Silver Phoenix has returned with another one of her stories. :P

For those of you who don't know, I started this RPG over a year ago called The F.B.S which stands for Fantasy Boarding School. I just decided to turn it into a story and started writing it today (Oct 30). So far it's going really well and I hope the people that are/were in the RPG enjoy reading about their characters. Though keep in mind that if some characters weren't very important to the plot or didn't post very much, I'm taking them out. They might be mentioned briefly but then leave the story afterwards. I'm planning to turn the RPG into a trilogy if I can so I'll try my best to split it into three parts.












Mr. Dodger:

Ms. Sarkatta Klure: No picture yet


Lia & Tia:

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YESYESYESYES thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!

No problem. :) Thanks for reminding me. 

I think this where I stopped reading the Rpg! All new grounds from here! X3

I need to find out what happens with Alom!!!

*evil chuckle*

Drel: And cue her evil mode...she's enjoying the thought of playing with your emotions.

Kaenger: When is she not?

This is extra long but only because of how awesome Mr. Dodger is. XP

--Chapter 38--

Celis quickly jogged up to the field and came up to Jovan.

“Sorry I’m late. Ms. Klure had me check on something and it took longer than I thought.” She said, with a small smile.

“No need to worry.” Jovan said. “We’re just practicing a bit.”

“Ok great. I brought my own weapon to practice with” She said, smiling sweetly and pulling a special weapon from the strap on her back. It was a double bladed sword; there were two long blades on the top and bottom with a handle separating them. The places were curved ever so slightly at the tips. Jovan gave a nod and she walked over to a practice dummy. With perfect precision she executed the attack and her blade sliced easily through the dummy and it fell to the ground in pieces. Celis smiled and stepped back, pleased. Alex had noticed this and was impressed by her speed, so he walked over.

“Hello.” He said with a small smile.

Celis glanced at him and rested her weapon on the ground, with a smile.

“Hi. I’m Celis. You must be new here.” She said, holding out her hand.

“Yeah, I’m Alex.” He said, shaking her hand. “Have you been her a long time?”

“A few years, but not terribly long. Have you been enjoying it here?”

“It’s ok.”

“It’ll get better. Trust me.” She said with a smile. “I’m an Asai. What are you?”

“An Anthrozil. You can chance you appearance and age right?”

Celis nodded and slowly chanced into a fifteen year old girl with brown hair, keeping her eyes red. “I can’t change my eyes and can’t turn completely into someone else.”

“Wow…you look really different.” Alex said.

Celis chuckled and turned back to her true nineteen year old form with white hair.

“How are you doing with practicing?”

“Ok, I guess. You’re really good with that though.” He said, glanceing at the weapon she had.

“Thanks. I had a special teacher before I came here and he was really talented.” She said. “Want me to give you a few tips?”

“Sure, that’d be great.” Alex said with a smile.

Celis watched as Alex preformed a move and gave him a few pointers on his form and ways to prefect it. Time passed quickly and she glanced at her watch after a while.

“Looks like we better leave for Mr. Dodger’s class now.” She said, retuning her weapon to her back.

“I think I might have heard of him. What does he teach?”

“History/Mythology. You’ll like him; he’s really entertaining. A bit odd perhaps but enjoyable.” She said with a chuckle.

“Sound interesting.” Alex said, putting his sword back on the weapon rack.


Dillan, Trenna, Lia, and Tia had already started heading back. Tia was still glowing with happiness because she hit the target. It didn’t take them long to come to the classroom and they all sat down near each other.

“What do you think we’ll learn today?” Dillan asked.

“I’ve tried guessing but Mr. Dodger is too unpredictable.” Trenna said.

Mr. Dodger was sitting in a large green plush chair and was playing with a small wind-up toy that looked like a duck. All the students had come in and he still didn’t look up as he wound it up and set it on his desk. The duck walked across the desk, turned around and came back to him, jumping in his hand. Slipping it under his hat, he stood up suddenly and snatched his cane, turning it over in his hands.

“Sicup.” He said leaning on one of the desks in the first row. “Have you ever wondered why the tree was called that? Well I did, so I went to find out.” He walked to the center of the room and faced the class. “A long time ago there was a man that had been walking for days and he was very tired.”

He imitated the man, dragging his feet and looking very tired.

“He was walking in a part of the world where no one really goes because it looks to boring. He stopped in the shade of a tall tree. He hadn’t seen the tree before so he studied it and noticed there were huge blue fruits growing on its branching.” Mr. Dodger put his stick down and smiled at one of the students. “Have I ever told that I hate the color blue? Know why? It’s because the sky is blue and I see the sky every day. I’m getting tired of a blue sky, why can’t it be green? Or Yellow? But no! It had to be blue.”

