What are you hobbies? Why do you like about your hobbies?

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My biggest hobby is reading I also like to crochet, which is fun because I can make presents instead of buying them, and I like giving people things I make.
I crochet too. I really want to learn the secret behind my Mema's pointsetta quilt. It's like 3D.
i collect guiness world record books. i have about 7 or 8

that's cool.


I collect nutcrackers and ballerina figurines myself.

Reading & drawing... that's about it.


How many nutcrackers & ballerinas have you collected?

I have like 10 nutcrackers last i check(and i name them as i get them too. i'm weird i know) and one unbroken ballerina out of 3. 
my cousin has like 50 of them. lol
what? ballerinas?
lol. no, nut crackers. :)
Right now I'm trying to crochet a cute head band, but the instructions I got off line don't quite work with my thread. So I've had to alter it, and I still don't have one made that will fit me. But I'm getting there. I also like to cook and collect glass figures.
a few weeks ago i knit a beanie for a little girls birthday.


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