I'm back with a new book! XD This one is going to be quite different then my other and it might surprise you when you figure out what it's about.

Actually, I'm doing this for school so I'm open to any criticism as long as it's not just someone complaining that they don't like the book or saying that a name or person looks funny. I'll be posting the rough draft so I haven't revised or edited it at all meaning that the grammar won't be very good and I might accidentally skip over a few words in sentences. (I do that sometimes because of my fast pace of typing...)

Also, this book will take me much longer to write than the others because I have to follow an outline that I made (I hate outlining...) and the chapters are much longer than my usual ones. (I might actually change the chapter size.)

So! Without further rambling, enjoy the story!

Character Pictures:



(More pics coming soon!)

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H-he's kinda hot...

¡Sí, él es muy guapo!

He is, isn't he?

Jilara: *grumbles* But his personality is anything but 'hot'.

Me: ...hmm...unless you like the arrogant bad boy type.

Ok, after this chapter it's going to take me a long time to finish writing the next one so please wait patiently. Chapter 11 is sooo hard.... T.T

Chapter 10:

My mouth dropped open and Nylic grinned at us maliciously.

“Oh, was it not mentioned that I’m a shape shifter?” He asked.

I had completely forgotten about that fact and as I thought back, I remembered that my dad had indeed mentioned that he was a shape shifter but it had totally slipped my mind. Before Tech or I could react, ten of the headless servants came out from the forest and seized us. Nylic was grinning wickedly and he turned smoothly on his heel, making a small gesture for us to follow as he started up the mountain path. We were pushed forward, our arms restrained behind our backs.

“I expected so much more.” Nylic said, without bothering to look back at us. “You sounded so determined to rescue your family but you forgot the most crucial detail; be careful who you trust.”

Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of showing how the comment hurt, I settled myself with glaring at the back of his head as if I could melt a hole through it. Tech kept his mouth shut and stared at the ground ahead of him, his face void of emotions.

“Well you two are no fun.” Nylic muttered, with a bored sigh. “You were so talkative when Sliph was around. Would it help if I became him again?”

With a small grin, he glanced back at us and his appearance shimmered slightly as it faded into Sliph’s familiar form. Seeing Sliph’s face again only brought back how careless I’d been and I gritted my teeth.

“Stop it.” I said.

Nylic/Sliph smirked at me but faded back to his true self.

“To be honest, I’d expected the journey here to be a little more exciting. I was going to wait a little longer until I revealed myself but I was getting so bored.” He said, stepping around a large boulder.

“So you were trying to get us killed?” I asked, remembering that ‘Sliph’ had run away when the creature attacked.

Nylic chuckled softly and looked at me out of the corner of his eye.

“Not exactly. I was more testing to see if you could handle yourself without your dear daddy. It was a possibility to send out a few more of these things after you,” He patted one of the cloaked servants beside him on the chest. “to see if you could take them down but I decided to just let the forest take over. And a wonderful job it did.” He said sarcastically, glancing at the forest over the edge of the mountain with a small glare. “I still should have sent eight of these guys to see if you could kill them.”

My gaze swept over the headless servants briefly.

“So they’re nothing more than tools to you?” I asked in disgust.

“Basically.” Nylic replied with a smug smile. “They’re not technically alive anyways.”

He pulled the hood back of a nearest one and tapped the stump of the neck, making me cringe.

“Can’t live without a brain, can you?”

“Then how are they able to move?” Tech asked softly.

Nylic’s regard flicked over to him and he smirked.

“So the silent one does have a voice.” He sneered.

Nylic lift up the shift of the servant and revealed that the skin was a decaying grey color and stitched together in many different places to keep it from falling apart. My face contorted into a grimace. It looked like the body of a corpse and it probably was. Nylic seemed to be used to it and calmly slipped his hand through a small tear in side. Tech looked a little disgusted by this as well but soon he withdrew his hand and held a small glittering black stone in his hand. The stone was only about the size of a penny and not smooth at all.

“This is a part of the master stone that keeps them ‘alive’. It makes them think more like humans and keeps them standing. Without it…” He glanced back at the servant and I watched in horror as the body began to fold in on itself.

