I decided night to call it Revenge of the StarChaos cause the idea is changing in my mind....so here it goes.

With the Fairoze safetly back at Achates Academy, the Souls continued to train for the next mission. But the Immortals aren't giving up that easily. Even though they lost several members, they go out to hut easy victims to join them. That victim might send the Souls just over the edge when the next item has been spotted.
They learn that its a red diamond heart that is said to have a blue violet rose trapped inside the glass. It is called the Alister Heart with unknown powers of the shadows. Souls set off to a Nameless city then to an abandon mansion that had seen better days. As Immortals take down one Soul at a time, Souls would need any help they can get from the InkRebels and MirrorKnights. Cause something lurks in the mansion to trap them forever.

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Chapter 1: Victim One (part 1)

Renwer stayed where he was as the shadows took shape around him.
"Well..well..well Renwer Claythe its been awhile," said Cassiel stepping into the light.
Renwer's eyes flashed red before turning black. "What makes you think I'm InkPrince's brother."
"Are you his brother?" Shith asked joining his leader.
"Not even close more like his evil twin," chuckled Renwer.
Cassiel joined in the chuckle followed by Shith. "Well then how would you like to join us Renwer?" Cassiel asked after a moment.
Renwer shrugged. "Depends on what your plan is." He offered.
"To destroy every members of the Souls and to get the Fairoze back." Cassiel easily explained.
"Sounds like fun...whats first?" Asked Renwer.
Cassiels ran a hand through his hair beford replying. "We need a new headquarters first...then a victim."
(Part 2)

Renwer ran a hand through his hair smiling wickedly. "Let's get started then."
Cassiel led the way down a dark alley, his small group including Renwer followed close behind.
Shith stepped closer to his leader to whisper,"Should we trust him leader?"
"What you think? I need more members and those Souls won't stop us this time,"whispered back Cassiel.
"Your right I forgot,"Shith tried to whisper.
"Sorry Shith...well this looks like a good place," declared Cassiel. Before the group stood a three story brick building complete with border up windows plus a bordered door.
"Well this looks homey," agreed Renwer joining Cassiel on the other side.
"Right lets set the place up...Grimm, Noah, BlackBox and SpeakerHead check it out," instructed Cassiel.
The four named members barged the door to check the building out.
"Its clear leader!" Blackbox shouted from the doorway.
Cassiel headed inside after BlackBox ith Shith then Renwer coming in after him.
Grimm went outside to pull in a cart of old computer screens plus moniters, SpeakerHead help him in one of the large rooms.
(Part 3)

BlackBox headed up the stairs with a flashlight soon joined by Noah who carried the weapons.
"Shith help those two make the training room," instructed Cassiel turning his attention back on Grimm.
Shith bounded up the stairs two at a time after his team members.
Renwer watched with interest as Cassiel instructed his team.
'Immortals huh? Not bad....not bad at all,' he thought with a chuckle.
"Renwer we are gonna work on the third floor when those three get back from second floor,"said Cassiel eyeing the other.
"Sure Cassiel," answered Renwer when his eyes landed on a shard of a mirror.
He carefully picked it up to eye his reflection then smiled.
His eyes were black, but were glowing red at the moment.
"Renwer lets go!" Cassiel called down from the stairs.
Renwer let the shard fall from his hand to the floor as he hurried up the stairs after his new leader.
Grimm worked on getting the computer screens up on the wall.
His partner SpeakerHead was working on the keyboards and moniters on the large half circle table.
"Your doing good SpeakerHead," commented Grimm once he was done.
"Not bad yourself..shall we check our work Grimm?" SpeakerHead asked while taking a rest in a computer desk chair.
"Lets." Agreed Grimm so SpeakerHead got up to watch behind the chair.
Grimm started powering up the moniters, then they waited.
Slowly the screens came on to reveal different views of Achates Academy, including a few around their new building.
"I'm impressed my friend," remarked SpeakerHead.
Grimm nodded his head, not after he took a close at his new teammember.
With a black hoodie that had a bright lime green dragon on the front, the guy also wore a blank full white mask over the face.
Grimm hurriedly looked away when the screen that looked out into the alley beeped.
"Looks like we have a victim,"SpeakerHead murmured.
Quickly Grimm located the walkie talkie to contact his leader.
"Cassiel...our victim one is here." He said.
'Excellent we are coming down now...wait for us,' came his leader's voice.
"Yes sir," answered Grimm as he smiled at the screen.
On the screen Kamira stopped at the edge of the alleyway, unsure of where to go next.
(Part 4)