He turned in a circle and looked back at the class.

“Where was I? Ah yes: the tree. So the man picked one of these strange fruit and debated whether he should eat it or not. He ate it and it tasted so sweet he pick another and ate that one as well.” Mr. Dodger paused. “Now one of these fruits is about the size of a small soccer ball, it’s really juice, and blue, did I mention it’s blue?” He smiled at one of the student. “Did I tell you that I love blue? It’s the color of the sea and when you’re on the beach staring at the sea it’s so beautiful that you feel like you could say there for hours.”

He picked up his walking stick again.

“Now after this man had eaten three of the fruits he felt pretty full, so he continued on his way but he started hiccupping.” Mr. Dodger imitated the man walking and hiccupping at every other step. He exaggerated the hiccups by jumping. “Now as he was walking he saw a farmer with a cow walking down the road. He waved and the farmer approached. ‘Do you know your face it blue?’ the farmer asked. ‘Why is it blue?’ ‘I ate a fruit from the *hiccup*tree.’ ‘What tree you say?’ the farmer asked. ‘A fruit from the *hiccup*tree.’ The man repeated.”

Mr. Dodger had been acting out the men talking but now he walked over to one of the students in the second row.

“You know, we don’t know the man’s name. What should we call him?” Mr. Dodger scratched his head. “Any ideas?”

After a moment’s pause, Kirien raised her hand with a small smile.

“Yes, Ms. Anarel.” He said with a smile.

“Alonzo?” She said.

“Alright then.” Mr. Dodger said with a grin. “So the farmer and Alonzo were talking to each other about the tree. The Farmer didn’t know what Alonzo had said so he guessed. ‘The Sicup tree? Where is that?’ ­Alonzo gave in and pointed behind him. The farmer then went to the tree and tired a fruit. He loved it and ate four more, but got full so he grabbed a few bags and stuffed them full with the juice blue fruit.” Mr. Dodger smiled at the class. “Did I mention that I hate blue? Almost everyone I know says blue is their favorite color. I like red…or purple a dark royal purple…” He looked at the class like he forgot they were there. “Back to the story! So this farmer attached the bags to his cow and started off to his village.”

Mr. Dodger stopped and stared at the ceiling.

“Now the farmer needs a name…Francisco! So Francisco arrived at his village and sold his cow but kept the bags with the fruit in them. He began selling the fruit and the villagers bought them but once they ate more then two they began hiccupping madly. Soon the whole village was hiccupping and it was all because of the blue fruits.” Mr. Dodger paused. “Did I ever tell you that blue is a really good hair color?” He looked at Angelica. “Love your hair by the way.” He winked at her.

“Thanks.” Angelica said with a small giggle.

“So the whole village was hiccupping and it was all Fransico’s fault. He felt so bad that he left town and when back to his cow field. Back to Alonzo, he was still walking and hiccupping when he reached another village. He was asked why his face was blue and why he was hiccupping and he told them. They always thought he was saying Sicup and when off to find the tree. When he left that village everyone was hiccupping, and on it went he would travel to places and everyone would find the tree, eat too many fruit and star hiccupping, but soon Alonzo died of the hiccups and one smart person pulled the tree down and buried it so that no one would find it.” Mr. Dodger sighed. “But the tree was special and it began growing smaller berries, and it grew them in bushes instead of trees so that no one would recognize it as the dreaded Sicup tree. Don’t eat too many blueberries!” Mr. Dodger said.

He told two other stories about foods that did something to people and then let out class, telling them that they didn’t have homework.

Ah, yes. That story.


I didn't know about that part, huh, new for me!

Wow...I know it's been a long time, but is anyone interested in still reading this story? I have written a few more chapters. 

Oh my. A long time indeed.
Gah, I hate looking at calandars and dates, especially old ones. They make me feel weird.

I would have to start from the very beginning to know what in the world is going on, but if you need a reader, I can read.
I love this story! :D if you continue, I will read it!

I love this story! Please continue it!

Okay! Let's get this running again!

...though I totally can't remember if this chapter is any good because I wrote it forever ago...

--Chapter 39--

Alex got his bag and caught up to Celis at the door.

“Is it strange to not have homework?” He asked.

Celis chuckled.

“Nope. Mr. Dodger only assigns it if he feels like it. How did you like the lesson?”

“It was…strange but entertaining.” He said with a small smile.

Celis laughed and glanced at her watch.

“Dinner time. You remember where it is, right?” She asked.

Alex glanced around the hall and paused for a moment.

