing) to get a remake with the Crash trilogy.

They do, but on release day the entire internet crashes for a week.

I wish for my masters degree.

Its a masters degree in art appreciation.

I wish I had a switch.

You get a light switch.

I wish i could go swimming.

You are surrounding by snow

I wish for a chicken taco


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