Silver Phoenix has returned with another one of her stories. :P

For those of you who don't know, I started this RPG over a year ago called The F.B.S which stands for Fantasy Boarding School. I just decided to turn it into a story and started writing it today (Oct 30). So far it's going really well and I hope the people that are/were in the RPG enjoy reading about their characters. Though keep in mind that if some characters weren't very important to the plot or didn't post very much, I'm taking them out. They might be mentioned briefly but then leave the story afterwards. I'm planning to turn the RPG into a trilogy if I can so I'll try my best to split it into three parts.












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Probably. :)

Wait a minute...wasn't your account deleted and it erased all your posts? We may have a problem if that happened...hmm I'll see if I can remember what happened and put him in as best I can. 

--Chapter 2--

Kay had reappeared from the shadows and was making sure Kaenger was ok when Celeste came in and carefully examined him. Quickly she mixed up a poultice and applied it to his shoulder. The Karop’s still had a little effect on him because he had a little trouble moving so she gave him a herbal brew to help.


Once Kirien leave she had accidently woken another student in their room and Takara woke because of the unusual silence in the room. She’d only been here a re days ago so her and Kirien were similar, besides the fact that she wasn’t an elf. They were still getting used to their surroundings and her home town, WinterRose, was very different from this school. After a few minutes of trying to get back to sleep she gave up and got up of bed to find where Celeste and Kirien had gone to, grabbing her white cape on the way out pulling the hood over her short blue hair. Kirien had only made it down to the first floor when she realized she didn’t know where to look for Celeste so she stopped at a large window and pressed her hand to the glass, gazing out at the starry sky stretching above the forest that surrounded the school and dorms. She was able to see the edge of the school from the window and knew that the boy’s dorm was placed all the way on the other side of the school. The first time she saw the school she was struck with awe because of its size and beauty. The clean, tall, fancy white building seemed more like a mansion than a school and they were each given a map of the inside so they didn’t get lost, which seemed to happen a lot despite the map. Kirien smiled and then suddenly froze as she spotted another figure coming down the hall. Thanks to her sharp eyesight, she was able to make out the brown eyes of Takara and relaxed, brushing a strand of her nut brown hair from her face in relief.

“Sorry Takara, did I wake you up?” She asked.

Takara shook her head and lowered her hood as she got closer.

“No you didn’t; I was just trying to fine you.” Replied Takara with a smile.

“I was just looking for Celeste.” Kirien said, wrapping her shawl tighter around her.

“May I join you in looking for her?” Takara asked.

“Sure.” Kirien said with a small smile. “But I’m not sure if we’d be able to find her at this time of night, how about we just head back to bed?”

Takara shrugged and nodded, heading back towards the stairs to the second floor where their room was. Kirien glanced out the window once more, in time to see a shooting star and smiled slightly before following Takara to their room.


Celeste had finished bandaging up Kaenger’s shoulder and helped him back into bed. After glancing around the room once more, she nodded and then left after giving him instructions to take it easy for a while. Leaving the boy’s dorm she was able to see a soft shimmer around the building as the barrier reactivated. Trudging back through the chilly night she quickly slipped back through the trail to the girl’s dorm and headed inside, glad to warm up. By the time she reentered her room, Kirien and Takara were sleep and she slipped into bed, welcoming the warmth as it washed over her.


The morning came faster than expected soon the students were heading back to the school building for breakfast. The cafeteria wasn’t exactly the favorite place to hang out, mostly because there was a black dividing line where the more dangerous fantasy creatures had their lunch. Many of them had separate classes altogether but the more tame ones were allowed to join the other students with a person keeping an eye on them. It was a mystery why Principle Klure had allowed them in but her strict rules with them preventing anything from happening. The forest around the school held many magical creatures as well and no all of them attending school. Almost two miles of forest was between the school and the gate where guards stood day and night protecting the boarder from any unwanted people. More than one student at the school had a danger chasing them but there were a few that had just come to learn while others came because it was a refuge or a their only home. Ms. Klure did her best to keep things running and deal with all the issues that popped up but it was quite a chore. Luckily she seemed to do it very well and the all the students respected her greatly. Most of the more dangerous creatures do have a tenancy to cause trouble so they had their own rooms in the underground level of the school to keep them from trying anything at night.

They also have a few people that keep an eye on them at all times to keep them in check. The magical dividing line was just a way to keep the other students safe but they could still hear one another which led to some of the creatures teasing people endlessly. Celeste knew that’d already know about her trip to the boy’s dorm and she did her best to ignore the jeers from the other side of the line and got her food quickly. She sat at the farthest table from the line and started eating quickly so she could leave faster. Kirien had also arrived at the cafeteria and glanced nervously at the creatures across the line. She hated to admit it, but some of the creatures scared her and she quickly looked away. After looking around the lunchroom, she spotted Celeste and headed over. Rumors spread like wildfire at the school so she already had an idea of where Celeste had been but asked her for the real story.

Takara also slipped over and soon they were also joined by their friend Maya. Maya was a Merkoid which was basically like a mermaid except they grew a tail when they got wet and then their scales formed back into clothes with they dried off. She could live without diving in the water for as long as a normal human but she always longed to be in the large lake that was just a few minutes walk from the school. Her brother, Dominic, was also attending school and he’d already told her about what had happened at the dorm but she listened to Celeste’s story anyways. 

Nice chapter. :)

Oh yeah....................