In a matter of seconds a pile of decaying flesh and cloth was all that remained. Nylic carelessly tossed the stone over the edge of the path and turned, starting up the mountain again. The tiny stone rolled over the edge of the cliff and bounced all the way done to the bottom, bits of it breaking off as it hit other rocks and hard objects. We were pushed on and I made sure to go around the pile of remains. Tech gave it a kick and sent it over the edge where the small stone had disappeared to. Not sure where we were going, I was forced to follow Nylic and the path soon became more narrow and hazardous. A few times we even had to climb up a rocky incline that had very few places where rocks were safe to grab onto. Nylic had the same grace and agility as Sliph had and seemed to know a safe path so I tried to follow behind him as best I could. Tech and I were no longer being restrained by the creepy servant people but they remained close behind us so we couldn’t get away. Finally we reached the top of the steep climb and I gladly sat down on solid ground for a moment. Of course, my rest only lasted a few seconds before I was hauled to my feet and shoved onwards. Nylic set a brisk pace and I noticed that he even walked different from Sliph. His walk seemed more arrogant and almost showy. Though I guess both Sliph and Nylic aren’t that bad to look at…. I slapped myself for thinking that and focused on the fact that Nylic had captured my mom and brother.

The trail began getting even narrower again and as we turned a corner, I stopped quickly as the path fell away into a cliff. Nylic calmly walked over to the rocky wall beside us and placed his hand on a rock. The rocks began to vibrate and to my shock, a few of them slowly became transparent, exposing a long cave beyond them. Nylic slipped his hands in his pockets and began skipping slowly down the passageway whistling a small tune. Tech and I followed somewhat hesitantly and torches began to light automatically as Nylic passed them. There were a few more headless servants standing along the walls but they didn’t even turn their heads, or hoods, towards us. It was like they were sleeping while standing. A small movement up ahead brought my attention forwards again and another figure clothed all in black walked up to meet Nylic.

“Ah, captain.” Nylic said, greeting the figure. “I assume the argument with the Gremliks was settled?”

The captain gave a nod that could have also passed for a small bow. This person looked quite different than the other headless servants and I noticed that he…or it, wasn’t wearing a cowl that covered their face like the others were; the hood they were wearing was back enough to show that the captain was wearing a full face black mask that only showed slight details of a mouth, nose, and eyes. It looked kind of like a guy but I couldn’t really tell. The person was only a few inches taller than me, meaning they was about an inch shorter than Nylic.

“I have something to discuss with you but before that, would you mind showing these new guests to where they’ll be staying?” He said with a small glance back at us.

The captain gave another bow/nod and Nylic gave a small wave to us as he headed down a different hall. I felt like I should yell something after him but nothing came to mind so I just gritted my teeth and let myself be dragged on as the captain person led the way. The silence settled around the dark passage and I began to get a little jumpy as the hall tapered smaller. We reached a sudden flight of stairs leading down and I almost tripped on them because of the dim lighting.

“So it seems you don’t talk either.” I said, directing my question to the captain.

The captain glanced back briefly but made no reply.

“Great…another mute.” I muttered, glancing around at the servants. “It seems none of these guys can speak either. Though I suppose they don’t have a mouth so that would be an issue…”

Tech smirked slightly. The captain still kept up the silent act and I grudgingly let the silent settle back in. The passage was narrow and still very dark as we followed it around a few turns. Needless to say, we were probably heading towards a dungeon and as we turned the corner, it was confirmed. Rows of small cells fell along each wall. Some were crafted out of metal bars side by side like was usually seen in medieval dungeons while others were built from stone and had a large metal door in front, not showing what was inside. It was a little strange looking with all the different types of cells but I didn’t have much time to ponder the reason for this as the captain began unlocking one to our left with the bars. As he did so, the servants began searching us removing our weapons and anything else we had. For a moment, I felt the urge to attempt an escape but as I glanced around at the headless servants, it was clear that we wouldn’t get far. Tech had already concluded this as well and silently entered the cell without putting up a fight. Reluctantly, I followed him. My stomach was beginning to twist as I realized that could possibly have failed our mission. What would dad do now? I had been trying to show him that I was able to take care of myself but I couldn’t even do that. The door slammed close with a thud behind us and there was a soft jangling sound as it was locked. The small group walked away and I just stood there. My thoughts were going wild and I was close to panicking when a soft noise from the back of the cell snapped me out of it. Quickly looking up, a dark shape was visible in the back of the small cell. We weren’t alone. Tech seemed to tense up slightly as the figure stood up and watched carefully. If I had my sword, it would probably be drawn. The shadow slowly walked closer to us and I silently realized that the walk didn’t seem threatening.