Cassiel soon joined Grimm and SpeakerHead at the table.
"Lets reel her in Noah would you do the honors?" He asked.
Noah, who has caramel brown hightlight with blond and milky white eyes nodded then left while putting on red sunglasses.
The rest of Cassiel's team plus Renwer gather around to watch as Noah headed down the alleyway to the girl.
They watched when Noah grabbed the girl from behind before dragging her thrashing body to the building.
But a figure jumped down from above to land in a crouch, startling the girl more.
Noah looked up just in time as the figure punched him in the face.
He fell to the hard cement, not before a shadow captured him
The figure took the girl to lead her away from the alleyway then returnto face the other who was now standing.
Noah eyed the white hoodie figure infront of him then the dark silver mask over the face follow by the sword clutched in the left hand.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"I am Nameless that is all you need to know," answered Nameless as he got into position, the blade covered in etchs pointed at the other.
"Nameless?" Wondered Renwer outloud.
"Weird name if you ask me," muttered BlackBox running a hand through his blond hair that has multi color highlights, his eyes a blue green.
"SpeakerHead go help Noah," ordered Cassiel.
"On my way,"replied SpeakerHead quickly heading outside.
Noah watched the sword in the figure's hand as one etch started to glow right by the point of the blade.
"White Phantom Wolf Drive!" Exclaimed Nameless.
Everything including Noah plus SpeakerHead froze as two blur figures ran towards them like wolves.
Blurs took the others down then vanish back into the sword.
Cassiel blinked in surprise when his two new teammembers fell face forward dead.
Nameless drew his sword away before walking back to the quivering girl.
"Th-thank you for saving me,"said Kamira.
"Your welcome I am Nameless," Nameless greeted.
"I'm Kamira nice to meet you Nameless." Kamira greeted back.
Nameless nodded his head. "Where were you coming from?" He asked.
Kamira gazed down at the ground. "I was trying to get back to my academy," she finally said.
"What academy?" Nameless asked.
"Achates Academy,"replied Kamira.
Nameless nodded again before scooping Kamira into his arms and bounding up a fire escape in the next alleyway.
(Last Part)

"BlackBox and Grimm see if you can pull those two inside," said Cassiel turning away from the screens.
His two teammates left to drag Noah plus SpeakerHead one by one inside where Cassiel had an operating table set up across from the control room.
"Alright Noah first,"instructed Cassiel patting the table.
Grimm picked up one side of Noah while BlackBox got the other then heaved it onto the table.
Cassiel, joined by Shith applied an antidote onto the wound then let Shith bandaged it up.
Noah snapped his eyes open to see his leader looking at him.
"Looks like you'll live," said Shith looking down at Noah as well.
BlackBox helped Noah standjust as Grimm lifted SpeakerHead next onto the table.
Renwer came over, pulling out a small glass bottle of what looks to be blood.
He gave a drop to Noah, SpeakerHead then offered it to Cassiel.
"What is it?" Cassiel asked curiously taking the small bottle.
"Just a special little drink I made,"repled Renwer.
Cassiel took a drop before passing it off to the other members.
Once the bottle was empty, Renwer threw it away casually leaning against one of many wooden colums.
"What did you give us?" Cassiel said in a low voice.
"My undefeatable drink,"simple said Renwer giving a small shrug.
"Guys we have another on screen!" Declared Grimm from his chair.
Cassiel nodded to Renwer to do it.
Renwer headed out of the building to see another teen heading down the alley.
Renwer sliced the teen down in mere seconds before he dragged the body back inside.
Chapter 2: White Phantom (part 1)

Nameless placed Kamira on her feet when they reached the rooftop.
"Do you see it Kamira?" He asked watching as another teen was sliced across the neck.
Nameless, just shook his head, he didn't understand one thing of that group he just faced.
"Over there,"said Kamira pointing to a large building lit up with lights.
"Lets go then,"said Nameless as he scooped up Kamira back into his arms before he jumped and landed gracefully on his feet.
Then he sprinted for the large building, busily dodging people left follow by right.

