Okay There is Team Red And Team Blue. Come up with things to duel some on from the other Team with and I made a blog for Team red

Team Red

Peeta (Giovanni)   


1-2Fanclubgirl (Bangel) 


Team Blue 






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I ran for cover

Wait what been going on lol

Well, I dumped pudding on you:P And a bunch of other random stuff happened.

I looked at Zhadow 


Ask and you shall receive. :P
*Throws pudding at you*

Yummy!! *eats pudding* *barfes it into a projectile* *fires projectile full of barfe at all of team blue*

I go and put a small banana right where WhiteAngel walked


I fly up into the sky with my awesome powers from tinker bell and dodge the pudding AND banana:P

I pull out a sandWich and throw it  at you  


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