hello im new to this site i just reread the code bearers series and found this website. my role-play experience might be different so can you teach me your ways.. (xD) 

anyways im so exited to get started i know this site is not as lively but, the people are and thats what matters ok? bye.

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Heya there! :D

ello! :3

Wassup m8?

Hi Hannah! Glad you found CB! There are 3 rpgs still up on the site (I think) When the World Falls, Make it Through the Night and a Codebearers one. I dont know if the first 2 are accepting new members but the CB one might. Or you could make your own rpg (I can help if you need).

It may be wiser to join the CB one currently going as to not force the few members to pick and choose which one they would like to take part of.

If you are wanting to do a CB rpg I think Z is right. You should ask if you can join. 

Yeah the first two aren't because they are pretty far into it and it's hard to add members so late. We have, in the past, tried to add people in the middle but it's been extremely difficult and are never successful. 

And I agree, a lot of the time it's more fun creating your story. Create your own world and types of characters. It's a lot of fun. :)

ok thanks c:

ooo another anime lover joined o.o hi! i'm akatsuki

i'd recommend joining the codebearers rpg as zhadow suggested. the other two rpgs are currently a bit too complicated to join in right now (lol) and starting a new rpg might not work well since most of us are not very active. actually i haven't seen that one in the activity feed recently either come to think of it........ oof

i think there should be a thread or post somewhere with specific rpg rules since a roleplaying forum never fails to have one but idk where that is

It depends alot on who puts the rpg together for rules. There are basics like following the site's rules but other than that it's mainly up to the creator of the rpg

And yeaaaaaah the one has been continuing for about 6 1/2 years

Wow 6 1/2 years thats long. Lol I never got mine past 4 months...

Lol It's been over about 4 rpgs, 5 story arcs but continuation of the same world.


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