hi well i was bored so i thought i would make one

 lets see um um 

oh i change my name a lot i have 4 siblings 

im second oldest 

I'm home school and love to read 

i listen to pretty much any music 

i love to joke around and be randomly crazy and be goofy

im a real country kid and tomboy  

im a Christian 

and i like all food i will eat pretty much any thing 

 i love books 
any other Questions  just ask 


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What's your favorite book? 

Do you like TobyMac?

um well im not sure i have lots 


i love the dragon keeper cronicles 

hunt brown books 

um ink heart 


i will basicly read any thing i can get my hands on as long as my mom says its ok 


awesome! have you joined the toby group?

Okay, this is a supremely serious and very important question.  It may define you for the rest of your life, in fact.


...........Do cheese?

That was also really personal... way too personal...
Yessss.....shame on you, Mike!
This is even more....Do. You. Like. Pizza.

ok i forgot to add i will eat any thing up there




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