Title says it all here you can talk to anybody from the Elemental leader saga or series. Including the new characters that are just appearing. You may also use your own characters you created for more fun.But be warn some might go bananas on you. Now heres Shadow snd his best pal Fukiko~

Hope everyone has fun on here!
~Shadow Riyki

And new characters are welcome too!
~Fukiko Saki

........nice introduction you guys

Shadow:.....Yay! ^~^
Fukiko: hee-hee :)

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Mr madhouse cookie: who wants to play wack-a-me? *smirks*

Inkrebebels(minus Rumor who had a note up): NOT US!!!

Avi:*confused* whats wack-a-me?

Goodfellow: worse game this teacher made us play *glares at teacher*

Me: *shakes head* I'm a teacher, and I got better games we could play.

Raven: *rolls eyes*

Bastion: When do I get to join in?

Me: *hugs Bastion* Soon, my beloved. Soon.

Me: someone said that they wear clothes to school. How stupid is that.
Kate: well not everyone's homeschooled you know.
Liz: yeah I go to public school and I like it.
Sally: weren't you beat up by a school bully several times?
Liz: yeah, but it was only because he was abused by his dad and foster parents and he took it out on me. He's my brother now.
Taran: yeah I changed. Just because you girls are perfect doesn't meant everyone is.
Me: they aren't all perfect.
Taran: yes they are!
Rusty: calm down Taran!
Autumn: hey, what's going on?
Liz: just Taran loosing it and trying to kill someone. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Rusty: well it is hard waiting for the author to write some more.
Me: I'm trying!
Rusty: Its getting hard to stay on track for me.
Liz: so your getting 'rusty'?
*silence *
Rusty, Autumn, Taran, and Liz: hahahahahahahaha!
*they walk away laughing
Sally: what?
Kate: what?
*they leave too*
Me: what just happened?
Toys: *hides behind his best friend Never*
Never: *sweatdrops* hi everyone
Iscariot: haven't seen you guys here new?
Never:*rubs back of his head* you could say that
Iscariot: *smiles* welcome to chitter chatter then I'm Iscariot Frost
Never: I'm Never Exye
Toys:*steps up beside Never with head down*
Never:*puts an arm around Toys* this is my best buddy Toys Rxiy
Iscariot:*frowns slightly* is your friend okay?
Never:*whispers in Iscariot* he doesn't like being made fun of
Iscariot:*whispers back* what you mean?
Never:*whispers* he's a cat and bunny ear hybrid

Me: *sneaks in* Well, no one is here. Wow. *takes off gloves* *deep breath* *creates gentle snowfall* *smiles*

Iscariot: Snow!
Shadow: *throws a snowball at Iscariot*
Iscariot: Hey! *throws a snowball at Shadow*
Goodfellow: *joins in*
Never & Toys: *joins in on the fun*

Karen: *smiles at everyone playing*

Starlight: *has Icicle the snow wraith cause a blizzard that dumps snow on everyone* *smirks because didn't get snowed on.*
Everyone: *throws snow at Starlight*
Starlight:*Used snow shield from snow ball fight to block*

Iscariot: this place is a mess

Rumor: lights aren’t working either *tries a light switch*

Goodfellow: well we haven’t been here in like forever

Shadow: well let’s get cleaning!

Can I do the Sanders Sides? Hehehehe

Roman: Not to worry! I'll have this fixed up in no time. 


*Everything returns to normal*

Logan: That did take time. 

Roman: It's a figure of speech Logan....

Me: Actually that's an Idiom. 

Patton: Ooh! This is so cool!!!!! And look! There's a stuffed dog! *Grabs stuffed dog* 

Roman: Yes. I thought you'd like that. 

Virgil: It's too bright. I liked it better when the lights didn't work. 

Logan: Of course you did. 


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