Devastation Island is taking a hiatus, however, I will be starting up part 2 in a few months! Keep your eye open for the re-open of application for DI!

Hi All,

As a lot of you know, my new RPG will be starting up soon. I have decided to make it a by-invite RPG, and I have sent out invites, but just because you didn't get an invite doesn't mean you can't be in it! I invited all the players I know from have the right experience and writing level to make the game fun for everyone. However, I'm a strong believer in not starting cliques, and I think everyone should have a chance to join. So here's how this works. You can apply in one of three ways:

1. Post a previously made profile

2. Post a link to a successful RPG you've created

3. Post a link to a story you've written

If you think of another way to apply, go ahead!

And as a heads up, if you're invited to my RPG you'll have to check the game at least 6 days per week. If you don't get invited, don't be discouraged! In order for RPGs to be successful the players need to be at the same level. There are lots of RPGs on here that I'd mess up if I joined. 

In case you're not sure what my RPG is about, check out the teasers on my page. 

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I already applied. Do I reapply? 

@Classy I sent you an invite.. Let me know if it's not working...
@Awaiting please read above for how to apply.

Here Is The Link To A Very Succesfull RPG I Created:

I think she means an RPG with a plot...


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