[Immortal's new hideout]

"Should one of us go after him leader?" Shith asked looking at Cassiel.
Cassiel glared at Renwer, who pulled the body back outside.
"Speakerhead go,"ordered Cassiel before disappearing deeper into the larger first floor.
Soon a curse was heard before the overhead lights slowly came on.
Speakerhead literally ran out the building after the two, who were making their way to Achates Academy.
You alright leader?" Shith asked watching his leader looking through what appeared to be a kitchen.
Cassiel slammed his fist on the island in the center just as he glance to his second in comand.
"How hard is it to capture a Soul then kill him/her?" He asked in a low voice.
Shith joined his leader and placed an arm around the shoulders.
"We'll get her back and you can do whatever you want to her," he said.
Cassiel smiled twistedly at that.
(Part 2)

Speakerhead reached Nameless to tackle him to the ground then grabbed the Soul, Kamira.
He smashed her against the tree before stabbing her quickly with one of his many different daggers.
Kamira felt the breath rushed out of her when she hit the tree, but soon felt the life in her draining away in a heartbeat.
Nameless managed to look up just in time to see Kamira fall face forward a few feet from him.
He got up on his to move towards her,just as Speakerhead forced him back to the ground.
Spearkerhead slinged the Soul over one of his shoulders then startex running back to the hideout.
Nameless spat out dirt to watch the retreating with Kamira,who might already be dead.
He cursed himself for being so careless as he got to his feet, til his head started hurting.
"They'll be surprise to find out who I really am right Phantom?"he said to himself while his hand pulled out an amulet from around his neck.
The amulet was in the shape of a sword of crystal with a line of etchs on it that started to glow as if in agreement.
Nameless, who was actually Iscariot Frost tucked the amulet away follow by putting on a a fresh mask, this one was red and grinning.
Before he left, he went down on one knee to send a prayer for the fallen Soul he just met.
Thinking quickly, he also sent a telepath call fo help to his two winged guardians.
After that, Nameless got up to continue on his way knowing the academy might welcome him as a new student.

(Achates Academy)

Avichayli suddenly felt as if something was wrong with both oodfellow plus Jett looking at her worriedly.
"Whats wrong Avi?" Jett asked taking her hand in his.
Goodfellow watched, but he wasn't exactly jealous of Jett, they both had fallen head over heels for her.
After all she was their captain and its their job to protect her including the Fairoze.
"I don't know...something feels wrong,"Avi said at the foot of the staircase.
They had learned of the next ball coming up in the auditorium earlier, all were excited as they left to eat or their rooms.
Jett frowned when he caught the attention of a newcomer standing in the doorway.
Avi follwed her second in command's gaze to the newcomer and stared for who knows how long.
The newcomer wore a white cloak, its face hidden by a red grinning mask.
Avi shook off her staring before heading over, her two teammates right behind her.
"Do you need any help?" She asked in a friendly tone.
"Do you know a girl named Kamira?" The newcomer asked.
"She's one of our teammates." Goodfellow said.
"I saved her the first time, but was late the second time,"newcomer said.
Avi put a hand over her mouth before she cried softly.
Goodfellow took his captain into his arms to hug her close, his eyes never leaving the newcomer's face.
"Who would have done this?" Wondered Jett.
"Our worst enemies thats who," answered Goodfellow.
Jett clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, he wanted to punch a wall right now.
Avi stepped away from Goodfellow to wipe her eyes before thanking him.
Goodfellow smiled then just nodded his head.
She turn her attention back on the newcomer.
"I am Avichayli Rinas, what is your name?" She asked.
Iscariot smiled behind his mask, not yet ready to tell his true name just yet.
"I have been going by Nameless for awhile now...so you shall call me that." Nameless replied.
Avi nodded just as Jett asked, "Are you a new student then?"
"Just arrive just after the incident,"Nameless said.
"Well if we help you out...would you care to join our team?" Avi offered.
Both Goodfellow plus Jett stared at her in shock.
"But captain!" They both protested in unison.
"Of course since I'm captain, me and the rest of the team have to watch you try out,"continued Avi.
"I accept your offer then Avichayli," Nameless bowed slightly towards her.

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