I know Christians ain't his biggest fans, but I'm still wondering if there's anyone here who reads him.

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Not I and never...
I'm pretty sure we've discussed why you won't, but I can't remember...
Yup;) This is something I'm passionate about...If you haven't we haven't really talaked;)
I didn't get that last part, but I do remember us talking about before, now. I don't remember you coming across as really passionate so I'm glad you told me. Good thing to know. :)
I'm in the process of reading them, so far they're pretty good, and I can see how the world went crazy over them.
Purtty darn like. JK is very good writer.

havent read them, but that doesnt mean i am against them.

i've just yet to dedicate the time to it.

yes Christians do seem to be against more than they are for.



I have seen/read very little of the Series, but what I did read was dark.

Magic from a dark source. I heard a sermon about it by  John Hagee That was very interesting.

Whadda ya guys think about Harry Potter?

arent the Dark sources the ones called bad guys in the book though?


idk havent read. just asking.


John Hagee. havent listened to him. is he like most of those TV preachers?

i have a habit of not watching those guys.

The first couple of books aren't dark.  They're just fun, fantasy kids books.  Around four or five though is when it gets dark.  You know how it's supposed to look like all hope is lost before the good guys win out?  Well JK definitely don't skimp on that.  So the books steadily go from childrens books to more teen pre-teen.


As for the Dark Magic, that really depends on your outlook of the stuff.  All magic is basically the same and it all can be used for good and evil.  So the bad guys obviously use it for evil purposes and the good guys use it to whoop the bad guys.  Like I said, it depends on your viewpoint whether or not it's from a Dark Source.


Personally, I really like the series.  JK is a brilliant writer who weaves the story perfectly and ends it satisfactory with each book better then the one before it.

i agree.

i dont think "dark tales" are necessarily a bad thing. especially when they offer hope through it.

You can always take things metaphorically. metaphors speak to the heart. like visions and such. true meaning through fantasy.  Magic can be metaphorical. Jesus is a metaphor fanatic. for a good reason, too. The poetic speaks far more than the analytical.


like i said though, Christians seem to be against more things than they are for, sadly


i can say "wow that ocean is gorgeous", or "wow that ocean is a vast peep hole into the Kingdom of God. His mercy and grace whispers through each splashing wave"

yeah gorgeous is technically more "correct", but boy does the metaphorical give you a heaven of a visual.

i mean you arent literally gazing into Heaven, but it still rings truth. You are getting that reflection. God's grace isnt "technically" whispering to you through the waves, but metaphorically (and at the same time, truly) it is.


whoops..rambled again. 


My friend is obbsessed with Harry Potter, so I naturally don't want to read it. =P


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