“Who are you?” A voice asked.

We were both surprised at the soft feminine sound and Tech took a step forward hesitantly.

“I might ask the same question.” He said hesitantly. “Come out so we can see you.”

The woman slowly stepped out from the dark shadows and the dim light fell across her slim form. Her hair was a soft black and even though she was pale, she was still beautiful. Dark purple eyes met mine and we stared at each other for a while. There was a long silence and I felt my heart slowly quicken its pace. Tech was watching us in amazement.

“M-mom?” I asked shakily.

Her face lit up and I rushed forward. Her arms wrapped around me tightly and the tears instantly leapt into my eyes as I hugged her back. She was softly crying too and I closed my eyes tightly, shaking in her arms. It felt like heart was overflowing with emotions and I didn’t really know what to do besides cry. Neither of us let go for a long time as if we were afraid to loose each other again. This seemed so surreal. I hadn’t seen my mother in ten years and now here she was right before me. How was I supposed to react to that? It seemed like hours before we slowly separated and her hands were on my shoulders. Her face was now damp with tears but her eyes were shining brightly in happiness.

“I thought I’d never see you again.” She said softly, touching my face.

Even though I’d heard that line so many times in books and movies, it held so much more meaning now and made me want to break down and sob all over again.

“Me neither.” I said, in a choked voice. “We had started to lose hope.”

My mom looked at Tech now and smiled at him sweetly.

“Little Tech. You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you.” She said, pulling him into a tight embrace.

“I’m surprised you still remember me.” He said, returning the hug.

“It might have been awhile but I could never forget you. You have more of your mother’s appearance but your father’s personality undoubtedly.” She said with a small laugh, kissing his cheek. “However did you find this place?”

“It’s a really long story.” I said with a sigh.

We followed her back towards the shadowy part of the cell and it only took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. There were a few tattered blankets and two mattresses stuffed with straw so we sat on the mattresses and began recounting the entire adventure. It seemed like weeks ago when we had started off with my father…. Every time I mentioned dad, her eyes seemed to shine slightly and I knew that she probably missed him terribly. There was a clear hint of worry when we were telling the story. She was obviously wondering why he wasn’t with us. Considering we probably had a long time before anything happened, we didn’t leave out a single detail, explaining everything out clearly. Mom didn’t say anything as we got to the part where dad was hurt but her face grew even paler. Tech made it clear that he was perfectly fine as he went through how we got to the small town and stayed at the healer’s house. Only when we came to the part of meeting Sliph did she say something.

“Describe what he looks like.” She said, thoughtfully.

“Umm…sky blue hair, pulled up on one side, bright crystal blue eyes that sparkle occasionally, fair skin, looks around nineteen or so.” I said.

My mom raised her eyes in surprise and glanced over to the cell next to us.

“Like him?” She said.

Tech and I both followed her gaze, peering through the bars into the next cell. Lying on the floor was…Sliph. His face was smeared with dirt and there were a few wounds crossing his chest and arms but he appeared to be fine other than that. It seemed like he was in a deep sleep.

“B-but…Nylic is Sliph.” I said in confusion.

“Some shape-shifters have to disable the object or person they wish to become.” She said softly.

“And Nylic is that kind of shape-shifter.” Tech finished. “What did he do to him?”

“He gave him a drug that keeps him unconscious for a long time. Sliph’s been lying there for almost a week not moving. I’ve already tried to wake him up but nothing works but now that Nylic isn’t taking on his form, he should wake up soon.”

Silently, I stared at the motionless Sliph. He obviously wouldn’t know who we were and I felt a small bit of disappointment. If Sliph was anything like Nylic had been while using his form, I was going to miss him talking so kindly to me. After a few moments, I took my gaze off of Sliph and looked back over to mom. A sudden realization hit me and I felt a knot of worry form in my stomach.

“Mom…where is Jayrin?” I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

She gazed at me for a long moment, a clear look of grief in her eyes but she didn’t speak.

“Oh no…he’s not…” Tech trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.

“No. He’s still alive.” She said softly. “But Nylic has done something to him. Jay no longer recognizes me and he does whatever Nylic says without question.”

