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For those of you who don't know, I started this RPG over a year ago called The F.B.S which stands for Fantasy Boarding School. I just decided to turn it into a story and started writing it today (Oct 30). So far it's going really well and I hope the people that are/were in the RPG enjoy reading about their characters. Though keep in mind that if some characters weren't very important to the plot or didn't post very much, I'm taking them out. They might be mentioned briefly but then leave the story afterwards. I'm planning to turn the RPG into a trilogy if I can so I'll try my best to split it into three parts.












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--Chapter 4--

Maya’s brother, Dominic, had been eating peacefully by himself when his friend, Blake came over and sat down at the table, his hair a light purple with electric green eyes.

“Hey, Dom, did you hear about the Karop attack last night?” He asked, his hair slowly shifting color to light red.

Dominic rolled his eyes.

“Of course I did, I was in the room when it happened.” He said, ignoring Blake as his hair changed three different colors until he stopped with dark green.

Blake was a shape-shifter and had control over his skin, hair, and eye color. There was a pause and Blake began eating as he watched Dominic thinking.

“There’s one strange thing that I noticed…the Karop was completely focused on Kaenger and didn’t bother attacking anyone else.” He said softly.

Blake opened his mouth to make a comment when the bell rang suddenly and he quickly began shoveling food into his mouth. Dominic quickly put his tray away and waited for Blake by the door as he quickly finished his breakfast and put away the tray and play. The students began flooding out of the room to get to their first class though a few students stayed wisely behind, waiting for the crowd to thin. Blake quickly joined Dominic with a grin and changed his hair a pale sea green to make his friends and made his eyes a sky blue. Dominic rolled his eyes, glad that Blake wasn’t able to change anything more than just colors because then he’d probably end up being the top prankster of the school. They walked to Brist Rijar’s class and quickly took their seats looking around the room. Dominic smiled and waved to Maya as she walked in with her friends and she returned the smile. Blake glanced over at the empty seat off to the side where Kaenger usually sat and then stared out the window, waiting for class to begin.


Kaenger had slept in really late, not realizing that the herbal tea Celeste had given him also had a light sleeping drug in it. He was about to sit up when a hand caught his shoulder and pushed him back down. Glancing over, he saw Gorid Sorik (the gym teacher) standing next to him. Kaenger didn’t say anything but knew that he was meant to keep him in this room. Biting his tongue he glared lightly at the gym teacher; he hated staying in bed for a long time. The dwarf, Gorid, eyed Kaenger for a while before walking over to a chair a little ways away and sitting down, pulling out a book and reading. Kaenger knew that as long as he was in the room, there was no change he was going to be able to get out of the room. Sighing, he stared at the bottom of the top bunk above him and began milling over the possibilities that the Karop had gotten into the school. It was impossible for anything to get in unless someone let it in. But who would do that? Ms. Klure did a very thorough background check on every single teacher that entered the school and there were very few people who even knew that the school existed.

There was a special group of Seekers that were sent out to look for students with ‘unique treats’ as they put it. The people they find mind not always be aware that there are more like them or even know about their powers. Sometimes students are able to hear about and locate the school and this happens sometimes. The guards at the front gate let them in but every student that came in like that had a very good reason. Kaenger closed his eyes trying to remember the very last thing. He’d woken up in the middle of the ruins of what used to be a village but it all that was left was ashes. Kaenger had caught a glimpse of a young man stumbling away into the forest but his throat was dry and his head had been throbbing painfully so he was unable to call out to them. He passed out again and woke up in a hut owned by a Ranger. They’d found him and bandaged him up. He was told about what had happened but still was unable to remember anything that they told him about. Apparently a dark mage had laid waste to his village destroying it practically single handedly. The Rangers had made sure that the mage didn’t know about Kaenger because he’d been the only survivor of the attack. Kaenger was trained by the Rangers and about eight months later he was dropped off at the school so he would be better protected.

Kaenger opened his eyes remembering what the leader of the Rangers, the one that had taken care of him, had said before he left.

“You’ll be safe here and I’ll personally make sure The Mage doesn’t come after you again.” He’d said. “He won’t even know where you are.”

Kaenger’s mind focused back on the ways the Karop could have gotten in and it still seemed impossible. There were only two ways: someone let it in, which was almost possessively a no, or it got in by itself. Ideas swirled through his head and he groaned, closing his eyes and running a hand over his face. As much as he wanted someone else to worry about this, he knew that it wouldn’t leave his mind for the slightest moment. Replaying last night in his head he suddenly noticed something that made him sit up. Karop’s were known for attacking any living thing in sight but when this one had entered the dorm, it had walked past every single one of the other student’s doors and not even bothered to look in them. It had chose his door to open and Kaenger also noticed that when it had looked in, it’d scanned the room until…it had found him. Why would it be focused on him?! There was no one that wanted to kill him…except that man. Kaenger quickly laid back down before Gorid noticed he was sitting up. His heart was pounding in his chest as he realized how possible it was. He needed to tell someone…they needed to know that he was coming…but how? Gorid was still in the room. Kaenger got an idea and coughed weakly asking Gorid to go get him a glass of water. The gym teacher didn’t think anything of it as he got up and sighed, leaving the room. Kaenger jumped to his feet, snatching his boots and slipping them on as fast as he could. Racing to the window, he opened it and quickly began climbing down. His shoulder flared painfully making him bite his tongue hard to keep from crying out. Jumping the last few feet to the ground, he rolled to his feet and then glanced back up at the window before sprinting off down the forest path that led to the school. He hadn’t realized how exhausted and drained he felt from the loss of blood until he began running and he had to stop a few times before he passed out because the trees began to swirl before his vision. Kaenger stopped as he finally reached the school and leaned against a tree for a moment, his breath coming in raspy gasps. They needed to know. Ms. Klure needed to be warned. 

