Am I the only one who has just recently learned about Sheol?

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I think sheol is temporary but hell is forever.

Oh those catholics.....catholocism is basically an occult now....

Eh, the Bible is to say.

I do believe you are right, Mark.

I think you mean Catholicism is basically a cult now. If I remember correctly, occult deals more with Satanism, and a cult is a subdivision of a religious sect (or something like that). But yes, I do agree with you on that.

Also, I could agree that Sheol is temporary and Hell is forever.

And I don't believe in Purgatory. People go either to Heaven or to Hell, not Hell for a bit and then to Heaven. And Jesus already paid the price for our sins, so there's no need for people to pay for their sins in Purgatory before going to Heaven, even if Purgatory was somehow a Biblical concept.

Tell me where Sheol is explicitly mentioned.

Only seeing ESV.

What does that have to do with anything? 

All I can see right now is a confused Kronk. XD

It's a matter of translation and what could be left out or slightly changed.

Here's a question. 

Why don't you look in the bible yourself? "that's some simple Googling. Just saying."

After you check yourself for your clear hostile nature, I would like to inform you that I did hence why I asked where Sheol was explicitly mentioned.

Okay asking questions is hostile now. Good to know.


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