Tech and I exchanged a look.

“When did this happen?” I asked quietly.

“It’s started two years ago.” She said, biting her lip. “Nylic regularly sent for him and he was usually gone for hours. I didn’t know why at the time and I still don’t. Then one day he didn’t come back at all and once I finally saw him, he had a blank expression on his face and he didn’t even answer to his name anymore.”

The silence settled in deeply and I slowly looked at my mom and Tech.

“We have to get out of here.” I said softly, before looking at my mom. “Do you know any way of getting out?”

She smiled slightly and motioned for us to come over to the wall. She pulled away a blanket that was piled up against it and revealed a small hole. It was just big enough for her to put her hand through and pull out something. Opening her palm, she showed a tiny vile of liquid that glowed a soft purple.

“This is Lige. It has the ability to make a small explosion but you have to be careful because it can injure someone if they’re within a fifteen foot radius of the explosion.”

“Did you make this?” I asked in surprise.

“It took me four months to gather everything for it and many of the ingredients lay somewhere these caves so I snuck out and collected them bit by bit.”

“How did you sneak out?” Tech asked with a slight smile.

“Through here.” She said, pulling out three bars from the side connecting to the cell next to us forming a hole big enough to crawl through. “They typically leave unused cells unlocked.”

“That’s perfect!” I said.

My mom smiled at me and slipped through the hole.

“I forgot how awesome your mom was.” Tech said with a chuckle.

Grinning at him, I slipped through behind her. So that was one problem solved, but now we had to find a way to reach Jayrin, fix whatever Nylic had done to him and get out before we were captured again. Well, there was at least one thing to be grateful for; I had finally found my mom. My reason for coming on this adventure had been totally off; the entire time I had tried to impress my father and prove myself to him, when really I should have been doing it to save my family. Now that I was here with my mother, I realized how much I had missed her over the years. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes. No more was I going to seek to impress; this was about family now and I would do everything in my power to get Jayrin back. 

I already have an idea about a plot twist that could be coming up...

Yeah...I made it kinda obvious...

yay! we found mom! and cute guy does truly exist.

YAY! TvT A happy reunion! 

(Sorry about how long this took me to read!!!)

Yus!! Guess what everyone?! I finished Jilara!!! WOOOTT!! 

Chapter 11:

Sneaking around the castle wasn’t as easy as it looked and a number of times it felt like we were going to be caught. Somehow we made it out of the dungeon area without much trouble. Tech had been studying the halls when we had been taken down to the cell so he and mom knew the way out. My mind was elsewhere as I began worrying where Jay was and what condition he was in.

“There’s only one way to find Jayrin.” My mom whispered hesitantly.

Tech and I both looked at her but she didn’t need to say what she meant; it was clear in her eyes. To find Jayrin, we had to find Nylic.

“That’s basically suicide.” Tech hissed softly.

“It’s the only way.” I agreed quietly. “At least this time we have the element of surprise. Do you still have that Lige?” I glanced at my mom and she nodded. “Do you mind if we use it?”

“Not at all; I had made it for that reason.” She said, handing the bottle over to me. “Be careful with it.”

Nodding and stowing safely it in my pocket. We were at the entrance of the cave but it was closed, appearing to be just a wall.

“You should find somewhere to hide.” I said, looking at my mom.

She smiled slightly and shook her head.

“I’m staying with you.”

“But dad is out there waiting for you.”

She looked over at blocked the exit with a small longing expression.

“He’d want me to keep you safe.”

Letting out a sigh, I knew that mom wasn’t going to change her mind.

“Where is Nylic usually?” I asked.

“There’s a large meeting room down that corridor.” My mom said, pointing to the right tunnel.

“Right.” I said taking a breath and gripping my sword in my hand. “Let’s go.”

As we turned away from the exit we came face to face with the captain from before. Tech reacted fast and quickly lunged at the captain, who blocked his blow and stepped out of range with a liquid like grace.

“My, my. This is truly unexpected.” Nylic said, stepping out from a corridor with a surprised look on his face. “How did you escape so quickly?”

“Not telling.” I said, raising my sword.

