Okay There is Team Red And Team Blue. Come up with things to duel some on from the other Team with and I made a blog for Team red

Team Red

Peeta (Giovanni)   


1-2Fanclubgirl (Bangel) 


Team Blue 






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I'll join.

Okay. What Team do you want to be on?

I'll be on Blue.

Okay you can make a Blog for Team Blue 

What do I put on it?
Secret stuff that only your team knows. Drats, I have friends on both teams... Hmmm.... Which shall I join? Should I just go with which color I like better? Or should I just choose one randomly? This so complicated:P
Should I feel insulted? :p
Yes no maybe so:-P
I got it! Which ever team the next person DOESNT join I shall be on. Perfect. Just gotta wait for that person......

I'll be on team Red with you Peeta

Then I shall be on team BLUE!

Okay Good

You spelled my name wrong up there


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