I'm back with a new book! XD This one is going to be quite different then my other and it might surprise you when you figure out what it's about.

Actually, I'm doing this for school so I'm open to any criticism as long as it's not just someone complaining that they don't like the book or saying that a name or person looks funny. I'll be posting the rough draft so I haven't revised or edited it at all meaning that the grammar won't be very good and I might accidentally skip over a few words in sentences. (I do that sometimes because of my fast pace of typing...)

Also, this book will take me much longer to write than the others because I have to follow an outline that I made (I hate outlining...) and the chapters are much longer than my usual ones. (I might actually change the chapter size.)

So! Without further rambling, enjoy the story!

Character Pictures:



(More pics coming soon!)

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I only have two chapters fully written and the story is only supposed to be twelve chapters...I've never written one that short, so we'll see what happens.

Can't wait! Since it's a rough draft, do you want grammar feedback, or should I just ignore any grammatical errors, since you'll be editing them later?

Just ignore the grammatical errors. :)

I'll post the first chapter in a moment.

Ok. I'll put the Grammar Nazi on mute ;)


By: Silver Phoenix

Chapter 1:

Rain…It pounded brutally against the ground as if it wanted to flatten every blade of grass and every stone. Our garden was already history and the spring poppies were now as thin as paper and smashed against the hard ground. It was night outside and the darkness kept the damage of the storm hidden under its black cloak. Me and my brother, both no older than five years old, were sleeping peacefully in the small bedroom, illuminated by the moonlight shining through the large glass window that sat adjacent from the bed on the other wall. Snuggled close together, the similarity of our appearance shown even clearer; we were obviously twins. The room around us reflected our personalities; papers were stacked on a small table over on the side of the room with messy drawings, a small clay vase of withered dandelions was sitting on a dresser which I had picked for my twin brother, a small box of dress-up clothes; princess gowns for me, and prince outfits for Jayrin. The sky blue walls were painted with soft fluffy clouds showing how we loved to daydream and almost always had our head in the clouds. There was a spot on the wall where a scribble of permanent marker stained it from when we’d gotten into daddy’s office supplies. So many happy stories could be told by just the smallest details of this room…but there were the unpleasant stories as well; the collar of a lost pet, a letter from a young friend that moved away, a broken cup that one of us had accidentally knocked over. The room held our entire childhood.

The two of us were still sleeping soundly when the shadow stopped at the window blocking out the moonlight and causing a shadow to fall across the bed. Without a sound, the figure reached a hand out and touched the window with one gloved finger. A crackle of energy coursed over the finger and onto the glass. The latch moved on its own, manipulated by the magic of the stranger and soon the window slowly swung open, not making even the tiniest squeak. Freezing night air swept into the warm room and the heat seemed to be consumed by the cold in an instant. Ultimately, this is what woke Jayrin. The silhouette had already slid through the window and was crouching on the floor in the shadows when his eyes opened, so he didn’t see him. Sensing that my twin was awake, I stirred as he climbed out of bed to shut the window and didn’t become fully awake until I heard a muffled cry. My eyes snapped open to find Jayrin trying his best to fight against a dark figure that had him in a tight hold. The scream in my throat was cut off as another figure leapt through the window and with amazing speed, clasped a hand over my mouth. I was in such a shock, I didn’t think to fight until the stranger looped an arm around my waist and picked me up.

Even though my mouth was still covered I attempted to scream and kicked, fighting the man as best I could. Three more silhouettes, clothed in black as well, slipped through the window, two holding large sacks. Easily, I was able to piece together what was going to happen and I began to panic. Jayrin had been putting up a good struggle forcing the figure to tie his arms back with a rope. He was shoved brutally into a sack after begin gagged and I saw them move to do the same to me. Quickly, I bit down hard on the man’s gloved hand, making him pull back and release me. The moment I was free I let out a loud scream. It only took a moment for my mother to rush into the room, but the men seemed to be prepared and four of them drew weapons. The one holding the sack with Jayrin had disappeared out the window and my mother quickly drew her sword. She was already dressed meaning she hadn’t gone to bed yet even though it was already past midnight.

“Jilara go find your father.” She said, quickly.

I didn’t hesitate to do as she said and ran out of the room as one of the cloaked men made a snatch at me.

“Dad!” I yelled, my feet thudding down the hall as I ran.

I was able to hear the sound of a commotion near the living room and quickly halted, my heart pounding loudly in my chest. Inching towards the end of the hallway, I hesitantly peeked around the corner and saw three of the black men fighting with my dad. Their movements were cat-like and they moved so fast it was hard for me to keep up with them just watching. My father struck down one of them and then did the same with another. The last one seemed to be more experienced and tackled him. They were rolling around on the ground and I quickly retreated back a little ways, shaking in fear. There was a loud smashing sound from my bedroom and I slid down to the ground, burying my head in my knees, crying. A soft hand touched my shoulder and I almost jumped, but saw it was my father.

“Where’s Jayrin?” He asked softly, scooping me up into his arms.

I quickly pointed towards my room.

“Mom sent me to get you.” I explained.