Nylic smirked slightly and raised his hand up towards a necklace. A small glittering black stone was sitting in the center of an orb of glass that had a gold chain connected to the edges to form a necklace. It was the master stone he had mentioned when he had shown us how the headless servants where being controlled. Quickly, I darted forward before he touched it. As he moved I quickly slashed my blade forward and severed the necklace from his neck. It clattered to the ground and I kicked it away from his reach. Glaring at me, Nylic snapped his fingers and glanced at the captain. Obediently, the captain tossed Nylic his own sword and I quickly blocked the strike that Nylic swung at my arm. Tech took his opportunity and grabbed the captain from behind, putting his sword to his neck. Nylic’s gaze flickered over to Tech and a smirk slipped across his face.

“What are you going to do now, kill him?” He asked.

“If you don’t tell us where Jayrin is, then yes.” Tech said, pressing the blade harder against the captain’s neck and glaring at Nylic.

Nylic laughed and a suspicious rose in my head. I looked over at the captain for a long moment, hoping I was wrong. Tech still didn’t get it and Nylic was grinning at him.

“Then go ahead and kill him, then I’ll tell you.” Nylic said with a chuckle.

Tech’s grip on his sword tightened.

“Tech don’t!” I said urgently. “Let him go.”

Tech looked at me in confusion. Biting my lip, I didn’t speak and slowly Tech released the captain, keeping his sword on him.

“You finally figured it out.” Nylic said, chuckling before looking at the captain. “Show yourself.”

Slowly, the captain lifted his hand and slipped the mask off his face, the hood fell back as well and my heart sunk. The captain was Jayrin. Even though I hadn’t seen him in ten years, we still resembled each other. His hair was black and fell almost to his shoulders. He was pale and his eyes were black…totally black; there were no whites visible. His face was expressionless and I felt a lump rise in my throat. Ten years, and he was finally standing right here. But he didn’t even look at me. His gaze was locked onto Tech’s and Tech was staring back in surprise. There was a long silence that lingered over the hall. Nylic was thoroughly enjoying this and he was grinning wickedly as he watched our reactions. For a moment, I felt tears surge to my eyes at the sight of my twin, but I forced them back and raised my sword to Nylic again.

“What did you do to him?” I asked, trying to keep my voice from shaking.

Nylic chuckled, his eyes gleaming.

“You’ll have to force it out of me, but I will tell you that I have completely control over him. Anything I tell him to do, he will accomplish without question or hesitation. For example…” Nylic raised his finger and pointed at Tech. “Kill him.”

Jayrin pulled out a dagger and lunged at Tech. Tech had no choice but to quickly back out of the way and block the attack. Jayrin moved with an incredible speed now and continued to fiercely attack Tech without a long pause. Nylic took his opportunity and tried to slip over to where the master stone was lying but I quickly spotted his movement and cut him off.

“You’re not going anywhere until I know what you did to him.” I said, glaring at him.

Nylic eyed me for a moment and glanced over my shoulder at the master stone hesitantly. The reluctant look was soon masked by his cocky expression that he usually wore.

“It seems that what I heard about you was true.” He said with a small smirk.

My eyes narrowed slightly.

“You’ve been following us ever since we left, haven’t you?” I asked.

“Well, not immediately as you left, I gave you a little time to see if you would go in the right direction but yes, I kept an eye on you.” He admitted.

“You were that guy in the village was stopped at and gave us a ride there. His name was Jali, right? You turned into him to, didn’t you?” I said, now seeing how things pieced together.

Nylic smirked and nodded.

“That is correct. You’re probably wondering why I even bothered to give you a ride there. I could have just left your father to die in the forest but I decided that I wanted to see if you would take the risk of coming here alone. It turns out you did. I wasn’t expecting that actually.” He said, watching me. “But still, perhaps you should have waited for your father. Maybe then you wouldn’t be stuck in this situation.”

My glare remained on him. He was trying to annoy me and I wasn’t going to let him. But it was true, nothing bad would have happened if I stayed just a little longer with my dad until he recovered. It would have been really useful to have him here with us but I knew he was probably still healing right now. Nylic was waiting for an opening to slip around me and grab the master stone, but I wasn’t going to allow him one. It was true that he acted all haughty and smart, but I knew that he was actually a coward. He had always sent his servants to do everything and had even run away when that creature attacked us in the night. Though I had to admit, it wasn’t a good idea to underestimate him. Nylic was still watching me carefully and finally decided that he wouldn’t be able to just sneak over to the master stone. He raised his sword slightly and I tightened my grip on the hilt of mine. As I had expected, he struck first and thrust the point forward but I was able to knock it aside, swiftly inflicting a light slash on his arm.

