Silver Phoenix has returned with another one of her stories. :P

For those of you who don't know, I started this RPG over a year ago called The F.B.S which stands for Fantasy Boarding School. I just decided to turn it into a story and started writing it today (Oct 30). So far it's going really well and I hope the people that are/were in the RPG enjoy reading about their characters. Though keep in mind that if some characters weren't very important to the plot or didn't post very much, I'm taking them out. They might be mentioned briefly but then leave the story afterwards. I'm planning to turn the RPG into a trilogy if I can so I'll try my best to split it into three parts.












Mr. Dodger:

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Celeste: This one isn't doing much better...

Me: *leans in, waiting for something bad to happen*

Nathan: ... You guys are awful....

--Chapter 36--

Kaenger was all the way across the room from Alex but he still noticed the slight glow from the fire in his hand and because he didn’t recognize Alex, he easily worked out that he was new and probably had just arrived today because he hadn’t been at breakfast.

“Goodness…how many more new people are there going to be this year? I thought people were supposed to be being pulled out of school, not scent here.” He thought to himself.

His gaze remained on the fire in Alex’s palm and suddenly a strange scene slammed into his mind with such force that it almost made him scream in pain. The scene played out almost before his eyes. Burning buildings…a village it looked like with hazy forms of screaming people running in all directions. There was a figure of a man laughing to himself as the fire leapt up to consume the people. Suddenly a large black creature leapt at the man and it looked almost like a giant black lion but the images were so blurry that Kaenger couldn’t make out many details at all. He was back in reality in a flash and his hands were on either side of his heads in an instant. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to block out the pain somehow but it was so intense that he hardly noticed anything else. Zach had been sitting nearby and he was at Kaenger’s side quickly.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, clearly worried.

Kaenger slowly took a few deep breaths and the pain began to lessen. Zach still was watching Kaenger carefully.

“Are you ok?”

“I think so.” Kaenger said, slowly opening his eyes and trying not to cringe. “I just….” He trailed off for a moment. “Never mind. It was just a really bad headache.”

“You sure?” Zach asked doubtfully.

 “Yeah. I’m going to go get some air.”

Zach didn’t say anything as Kaenger got up and slid easily out of a window, watching as he walked into the shelter of the trees. Hesitantly, he let the issue slide and glanced at Kaenger’s plate, noting that he had barely touched it. Returning to his own table, he slowly began eating again, thinking about what just happened.


Kaenger found himself walking automatically into the forest and let his mind wander for a moment before nimbly climbing up to a low branch of a tree. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head against the smooth bark and relaxed as a refreshing wind blew lightly across his skin. The pain was now a throb deep in his head and he waited patiently until it dulled to only a small ache so he could think. He had no idea how to explain what had happened back in the lunchroom. Was it a memory? Kaenger straightened at that thought and realized that he couldn’t really remember what he’d seen. He was hesitant to try to remember though…what if the pain came back? It had completely taken him off guard and was ten times worse than any headache he’d ever had. It was like his head was about to explode. A small shiver ran down his spine. No. He definitely didn’t want to experience something like that again. Suddenly, the whisper of Alom’s words floated back into his head.

“I know what you are.”

Kaenger shook his head to get the whisper out of his mind and stared off into the forest to find something to distract him.


Alex had noticed Kaenger’s sudden ‘headache’ and was almost considering asking Zach what had happened. After a while, he decided not to and got up, clearing his plate and tray before heading off down the hall to find the principal’s office. It didn’t take him very long to locate it and he hesitantly knocked on the door but it opened at the second knock.

“Hello Alex. Have a seat.” Ms. Klure said, smiling at him from behind her desk.

Alex did as he was told and Ms. Klure went right into the rules for the school. Within a few minutes Alex was given his class schedule, and a map of the school. He thanked her and left the room, checking his schedule for which class he had next. It turned out to be gym and he only had three minutes to get there.


