So this is Feeling Alive. I will most likely change the name...

I'm not quiet sure how this is going to work out so if you've read any of my other books you may have noticed I tend to write some gory scenes and some romantic. Just warning you case you can't take that sort of thing. ;)

I'm still looking for a main pic...


I lay on the floor of a cold, damp, dark, room. I had been asleep for a long time and yet nothing made sense and I understood nothing.

Footsteps, a door opening, light…. It’s so strange… so beautiful…

A tall man looks over me, but I can’t see his face from the brilliance of the gray light. “You waken.” He said, sounding slightly surprised. “Do you feel anything?”

“Feel?” I wonder trying to make sense of the simple word. I struggle with the word a moment and it slowly came to me. “I feel nothing…”

The man nodded. “I didn’t think you would.”

Words lay waiting on my lips wishing to spill, but I wouldn’t let them. I didn’t understand them or anything for that matter. Who I was, where… why. I mulled over the words the emptiness in my mind, but it was so difficult and making my head hurt.

The man sensed my discomfort.  “Rest.” He told me. “You will feel well later.”

Darkness began to consume me again and I was forced to comply. Watching through my droopy eyelids as the door slowly shut and the beautiful gray light left with the man. I didn’t understand anything and it bugged me, but it was too late to think about that any further as everything was almost completely black again. Suddenly something I understood popped into my mind.

I exist…

There's the prologue! If your wondering the speaker is a boy and that's about all I can tell you.

Characters: (note: I update this with each chapter I post, this may be a spoiler if you have not yet caught up.)

(from prologue)

(I haven't decided for sure, but I think I will use this pic for him.)

Name: Than

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (looks in his mid teens)

Personality: Doesn't remember anything about anything, has very little emotions, learned he is a robot.

(with green eyes)

Name: Alexandria Parkinson (Lexie)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Peace Keeper, kind and gental. Perfectionist. 

(with black hair)

Name: Randy 

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Has a lot of secrets he keeps to himself. Likes to tease girls. 

Name: Natalie Littlewoods

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Drama Queen, Rich, Fashionista. 

(With shorter and darker hair)

Name: Megan Carter

Gender: Female

Age: 15 

Personality: Tom boy, sporty, can be viscous when it comes to protecting her friends, laid-back. 

(from the boys side of the story)

Name: Mrs Crimson

Gender: Female

Age: Late thirtys

Personality: Gets angry easy. Created Than.

Heres the school outfits.

Name: Mr. Helt

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Personality: Calm and thoughtful. He's a writer. Handsome.

(with black hair not blue)

Name: Mrs. Liverpool

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Personality: Snaps easily. Hates kids. loves to be nasty

Name: Miss Knitty (nicknamed Miss Nutty)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Personality: An idiot... yep that pretty much sums her up.

(Dark green eyes)

Name: Mina Rhodes

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Dark and mysterious. 

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Holy cow! This next chapter is super long! I'm going to have to chop it up a lot. lol!

Chapter 2: Tamma Academy

I waved to my mom and dad as I stepped onto the train. “Bye! I’ll miss you!” I yelled over the commotion.  I felt the train begin to move and I quickly went to find a seat.

I was on my way to meet up with Natalie. The girl I was talking about whose mother is the principle of my school. Almost every year I go in her helicopter to get to our school. Yes Natalie is fairly well off. While her mom gets a hefty paycheck from the school Natalie’s dad owns a big restaurant chain and gets and even bigger paycheck. Though Natalie’s rich she’s not completely stuck up. (Though she can be) I met her in grade one and didn’t meet my other best friend Megan till grade three, but I’ll talk more about Megan later.

The train ride was only a couple hours long and along the way I thought about Randy’s ominous warning. What did he know? Why did he warn me about him?

Before long I arrived at my destination and waited by the station with my large bag. A sleek black expensive car pulled up and I quickly recognized it. As soon as I opened the door I was clobbered by Natalie.

“Omygosh! I missed you so much!” She bubbled.

Natalie has gorgeous long blonde hair that went all the way to her hips and pretty hazel eyes. Today she wore a cute pink summer dress and an incredible amount of bangles.

“Quick! Put your bag in the trunk and let’s get going! I want to get to the school as soon as possible!” She exclaimed.

I laughed. Natalie is a total fashionista and drama queen, not to mention she always quickly becomes popular. Normally I wouldn’t be interested in a stuck up girl like her, but I quickly learned she wasn’t what I thought; in fact she really nice and we have a lot of things in common.

I threw my bag in the trunk and hoped in. “Hello Mr. Littlewoods.” I said politely when I recognized her mom in the driver’s seat.

“Lexie! Glad to see you! Ready for another year of school?” She asked.

I nodded.

Natalie’s mom was one awesome principle. She was quite a lot like her daughter except way more professional.

Me and Natalie quickly began yattering away excitedly until we reached the heli-pad.

Natalie was looking nervous; she hated flying, but still insisted we always went in her helicopter. She was pretty good though, so long as she had plenty of magazines to read and sat in the middle of the back seats. On the other hand I love flying and every time we go I had to look over the ocean as we flew over it.