Nylic yelped in pain and backed up quickly, staring at his blood and quickly glancing over at Jayrin who was still locked in combat with Tech. Tech was panting heavily but never got a second to rest as Jayrin continued to attack mercilessly. I refused to watch them and kept my gaze firmly on Nylic. He was trying to decide if he should call Jayrin over to help him or just deal with me himself. I now knew Nylic wasn’t a good swordfighter and I quickly moved forward forcing his attention back on me as he blocked my blow. He gritted his teeth and glared at me but quickly attacked. It seemed he was more skilled with defense than with offense so it was hard for me to get another stroke in. My mom was inspecting the opening and had been staying purposefully silent the entire time so she wouldn’t be noticed. It seemed that Nylic wasn’t that interested in her. As I looked Nylic in the eye, I suddenly remembered that we’d left Sliph in the dungeon.

“Sliph.” I said, quickly glancing at Mom.

She understood instantly and nodded, slipping passed us and heading quickly down the passage. After a few minutes, I finally broke Nylic’s defenses and kicked him hard in the stomach, sending him stumbling back and gasped for air. He stayed back and dropped to one knee, trying to regain the air that was knocked from him. I chanced a glance over at Tech and Jayrin and saw that they both had a few cuts but Tech was reluctant to attack Jayrin. He had managed to shove Jayrin back and pin him to the wall. But it only lasted a few seconds and soon Jayrin slipped free. He slammed Tech’s head hard into the wall and Tech fell to the floor completely dazed. My eyes widened as Jayrin raised the dagger to finish off Tech and a cry slipped from my lips. Jayrin paused suddenly and Tech quickly crawled out of the way. Both Nylic and I had noticed the pause and Nylic’s eyes narrowed.

“Kill him now!” Nylic ordered.

Tech had dropped his sword when he was slammed into the wall and Jayrin swiftly picked it up, turning to Tech, who was completely defenseless now. I felt a growing fear rise in my chest as I realized that Jayrin was actually going to do it now. Moving without thinking, I took a step towards them but Nylic quickly cut me off and I was forced to dodge a jab he made. Tech was still crawling away on the ground, a little dazed still and Jayrin kicked him over onto his back, standing over him. The sword went down in a blur and Tech’s body gave a horrid jerk as it pierced through his stomach. Jayrin didn’t even flinch and ripped the sword out, turning away and tossing it carelessly to the side. I was staring in shock as Tech laid still, a dark crimson stain slowly growing around him. Nylic grinned wickedly and his eyes gleamed.

“Very good. You see? He’s completely under my control.” Nylic said.

Tears leapt into my eyes and I didn’t even care as Nylic rushed passed me and grabbed the master stone. It seems everything was moving in a slow blur and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the motionless Tech on the floor. How could my brother do such a thing? Jayrin was standing off to the side now, just staring at the wall blankly, waiting for an order. Nylic was muttering something to the master stone and I slowly walked over to Jayrin.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked, my voice choked up from the tears that had begun rolling down my cheeks.

Jayrin shifted his gaze to mine and his face didn’t register a single sign of recognition or emotion. Slowly, I reached up and touched his cheek, expecting him to pull back but he didn’t. Jay blinked and there was a tiny flicker of confusion.

“Don’t you know who I am?” I asked softly.

He looked at me blankly and very slowly the darkness over his eyes seemed to lessen slightly, looking more like a mist and allowing me to see his dark eyes underneath. But then Jayrin quickly pulled back and the darkness completely covered his eyes again. He was breathing heavily and his face was creased with pain and confusion. Nylic was not paying attention at all so I took another step towards Jay.

“Try to fight it. I don’t know what he’s done to you, but you need to resist. Please Jayrin…please come back.” I said, hugging him suddenly.

He went stiff and tried to push me off but I didn’t let go. Slowly, he began to relax a bit and I waited a few seconds before releasing him. His eyes were almost completely back to normal now and I could even see a hint of the deep green that they truly were. Jayrin put his hand out to the wall to steady himself and touched his head. Blinking a couple times, he glanced up at me and his mouth seemed to slowly move, forming my name but then he suddenly fell to his knees holding his head in pain and letting out a cry. Nylic glanced over at us finally and his eyes narrowed.

