K, so let's see them...don't hold back now:)


"It's better to get a rose from a casual friend than to get a can of succotash from a hoodlum."

-Sally Rogers

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he HAS an name hehehe i just do not know it.....
Benjamin Parker 69 (Deceased)

Uncle Ben from spiderman.

Uncle Ben PArker...Evan Baxter...Stan Lee...
"You were here before me, you were waiting on me and you said you'd keep me, never would you leave me." ~TobyMac
"Much power of the force is in this one"-Count Dooku
"Pizza Angle please come to me!"
Oh, right, that was Larry the Cucumber for those who didn't know. I would have edited, but I don't seem to be able to...

I <3 Larry's song Pizza Angel. NOMNOMNOM PIZZA.

We just bought that song yesterday!


"The ballpoint pens are gone again"-Larry

"Steak and shrimp, steak and shrimp!  Eat it eat it need it need it!"  --Those two peas from Jonah

do you know what kind of pea's thay are



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