Kaenger glanced up at the sky and then in the direction of the school. At the moment, he felt like doing anything but going to class. With a sign, he slid down from the tree and began heading in the direction of the dorm. Ms. Klure would probably understand if he skipped the rest of today’s classes and he’d explain it to her later. Even if he went to class, he probably wouldn’t be able to focus. His head was still aching just enough to where he was having a small trouble thinking. If he went to the nurse’s office, he knew exactly what she’d tell him; ‘drink lots of water, and gets some rest.’ Kaenger walked into the dorm and headed straight to his bed.


Maya was on her way to gym when she caught sight of Maya and remembered Kay’s message. Quickly, she caught up with her.

“Hey Kirien. Kay told me to tell you, that Ms. Klure would like to see us in her office after classes today.” Maya said.

“I wonder why she wants to see us. Do you know?” Kirien asked, a little worried.

“Well Kay mentioned something about a job so I don’t think we’re in trouble or anything.”

Kirien let out a sigh of relief and Maya smiled.


Zach was still thinking about what had happened to Kaenger and wondered if he should tell the nurse just in case. As he began thinking about it, he realized that he hadn’t seen Celeste around all day. Curious, he quickly stopped by the nurse’s office to see if something was wrong. Celeste was assisting Learal while she was fixing a broken arm of a student.

“Need something Zach?” Learal asked as he looked in.

“Uh…not really…I was just wondering where Celeste was.” He said with a shrug.

“She’s going to be helping me today. Her empathic abilities got a little out of control today and being around people causes her quite the headache so I gave her permission to stay out of class for the day while her powers recover.”

“Does this happen often?” Zach asked curiously.

“No, it’s very rare.”

“Oh. Ok, I’ll be heading to class now.” He said, turning to leave and then paused, wondering if he should say anything about Kaenger.

After a few moments, he decided not to and shut the door, continuing on his way to class.

Hmmm suspicious.... they both have headaches.... *raises brow*

Well, Celeste's mainly just happened because Falling Star was inactive for a while and a lot of things happened while she was gone so she had to make up an excuse as to why Celeste wasn't there for so long. ;P

Kaenger's headache is suspicious though. ;)

"I see, I see," says the blind man.

Lol. XP Inside joke...gotta love them.

That reminds me of this:

"Two dead boys got up to fight,

Early in the morning, late one night.

Back to back they faced each other,

Drew their swords and shot one another.

The deaf sheriff, who was sleeping

Heard the noise,

woke up and shot those two dead boys.

If you don't believe this lie is true,

Go ask the blind man, he saw it too."

That's the best! XD

oh please post another chapter!  I want to see what happens next!

Ah! I almost forgot!! I need to write the next one. I'll try to finish it sometime today. Hopefully it won't take to long...

I actually wrote two chapters but had to go to's the next one!

--Chapter 37--

Dillan and Trenna were walking to the gym and talking about what they might be learning this time. Sahara, Lia, and Tia were already there and talking also. Tia was gazing around the room when she spotted a boy sitting in the corner that she’d never seen before. Silently, she snuck away from Lia and Sahara and walked slowly over to him.

“Hi. Are you new here?” She asked, a little timidly.

Alex was the one she had addressed and he glanced up at her, observing her ears and tail for a moment before nodding.

“Yeah, just got here at lunch.” He said. “I don’t talk much.”

“Me either.” Tia said with a faint smile. “It’s wonderful here…but also dangerous.”

Tia put a hand to her shoulder where the blade had pierced through a while ago. It still hurt occasionally even though it was almost fully healed. Alex saw the moment and tilted his head slightly in confusion. She smiled shyly and glanced over at her sister for a second.

“You probably haven’t heard about what has happened around here. How about we talk later? I could get you up-to-date.” She said.

“Ok, sure.” He said with a shrug.

Tia smiled and then gave a small wave of farewell, rejoining her sister.


A new class had been added to everyone’s schedule; fighting. Ms. Klure had found it necessary because of all the sudden dangerous that were coming up. She had quickly contacted a close friend of hers, Jovan. He was an elf and naturally gifted with fighting skills of many kinds. It also helped that he got along pretty well with kids and had already been in charge of teaching self-defense once before. The students in gym were instructed to head out to the large open field just behind the school for their first lesson. Many were nervous as they headed over there but others were chatting excitedly. Jovan was already standing in the field, waiting patiently. It had already been set up for practicing with a row of dummies off to the side, a few racks of weapons, and targets for archery. A large slab of wood had been put down for what seemed to be a dueling station. Jovan waited for a while until all of the students had gathered.

