That mysterious state when you're asleep and anything can happen.  And when you wake up, you wonder if it's real.  You probably don't, but still...  Anyway, dreams.  Do you dream?  Do you like dreaming, do you hate it, do you love it?  Do you have awesome dreams, or not so awesome ones?


I personally love dreaming.  Much of this no doubt has to do with the fact that I can remember only two nightmares in my entire life, and those were a long time ago.  I haven't had a bad dream since.  Weird ones, yes, bad ones, unuh.  What reminded me of this thread was a freakishly awesome dream I had last night.  I love it when I have an awesome dream and can actually remember it.  But then it gets really annoying when you know you had an awesome dream, but can't remember a thing about it, except that it was awesome.  The thing I hate most about dreams, though, is how fast they fade.

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Lol yep. 

I've been having dreams reoccurring in the same location. It's a large thrift store. I mean massive! Games, dolls, figurines, books, etc. I'm just browsing around while characters interact around me. The layout may change slightly, but it's the same cavernous building.


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