That sucks :|

I'll figure something out. :)

--Chapter 3--

The conversations around the room all seemed to be about the strange Karop attack but the teacher’s conversation was slightly different than the others. Brist Rijar (the math teacher), Kylie Turner (English teacher), Mr. Dodger (history/Mythology teacher), and Sarkatta Klure (principal) were discussing how the Karop got in. It was a main concern for the principal because if there was a way to slip past the protective barrier; it endangered the safety of the students.

“Nothing has ever gotten past the magical barrier before…right?” Brist asked uncertainly.

Ms. Klure paused for a moment and nodded slowly.

“There was this one other time where a student was mind controlled by the powerful sorcerer, Jorunil.”

“That was the man who tried to destroy every last human, right?” Brist asked slowly.

Mr. Dodger nodded grimly.

“It ended with him killing himself by using too much magic. The student who was controlled by him is actually still attending here. Kay Rese is his name.” Mr. Dodger said.

Brist glanced over where the dark red haired boy was sitting with a midnight blue wolf beside him. His eyes were black, matching his shadow wolf’s and he was sitting alone at the table with the wolf’s head lying in his lap as he gazed distantly out the window. The wolf had dark blue web like designs on its paws and tail. Feeling someone watching him, Kay’s gaze snapped over to the teacher’s table and Brist smiled slightly before looking back at Ms. Klure.

“What did he do when he was mind controlled?” She asked softly.

Sarkatta paused for a moment piling salad on her fork.

“He let in a very dangerous creature that almost killed him. His shadow wolf, Nator, saved his life.” She said. “A few weeks later, Jorunil died before he could try to harm the school any more.”

There was a moment of pause while the teachers ate and soon the principal turned to Mr.Dodger.

“How is Kaenger doing? I see he isn’t here.” Kylie asked, glancing up from the papers she was grading.

“He’s doing fine. Celeste did a good job fixing him up and he’s resting in bed with Gorid watching over him. He’s supposed to stay inside and rest for three days but knowing him he’ll probably slip out the moment Gorid turns his back.”

“Such a strange boy…we still haven’t discovered what he is, have we?” Brist asked.

“Not yet, but he appears to heal quickly.” Mr. Dodger said.

“I remember the first day he came here…he was only seven years old in appearance but the Rangers that brought him here said that he was a creature that ages five years slower than normal humans but that’s all they could find out. He’s about twenty-one in human years but looks sixteen.” Sarkatta said. “A lot of people here are like that.”

“Celeste is pretty much like that, right?” Brist asked looking over at the healer’s apprentice with midnight blue hair and light blue eyes. “She looks seventeen but is really older than that.”

Mr. Dodger nodded and thought for a moment.

“Kirien is the same as well but elves age even slower so she’s around 50 and appears to be around fifteen or sixteen.” He said, smiling slightly.

“She’s taken quite a liking to you.” Ms. Klure said with a smile.

“Well she does enjoy my classes quite a lot and she is a very good student.” He said smiling.

“Of course your class is more like story time than work.” Brist said with a laugh.

Mr. Dodger grinned and shrugged.

“Isn’t that what history is: only stories passed down from generation to generation?” He asked.

“Perhaps it is.” Ms. Klure said, standing up. “I believe I must return to my work, try not to spill on those papers, Kylie.”

Kylie glanced up and grinned nodding as the principal left. Mr. Dodger’s hat gave a strange squeak and he sighed.

“I suppose I should finish preparing for my class as well.” He said, getting up and bowing. “I wish you well on your classes ladies.”

Brist and Kylie smiled and nodded, as he walked away, arguing with his hat.

“A bit of a Mad Hatter isn’t he?” Kylie said with a smile.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a pet mouse and a friend that’s a hare.” Brist said.

“Though he is rather likeable.” Kylie said, getting up and picking up the papers. “I hope you don’t mind me leaving you.”

“Not at all, I was just about to take a stroll around the ground before starting my classes anyways.” Brist said, stretching her green fairy wings and smiling.

Kylie nodded and hurried down the hall to her office to finish up the papers.

Another good chapter. I hadn't originally intended Celeste to be older than she appears, but I give you full permission to tweak her character to help fit the story.

Celeste: I'm not sure I'm ok with this...

Aislinn: Silver's probably nicer to her characters than Falling Star.

Me: Hey!

I had to do that because when I thought about it, she'd age normally while Laethyn would age much slower so it would work out very well.

Laethyn: And that would be kind of strange...

Me: Well actually...I can be pretty mean...though I can't say because I'm not sure how Falling Star treats her characters. :P

Yeah, I had thought about that too, but by then it was kinda late to change it.

I think we're probably about even. I've got some stuff in store for some of my characters that is pretty terrible. In fact there's a scene I'm writing for Nightfall and I'm not sure how creepy and gory I'm going to make it, considering how young some of the people on CB are, and the fact that my mom is also reading it.

Sage: Too bad Silver's mom isn't reading it...I would feel so much more safer if that was the case.

Me: XP I can be pretty nasty.

Jafen: Yeah...I was her first victim...not fun.

Me: Stay with your own stories, guys. Sage stop following me around.

Sage: But it's fun.

Me: I can set Laethyn on you, you know.

Sage: *rolls eyes* and leaves.

Me: hee-hee I have a weapon now. XP

Laethyn: ...

this is a really good story.

Thanks. :) I owe it to all the people that helped it happen. 


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