“Fighting is one of the most important skills one could ever learn. You have been required to take this class because of the unexpected threats that have appeared. Don’t fret, you are not the ones in danger but if you do happen to get swept into a dangerous situation I want you to be as prepared as possible. That is why I have been asked to teach you how to fight. Many of you already have the basics down and know how to fight rather well, but others of you have never even held a sword before and that’s ok. I hope that you won’t have to use what you have learned here.” He surveyed the students carefully. “We’ll also be learning what the correct reaction to a situation will be and more than once you might find that the correct reaction is to run away. That could be your only way of staying alive and it doesn’t mean you’re a coward.”

There was a long silence and everyone knew that he was wordlessly talking about Alom. None of them stood a chance against him and the ones who had encountered him before shivered nervously, remembering the feeling of his presence and what he’d done. Jovan smiled slightly to lighten the mood.

“There is a low chance that any of you will meet a threat as extreme as Alom so don’t fret. He may be dangerous but he’s also wise and will not come near the school so long as the teachers are near to protect you.” Jovan said reassuringly.

He began class by allowing students to choose their own weapon and went around instructing them in what moves to practice.


Kirien glanced rather wistfully around the field. Being an elf, she was already very skilled with the bow and practically never missed the target. Hesitantly she picked up a short sword and began doing what the other students were practicing with their swords. She hoped that she’d never have to use any of these skills but knew that it was wise to learn them just in case.


Dillan and Trenna were both practicing with swords on a dummy.

“You’re pretty good for a rookie.” She said with a smile at Dillan.

“Thanks.” He chuckled. “You’re not that bad yourself.”

“I picked up a few things over the years.” She said with a shrug, stabbing the dummy.

Dillan went back to focusing on his training and Trenna did the same. Tia had chosen a bow and was standing by the targets. Fitting an arrow to the string she carefully pulled it back, keeping the form that Jovan had demonstrated. She released but the arrow completely missed the target, causing her face to redden with embarrassment. Carefully, she tried again but the result was the same.

“I can’t do this.” She mumbled in disappointment, her ears flattening on her head in shame.

Lia was throwing knives at a target on a tree a ways away and was unable to hear Tia. Angelica happened to be at the station next to Tia and gave her an encouraging smile.

“No one is good on their first try.” She said. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Angelica released her arrow and it hit the edge of the target.

“See? I’m not that good either and I’m half elf.”

Tia smiled slightly and her ears went back up as she went to retrieve her arrows.


Sahara had brought her Bo-staff with her and was practicing a new move that she’d always been having trouble with. Jovan had given her a few pointers that helped a bit. It was a complex move that made an 8-shape but she only formed a 6 most of the time. Taking a deep breath she carefully began the move and the bo-staff smacked into her head.

“Ow…” she muttered, rubbing her head. “This is a lot harder than I thought.”

Sighing, she did it in slow motion, trying to figure out where she’d gone wrong.


Alex was standing off to the side with his sword and began working on the few moves that he’d learned before. Glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one was looking; he touched the blade, turning it to turn and slicing it through the air, making an arch of flame. He was distracted when he heard a happy cry from Tia who was only a feet away from him. She had hit the target and the arrow was only a short ways from the center. He smiled and went over to congratulate her, knowing that she had had trouble earlier. Tia blushed slightly and smiled.

“Thanks. You too; I didn’t know you could turn things to fire.” She said.

“I have to touch the object for it to turn to fire—wait you saw that?” He asked in surprise.

Tia nodded.

“Out of the corner of my eye.”

“Just don’t tell anyone.” Alex said quickly.

“Why not? It’s cool if you ask me.”

“I don’t like people to know…” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Tia shrugged and went to retrieve the arrow.

“Well I think it’d be great to have fire power. I don’t have any powers at all. I just look like a cat.” She said, yanking the arrow out of the target.

Alex went back over to his spot and continued practicing.


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