What do y'all think of this music I wrote for "Death is not the End, Dear One?"

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Shakiness and background noises aside, how is the tune?

not too bad.



I always thought of the tune a bit diff.
That's cool!!!! I can''t write music for my life!!!! I will be listening to it all day!!! hmmm....I'll have to memorize it to torture my sister with when she sings Justin Bieber......... : )
Glad ya like it!

I can write music, just not words =/ 

That was amazing!!!!!! You play very well!
not exactly what I imagined it would sound like, but it's still really good. I could never do that, I could probably write lyrics but not music.

I'll ask my mom if I can listen to it...

I've always wanted to write songs...I just can't. It ends up sounding cheesy, corny, or just flat-out horrible.

Thats really good!
Thank y'all for the positive comments!


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