Natalie pulled out her newest magazine and I turned back to help distract her. “Look at the new fall fashion!” She squealed. “I just got some great fabric so I should be able to make some of my favorite outfits!” She flipped the book open and began pointing at her favorite outfits and explaining what she loved and hated about each one.

For me fashion is fun, but I’m not out of control crazy about it like Natalie. She plans on becoming a designer and barley buys clothes, she only makes them now and most of the time she does a better job.

“Wait till you see the school uniform this year!” She said excitedly. “Mother let me help design it!”

Actually that I couldn’t wait for. Last year we had to wear these awful red and white sailor costumes and Natalie just about went insane.

“We’re nearing are destination.” The pilot announced and I peeked out the window. The large island was getting closer and I shivered in excitement. Below us was a ship. “That must be Megan!” I told Natalie.

Natalie only nodded holding onto the seat tight. I sat by her again gently rubbing her shoulder. “No worry’s, we’re landing soon.” I told her and she stiffly nodded again.

I threw my bag in the trunk and hoped in. “Hello Mr. Littlewoods.” I said politely when I recognized her mom in the driver’s seat.

Isn't it supposed to be Mrs. Littlewoods?

OoOps! thanks for catching that! I make so many mistakes and its hard to catch them on my own.

i wasn't sure, so i decide to ask. mostly because it didn't read right

We safely landed and Natalie got out of the helicopter as fast as she could. “You going to be ok?” I asked looking at her pale face.

“I’ll just need a moment.” She told me

“Then let’s go wait in the ID lineup while you’re recovering.” I told her.

We quickly got some spots and chatted while we waited. Just then a girl came running over to us. “Hey guys!” She called. 

“Megan!” Me and Natalie called at the same time.

She butted into the line to stand with us and the boy behind looked mad. “Hey! Go to the back of line!” he told her.

Megan whirled around and picked him up by the scruff of his shirt. “What did you say squirt?” She hissed.

The boy instantly recognized her and shrunk back. “M-Megan! S-so sorry, I didn’t recognize you!”

Megan snarled slightly and dropped him then turned back to us smiling. “I missed you guys!”

Megan is the third person of best buds trio and is the complete opposite of Natalie. She’s a total tom boy and loves every sport known to mankind. She’s also extremely good at all of them and tends to beat most of the boys who are now scared of her. Megan and Natalie may be best buds but they don’t always get along. That’s why I’m around, to keep the peace. Megan has short dark brown hair that’s always up in a high ponytail and has navy blue eyes. She wore a sweaty red T-shirt with a bold three printed on the front and baggy shorts. The only girly things she had was her locket from her mother who had died and her ears were pierced. Her right ear had one small piercing on the lob and her left ear had about half a dozen piercings. Why? Me and Natalie have never figured out.

We all began yattering excitedly about the school; none of us could wait to get started.

Tamma Academy is composed of many parts. There are twenty six dorms that each hold fifty people and a mess hall. Thirteen for the boys and thirteen for the girls. They are each labeled with a letter of the alphabet hence the amount of dorms. Natalie always makes sure we get dorm A. which is our favorite. Then of course there’s the main building where we have all our classes and stuff. There are many fields, forests, beaches and other sources of entertainment on the island for the students. Anything not on the island had to be brought by the boat which actually Megan’s dad owned. Everything in the school was the best of then best, for example. The markers weren’t just the cheap-run-out-of-ink-in-a-few-minutes-kind, but the professional grade A kind that you’d see in the hands of an artist who made a living off of his art.

The line moved quickly and before I knew it, it was my turn and I quickly handed my info over. The lady at the desk typed it into a computer and printed something off. She stood and went to the large wall of filing cabinets and riffed through one until she got to my ID. “Dorm A. room 3” she informed me and I was given a bunch of jealous looks from the kids in the crowd.

I nodded and told my friends I meet them in the dorm. Quickly I ran across the campus to dorm A. Dorm A. overlooked the ocean and was close to the beach. Our room was on the second floor so it had a balcony. I found our RA (resident assistance) for my key. I was so excited about my room I nearly dropped the key while I tried to put it in.

“Lexie?” A boy’s voice came from below.

I quickly forgot about the door and leaned over the railing to spot Randy.

“Randy! What are you doing here?” I asked in shock.

He laughed. “I got a job here after school. Part of my pay is a free tuition.”

I chuckled. “So you’re cleaning?” I pointed at his grubby gray suit he was wearing, made for the janitor.

He stuck his tongue out. “You’re just jealous.”

“As if!” I told him. I paused a moment checking that no one was around. “Why should I look out for the superintendent?” As asked seriously.

Randy looked genuinely confused. “What in the world are you talking about?”

*Phew* that was the longest chapter I've ever written!

Hee-hee Randy is funny.

I love your new story Thea can't wait for more! :)

Thx! I may post more today... more about the boy in the prologue... right now I'm working on the layout in my mind so it could take awhile...

I like Randy to! He actually wasn't supposed to be in the book when I first planned it, but he somehow snuck in...

Cool posted more Fairoze :)


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