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How much Star Wars knowledge do I have to know to join? The only exposure to it I've had would be the live action movies. I don't know anything about the Legends.

If you have seen the 3rd movie that would be enough. I will be posting more on the rpg plot when I have time (I have finals in 2 weeks so I dont know when).

FYI, he's talking about Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith when he says 3rd movie. Not The Empire Strikes Back.

Thanks Z.

Do you have thoughts on plot ideas ( would love to hear some) and would you like to join?

Thanks, Zhadow! I would've asked which one he considered the third if you didn't post that. :)

Seth, I am thinking about joining. I don't know for sure yet, though.

Crap! I haven't seen 3!

What? Your joking right?

No I'm not, my dad doesn't like the prequel trilogy very much.

But I have watched a lot of vids about it.

That sucks. I love the prequels!

I will try to post the full plot and my characters tomorrow.

I'm interested. I'll post a bio on Friday or Saturday.


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