There was a sudden boom and the sound of shattering glass coming from my room.

“Sage!” My mom screamed my father’s name, but following it was a horrible silence.

He hurried over to the room and then froze in the doorway. My eyes widened in horror as I saw the scene before us; the entire wall where the window had been was no longer there…Somehow it had been completely destroyed. Chunks of sky blue wall were scattered around both inside and outside the house. The rain was already pelting in through the giant hole and shards of glass lay on the ground. I felt my father tense and he quickly put me down telling me to stay were I was. Sitting on the ground, I watched as my father ran out into the rain, disappearing into the darkness. My bed was a mess now; the sheets and pillows shredded, leaving fabric and feathers everywhere, but the worse thing were the light crimson splatters on the floor. They covered a wall too and there was a thick puddle of the liquid over near the hole in the wall, but the rain was beginning to wash it away. Huddling into a tight ball, I waited for my father to return. The silence hanging over the house was much different from the one before the kerfuffle; it was eerie and ominous. The cold was numbing and soon, I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore, but I was too scared to move. Everything seemed to be holding its breath wondering if my father was going to come back with Jayrin and mother. Every small sound that wasn’t the rain, made me want to scream in terror.

There was a rustling noise from outside and my imagination went wild thinking that some hungry beast was watching me right now from the forest because I was in full view. I kept my eyes tightly shut and didn’t move even though my toes and ears were numb now as well. The rustling sound began to get close and just when I was on the verge of letting out a shriek, my father put a hand on my shoulder. I was so scared I began sobbing and he gently lifted me into his arms, walking back down the hall, and closing the door to my bedroom behind him. Even though he was rather wet from being out in the rain, I didn’t care in the slightest. Tenderly, he took my numb hand and began rubbing it in-between his to bring back the feeling while I sobbed into his chest. He continued to do the same with my other hand and then my feet until I was able to feel again. He laid me down on the bed in his and my mother’s room and I curled into a small ball under the blanket, closing my eyes tightly. My father had slipped out of his wet clothes and into dry ones before he got into bed beside me. It was only when I curled up against his chest, that I realized he’d come back alone.

“Daddy, where are mommy and Jay?” I asked in a quivering voice.

He didn’t answer for a while, and gently put an arm around me, running his fingers lightly through my short black hair.

“I don’t know, sweetie.” He said, softly.

It was the tone of despair in his voice that brought me to tears again. My father almost never liked to show when he was upset or sad, but now it seemed like he couldn’t hold it back.

“I don’t know.” He said again, slipping both his arms around me and holding me close.


My eyes flickered open as the sunlight fell in a perfect beam right across my face. For a moment, I just laid there thinking back to the memory I’d dreamt about.

“That dream again.” I muttered out loud. “Why is it always that dream?”

Ten years had passed since the disappearance of my mother and twin brother. Dad and I moved to a completely new town…in a new world for that matter. My dad has a cousin who has the ability to make portals, so he was able to talk him into sending us to the place we are now. If you’re not familiar with the hundreds of worlds scattered around the eight different universes, I’ll let you know now that there’s no way to get from one universe or world to another unless you use some form of magical transportation so stop thinking up that spaceship flight. A portal is one way, but there are hundreds of types of portals so that can get a little complicated. If you have the ability to teleport, you might be able to jump from one world to another but forget about visiting another universe because you won’t even make it halfway. Think of the eight universes like rivers. They all bend and curve side by side but they never touch or overlap. Sometimes they curve towards each other and get really close to another river but never actually join with it. That’s pretty much how these universes are; there are certain points in the universes that are close together making it easier to jump from one to the other. In order to get from the first universe to the farthest, (or the first river to the eighth river,) you have to travel through the other universes first before reaching it.

So say you’re a frog and you jump into the first river. You have to stay in that river until it gets close enough to the one beside it so you can jump to the next without touch dry ground. The same is for the second river and so on. Of course universes aren’t moving like rivers are, but it’s the same idea; there’s a place where the universes are slightly closer and you travel through that one area. This is probably quite confusing to you if you’re not too familiar with universe jumping, magic, or portals, but just try to make sense of it if you can. To make things more complex, there are dimensions (sometimes known as realms) as well which have more than one universe in them and jumping between those are really hard and take a bit longer. So in each dimension there are three or two universes and there are three dimensions in existence. In each universe there’s about five to twelve worlds. Still with me? Jumping between worlds is easy and you can travel from one world to any you choose no matter the distance but only if it’s in the same universe. Of course if it’s far away, the travel will take slightly longer. To give a rough estimate of the time it takes to travel by portal from world to world…it probably takes less than three seconds if the world is really close and about five seconds if it’s far. Universe to universe takes about thirty seconds, (sometimes forty) and dimension to dimension can take about a minute.