“What are you doing?” He asked, gripping the master stone tightly and flicking it with a finger, making it glow slightly.

Jayrin gasped sharply and a shudder ran through him. Slowly, he got to his feet and his eyes were completely black again. Mom returned then and was helping along a half-conscious Sliph. Her eyes fell on Tech and she gasped softly in horror. That’s when the headless started coming in and we were soon surrounded. I knew what I had to do.

“Nylic…let my mom and Jayrin go.” I said looking at him.

Nylic looked at me with a mocking expression.

“Why would I do that?”

“Because, if you do, I’ll stay behind without a fight.” I said lowering my sword.

“What are you after anyways? I know that you’re after rare things so what does that have to do with us?”

Nylic smirked.

“It’s simple really. There are usually never any species that are half Draekeer and half some other species and you and your brother are so I wish to add you to my collection.”

“And you only kept my mother to lure my dad and I here right? I’m here so, let them go.”

 “Why should I let your brother go? Two is better than one after all.”

There was no way I was going to convince him to let both of them go so I grudgingly gave in.

Nylic studied me and sighed, rolling his eyes already knowing how good of a fighter I was.

“Fine…just tell me how you are controlling him.” I said.

“I planted a piece of the master stone in his head.” He said with a smirk.

“Please…take it out.”

Nylic thought for a moment and then shrugged, snapping his fingers.

“I suppose I won’t be needed him anymore.”

Jayrin walked over and Nylic turned him around. He slowly placed his finger on the back of his head and I cringed as they fazed through his skin. Jayrin stiffened and Nylic slowly withdrew a small chip of the stone. Once it was out, Jayrin’s eyes rolled back and he collapsed on the ground. Quickly, I ran over to his side to see that he was ok. He was unconscious but appeared to be fine other than that. Nylic flicked the stone carelessly over his shoulder. He made a motion to the headless servants and one of them walked over to the entrance of the cave, placing a hand on a rock and then pushing in a section of it. The entrance folded open and I blinked in the sudden blinding light.

“She can go.” He said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

My mom wanted to protest but I patted my pocket slightly and she saw the small bottle of the Lige. With a small nod she left and the entrance closed back up.

“Now then, back to your cells.” Nylic said, clapping his hands together in delight.

Slowly, I withdrew the bottle of Lige and turned it over in my hand before looking at Jayrin. Keeping it hidden in my hand, I pulled Jayrin’s arm over my shoulders and pulled him up so he was leaning on me. I stood up and glanced around the room for a while staring at Tech for a moment who was lying only a few feet away from me. Taking a deep breath, I turned and faced Nylic with a defiant look in my eyes.

“No one can separate my family and get away with it.” I said softly, raising my hand with the Lige in it.

Nylic studied the bottle uncertainly and I threw it quickly at him. As if knowing what it did, he quickly ran back and it smashed into the ground. The explosion sent Nylic and the servants smashing against the walls and I quickly backed up but the shockwave blasted me to the ground. The ground began shaking and I opened my eyes as sounds of giant rocks hitting the ground reached my ears. The tunnel was starting to collapse. Cracks began racing along the ground towards us as the rocky ground began caving in. The blast seemed to have brought Jayrin back around and he looked around in a daze.

“I’ll explain everything later; just get back to that wall.” I said, pointing to the entrance.

He stumbled over to the wall, a little dazed and I quickly ran over, hesitantly pulling Tech’s body up and dragging it over to the wall. Quickly, I placed my hand where I’d seen the servant put theirs and pushed in the section of the rock. The entrance began peeling back again and I quickly dragged Tech’s form through with Jayrin following behind me.

“Help me with him.” I said, motioning to Tech.

Jayrin reluctantly picked up Tech’s feet and we began carrying him down the mountain path. I knew we couldn’t carry him all the way done because of the cliffs we had to climb, but I wanted to bury him properly. Once we were a safe ways away from the cave, I glanced back and saw a cloud of dust floating away behind us. The entire secret fort had collapsed, burying Nylic and all the headless servants underneath yards of rock.

I was right! Very intense chapter. I loved most of it, but I'm really worried about Tech right now. Is he really *gulp* dead? (Don't answer that. I'll wait for the next chapter.

Tech! *cries* Not Tech..

O.O... so much just happened I don't even know what to say...


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