“Um…not from here.” He said.

“Didn’t think so. Follow me.” Celis said with a smile, motioning for him to follow.

It only took them about five minutes to reach the cafeteria and they slid into line with the other students. Celis easily dished herself up and then sat down at a table. Alex followed her and sat down across from her.

“So, has anyone told you what happened around here?” She asked, mixing up her salad.

“No, but a cat girl said she would tell me.” He said, glancing around the room. “I don’t see her though. She had black ears and a tail too.”

“Tia.” Celis said with a nod. “Strange of her to be so bold to talk to a stranger, but she’s slowly coming out of her shell.”

Celis slowly began summarizing all the past events with Kaenger, the Chimera, Alom, and the tunnel. Alex was quite surprised by this and sat staring at her for a long while after she was finished.

“So…Alom is trying to kill Kaenger?” He asked slowly.

Celis shrugged.

“That’s what people thought. Now they don’t really know.”

“Something must have happened between them in the past.”

“Possibly but Kaenger doesn’t remember anything in his past.”

Alex raised an eyebrow and Celis explained.

“He was found by a group of Rangers in the forest when he was younger and they trained him a bit in fighting but then dropped him off here for his safety.”

“Well that didn’t really work well….” Alex muttered, taking a bit of his sandwich and glancing around the room. “Is Kaenger here?”

Celis briefly looked around the room.

“Doesn’t look like it. He must be back in his room. He hates all the attention so he stays away from everyone a lot.”

Alex let a long pause pass as they both finished up their dinner.

“So, why did you come to this place?” He asked.

Celis smiled slightly and shrugged.

“I didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“What about your parents?” Alex asked.

“I ran away.” She said simply. “What about you? Why did you come here?”

“Kind of the same reason…my aunt kicked me out and told me to come here.” Alex trailed off for a moment and looked at the table. “She said it was because I wasn’t normal…and it was best for that family to stay away from me.”

Celis didn’t say anything as she noticed his eyes were starting to fill with tears at the memory. Alex kept them back and she didn’t say anything for a while.

“I’m sorry. That must have been hard.” She said quietly. “But it’s alright; a lot of people here have sad pasts.”

“Really?” Alex asked glancing back at her.

“Of course. Many of them lost their entire family or were abandoned when they were young and grew up without a home or family. Then there are the lucky ones who were just sent here to get an education and don’t have a sad past. There’s a huge mix of people here.” She said, with a small smile.

Alex continued eating his dinner in silence thinking.


Kaenger sat on the ledge of his window, gazing out into the forest and allowed his feet to dangle out of the open window. He wasn’t nervous about falling and had done this many times before. The sun informed him that it was dinner but he really wasn’t hungry and continued to let his thoughts consume him. After a few more minutes the wind that had been blowing across his face stopped and he let out a sigh, sliding back into his dorm room and shutting the window. His gaze fell on the crumpled page of the lion head that he’d drawn and thrown in the trash.

“Troubled?” A soft and slick voice said, making Kaenger jump.

He whirled towards the source, his dagger instantly in his hand. Alom was leaning against the wall opposite him with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

“What do you want?” Kaenger glared at him menacingly.

Alom didn’t answer the question and his eyes glinted with an odd amusement.

“You still can’t remember.” He murdered.

“Remember what?” Kaenger asked impatiently.

“What my cousin and I did.” He said.


“Jorunil.” Alom said simply.

“But I thought you said he wasn’t you cousin.” Kaenger said, not lowering the dagger.

“Well that was a lie.”

Kaenger didn’t speak for a moment, trying to decide if Alom was here with the purpose of harming him or not. It was hard to tell.

“What did you and Jorunil do?” He asked, suspiciously.

“I’m not going to say.”

“Then I take it you’re not going to say what I am either?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why are you here?” Kaenger asked, his grip tightening on his dagger.

“I was just checking something and decided to drop by.” He remarked, pushing himself up from the wall.

“I don’t believe you.” Kaenger said, taking a step backwards.

“Of course you don’t.” Alom sighed.

Curiously, he snatched the crumpled paper out of the trash and unfolded it, studied the picture.

“Interesting….” He mused.

Alom dropped the paper back in the garbage and then returned his attention to Kaenger the smirk back on his face.

“You’ll never find out what you are unless you find me, or I decide to tell you.” He said.

Once the last word left his mouth, he vanished into thin air. Kaenger dropped the knife and fell back on his bed in frustration. Something about Alom had seemed a little off but he had no idea what the cause for it was. With a groan, he covered his face with a pillow not wanting to give himself a headache from thinking about it too much.


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