Got that? Just for fun let’s add in what it feels like to travel between these three things: First you have traveling between worlds which feel like walking under a cold waterfall, then traveling around universes feels like kind of walking through a wall honey, and travelling from dimension to dimension feels like you’re at the bottom of the ocean, under tons of pressure and being stretched and squished at the same time. Now remember that was all by portal travel; if you travel using a different way it would take a different amount of time and feel differently as well. Portals the most common mode of transportation though. Getting back off that topic, my father and I headed to a small world call Celm that has a lot of similarities to Earth, except for the fact that the humans there know that ‘fantasy creatures’ exist and live happily in harmony (most of the time) with us. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’ll put it bluntly: Even though I look like I am; I’m not human. In fact, I’m two things you probably have never heard of; half Draekeer, and half Daelin. My father was a Draekeer and my mother was half Daelin. The cool thing about being part Daelin is that I have the ability, like my mother, to change my hair color, style, and length!

Most Daelins hide their true hair color though I don’t understand why they do that, so I don’t. My mom’s true hair color is silver but she usually keeps her hair black, and my true hair color is black, but sometimes I like to change it to blond just for fun. Draekeers are a little complicated and most of their powers they keep a secret so I actually don’t know much of what my dad can do, but I do know that they have awesome reflexes and are really fast naturally. I usually don’t use many of my ‘unnatural’ abilities much because I don’t have need to, but sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is rather challenging for me so I have to have quick reflexes to avoid the glass of water that my dad sometimes pours on my face to get me up. This morning was pretty much the same, but unfortunately, I was thinking about my dream too much to notice him slip in and before I knew it, ice water was running down my neck. I squealed and shot out of bed but he was already safely back by the doorway, smirking at me.

“Morning, sleepy head.” He said with a smile, drinking the last bit of water in the glass.

Grumbling under my breath, I wiped my face off with my sleeve and dragged myself out of bed.

“Morning.” I mumbled.

Satisfied, he headed back down the hall and I nudged the door closed before going over to the closet and sleepily looking through what I should wear. Picking out a pair of white skinny jeans and a long-sleeved black and white striped shirt, I pulled them on and then walked into the bathroom attached to my room. I picked up a hairbrush, running it through my silky shoulder length hair. By the time I was done unknotting my hair, I was fully awake and added silver hoop earrings to the outfit and appraised myself in the mirror. After thinking for a moment I snatched a black fedora and slipped it on, but there was something still missing. Walking back to my closet, I pulled out a box full of ribbons and easily spotted a black and white striped one. Using a clothes pin to keep it in place around my fedora, I rushed back into the bathroom and then nodded, satisfied. Once I got into the living room, I found a plate of eggs, bacon, and a slice toast waiting for me. Gulping them down, I checked my backpack to make sure everything was there before slipping it on.

“See you later, daddy.” I said.

“Don’t get into trouble at school.” He said, smiling.

I smiled back; he said that every single day and it was kind of annoying. With a wave, I disappeared out the door, heading down the street towards my school. I didn’t like riding the bus because it was a little too noisy and crowded so I left extra early so I could walk to school, plus; I enjoyed the fresh crisp air of the morning. As I mentioned earlier about Celm, humans and other species live happily together, so at my school creatures of all different types are enrolled but the majority of them are still humans. As I headed through the neighborhood, I snatched up a stick and ran it along a chain-link fence. My best friend, Tiara, lived at this house and the stick against fence was my signal for her that I was here. Tiara wasn’t really her name, it was just a nickname we called her because she was like a magnet when it came to sparkly things, her real name was Tara and she was an elf. Now hang on a moment, elves aren’t the short people you probably just pictured; they’re tall and graceful, like the ones from Lord of the Rings but with less hair for the guys and they dress like humans do…well at least here they do.

Tiara was out the door within two minutes of my signal and wearing a silver sequent shirt matched with a pair of designer jeans and a white jacket that was probably from some famous brand that I didn’t know; I didn’t care much for fashion but I’ve been told that I have an eye for if something is missing from an outfit. A silver sequent hat was on her head and she flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder as she smiled at me. Today her hair was straight; her hair changed almost every day and I’m surprised she hasn’t damaged it yet. We started off down the sidewalk together and as she began rattling off about some gossip she heard around school, I only half listened; my mind was still on my dream about Jayrin and mom disappearing. Ten years, and not one clue or sign had been found about where they were or what happened to them.

Yay! Another story from Silver! :D

O_o Sage…has cousin who makes portals…could it be?!…Draekeer. Nope. :(
Really had me going there for a while. :P
But…numbing cold…hmm…

Desperately awaiting more awesome chapters. :)

It seems that you still haven't caught onto it so I'll just spell it out. Jilara is Sage's daughter and yes it's the same Sage from Melting Fire, Aerien, The Lapis Scar, Black Light, Apprentice of Evil etc. BUT this isn't completely the same Sage...I probably should have explained this earlier but this is kind of like a parallel dimension so things aren't completely the same.

Didn't you know Sage was a Draekeer?

Sage: People forget a lot. 

I knew he was a Draek-something…
I assumed (wrongly) Draeklyn. :P *facepalm*

Hmm...I knew I should have just called the flame the Draekeer flame...oh well. Draeklyn just sounds better. ;P

i knew it!!!!!!!!! but he didn't marry aerista? wasn't ria the daelin?

Yes, he married Aerista. She was the Daelin. 

this is what i get for getting into a story a few stories late. -_-


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