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--Chapter 5--

Back in the lunch room Kay surveyed the other students from his table at he far corner as they laughed and talked amongst themselves. They looked like they were having a lot of fun together and he quickly looked away, pushing the feeling away and blocking it from his mind. He didn’t care that he was always on his own; he liked it that way…right? Kay stared at the smooth white surface of the table and then snapped himself out of it. He wasn’t going to think about that so he focused back on the Karop because that seemed like the only thing that would distract him from feeling miserable. He began thinking over the ways it could have gotten passed the boundary and the possibility of someone letting it in popped into his mind, instantly triggering the memory of what he’d done…something nudged his hand and he jumped slightly, quickly looking down. He relaxed when he saw that it was Nator, his shadow wolf. Kay smiled slightly and ran his fingers lovingly across the wolf’s head. Nator was able to sense how Kay was feeling and jumped up on the bench with him, lying down and setting his head in Kay’s lap. Kay smiled slightly and leaned back against the wall petting Nator as his mind wandered.


Maya had rushed ahead of her friends and was waiting at a table for them while Takara headed to one of the table by the window. Getting comfortable, she took out her red velvet journal and began carefully writing in it. Running out of things to put down she looked out at the gorgeous scenery and slipped the open behind her ear, sighing contentedly. Her thoughts her interrupted by Ms. Klure’s voice coming through the speakers.

“Celeste Mender has been called away because of a family emergency and I’m sorry to say that she might be gone for sometime.”

Takara raised an eyebrow in surprise and thought for a moment before returning her gaze out the window wondering what kind of emergency it was, hopefully not too big. Kirien had joined Maya and they were both rather surprised to hear the news as well but it explained why Celeste had left directly before lunch.


Trenna Taeku had just arrived at the school and she looked around the halls nervously.

“Ok, so I was supposed to meet the principal at her office which I was told was down the hall…but which hall?” She said her herself aloud.

After a few minutes of taking many wrong turns she bite her lip, fear beginning to flood over her as she looked around.

“If only I had a map.” She said, slowly continuing down a hall.

Minutes passed and she decided to just head back the way she’d come but as she turned around she found herself facing three halls. Trenna stopped and looked down each one, utterly lost. What she didn’t know was that the principal’s office was just a few halls to the left and she was near the entrance of the school through which Kaenger had just slipped though unnoticed. Things were going pretty well so far but then he heard soft slow footsteps and stopped in his tracks. All the students were supposed to be at the lunchroom right now…so why was one wondering around the halls? It was Trenna and she’d also heard him and stopped as well. She stood still for a moment, unsure what she should do and then took a deep breath, starting towards where she’d heard the footsteps.

“It might be a teacher or the principal even so they might be able to help.” She told herself reassuringly. “Oh please don’t leave who ever you are.”

Then Trenna stopped short as she came to a dead end. The fear had begun to rise back up again and she looked around frantically. She hadn’t been in this area yet and in despair she sat down on the ground to wait until someone would find her, no longer caring if it was just a student; at least she would be alone, she hated being alone. She felt frightened tears spring to her eyes and put her head in her hands, crying quietly. Kaenger had slipped into a nearby class room as Trenna had passed him and now he heard the soft crying. Stopping, he wondered if he should go and see if everything was alright but before he made up his mind, he heard more footsteps coming down the hall and slipped back into the empty room. It was Blake. He was whistling a little song to himself with his hands in his pockets and then stopped mid-song hearing the crying. Slowly he walked down the hall towards the sound and his hair changed to it’s normal royal purple color while his eyes also faded to blue which was his natural appearance. He saw the girl and paused.

“Umm…are you ok?” he asked, awkwardly, not really knowing what else to say.

Trenna quickly swiped the tears out of her dark green eyes and looked up a little started.

“Oh, hi!” She said, feeling relief flooding her. “Sorry, I got lost and I’m very alone…though not anymore I guess. I’m Treena Taeku but people sometimes call me T.T.” She said as she stood up. “Do you know your way around? Because I certainly don’t.” She laughed.

Blake smiled kindly and nodded.

“I’m Blake Horo. Is there some place that you’re trying to get to?” He asked, his hair changing to a coral shade and his skin caning to a light blue. “You’re new here right?

Trenna blinked and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Blake. Yes, I’m new and I’m looking for the principal. Someone at the main gate told me to look for her at her office but I think I might have took a wrong turn…how do you do that with your hair?”

“I’m a shape-shifter. The principal you say? I can take you to her.” Blake said, motioning her to follow as he changed his hair green, skin yellow, and eyes orange. “Her name’s Sarkatta Klure if you didn’t know and she’s not married so she goes by Ms. Klure.”

“Shape-shifter? Cool!”

They walked down the halls and Trenna followed gladly, self consciously playing with a strange of her very long midnight black hair. Reaching the right office in a few minutes, Blake knocked for her.

“Ms. Klure, there’s a new girl here that’s here to talk with you.” He said.

Trenna paused before going in and looked back at Blake with a smile.

“Thanks Blake, I would never have found it on my own.” She said with a smile and laugh.

“Any time.” Blake said, grinning.

Wait... *trys to remember how far I had read before* Didn't Blake...

That's a good point. When you pull out your hair when you reach a cliffhanger you can just check the RPG. :P

If you're thinking the same thing I am, yes he did but that comes later...much later. I'll probably happen in the second book with Zariana.

What did Blake do?

when you get the Lia and Tia, please delete or edit some things you find.....they were my RPG test subjects and they didn't go very well.....

Yeah, I'm changing quite a few things with certain people and sometimes I just completely delete the idea because it strays from the main plot. Ack! I haven't posted another chapter! I shall do that now!


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