Light& Dark


By Mina

About one year ago I started and wrote this book! It quickly became my all time favourite and though now I have a new one close to my heart this one still holds a special place to me ;) Finally I've decided to try to rewrite it! Though this will be my first time attempting to rewrite a book! Wish me luck!

Please feel free to comment! Right now I really appreciated a bit more rough criticism since I'm in rewriting mode ;) Also please don't copy! This is my hard work and I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you.

Warning: Blood, dark and intense scenes and romance. I would recommend this for an older audience.(13 and up probably) 






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 So I'm hoping to get at least one chapter in per week and post it every friday (though if you guys are lucky I might post extras) Seeing as today is friday, enjoy the next chapter! XD

Chapter II

Fay was so mad, her face went all red and she shook. “You thief!” She cried.

“Oow!” Caleb grunt rubbing his cheek. “You didn’t have to hit me!”

Fay raised her hand to hit him again, but he quickly caught her arm. “You’re the one all over those posters! The biggest thief in all of Klenton!” She cried as she struggled in his grip. “Why all the kings men must be after you from the last stunt you pulled.”

Caleb couldn’t help but smirk slightly. He dropped her hand and took a step back for safety. Then he gave a graceful bow. “I am he ma’am” He said.

Fay’s hand turned to fists. “You do everything I stand against! Y-you’re a thief” She said again apparently unable to think of anything else to call him.

Caleb chuckled. “Pays quite well”

Fay shook. “I-I should arrest you here and now!”

Caleb only looked amused. “Arrest me? I should like to see you try”

Fay reached into a pocket of her dress hoping for a weapon. “Why in the world would a criminal like you even help me?” She spat.

Caleb sighed running and hand through his hair. “Well I couldn’t just leave a damsel in distress. You should be thanking me”

This enraged her even more. “Why you…” She couldn’t think of a proper insult to throw at him.

Caleb gave her a little wink and blew her a kiss. “Well I’ll be off then” He said sweetly as he turned to leave.

Fay’s fingers found her little dagger and she suddenly yanked it out coming at him.

Caleb turned quickly and snatched her arm. He pulled her face close to his. An absolutely serious and dark look was on his face. “Attack or follow me and I will kill you” He whispered darkly to her.

Fay shook with fear the knife dropping from her hand. Rough Caleb let go of her and shoved her away. She stumbled back breathing hard not expecting such a reaction from him. He was joking and teasing her one moment and the next he had the look of a killer.

Caleb turned again and rushed back into the dark forest leaving Fay standing quietly in the middle of the orchard. After a walking for a bit smashed his fist into the bark of a large old tree, cursing under his breath. “I’m an idiot” He muttered. No doubt she was going to tell the soldiers about his appearance. Already he’d been chased because he was suspected, but now they would have a confirmation. He really should have made sure she’d keep quiet. Then again… He’d never be able to do something like that.

Finally he calmed down enough to continue his trek through the forest and back into a little village. He looked around cautiously and slipped in. He did his best to stay toward the dark shadows, but the sky was starting to brighten and he knew people would start stirring. Being spotted now was the last thing he needed.

Abruptly a hand flew across his mouth and he was yanked back. He struggled hard against the strong hands, but was surprised when they released him. “They’re looking for you” A voice hissed in his ear.

Caleb was shaking, but let out a breath when he recognized the voice. “You needn’t give me a heart attack!” He growled.

He turned to face a handsome young man perhaps a year older than himself. He was tall, with chalky black hair and dark reddish brown eyes. His clothing was loose and comfortable and he wore bits of metal in his ears which he claimed was part of his tribe’s rituals.

Gently he pats Caleb’s head. “Well you’re the one in your own little world.”

“Was not!” Caleb snapped brushing his hand away.

His friend playfully poked him in the arm. “You would have notice me following you ages ago. Did you get dumped by other girl?”

Caleb looked slightly embarrassed. “Maybe….”

His friend snickered. “Well, either way we still need to get you out of here” He passed Caleb a dark cloak from a tiny bag he had slung over his shoulder.

Caleb nodded and quickly slipped the cloak on. “Do the soldiers know yet?” He asked.

His friend nodded gravely. “Fraid so. All the King’s men are after you”

Caleb sighed with a small smirk on his face. “If he took better care of watching his crown it wouldn’t have been so easy for me to steal.”

His friend shook his head with a smile. “I leave you for one month and your already knee deep in trouble” He started walking and Caleb rushed along with him going back into the village and slipping into the crowd of early risers.

Once they quickly stole a loaf of bread for breakfast and slipped out of the village Caleb began to relax again. “So what have you been up to this past month Trint?” Caleb asked.

Trint chuckled. “Not as much trouble as you. I was never spotted. Meanwhile it looks like you’ve become the number one enemy in a whole country!”

Caleb looked annoyed. “Not many places left in this world where I’m not wanted!”

Trint laughed. “Well as soon as we’re over the boarder to Jovanah we’ll be free men again.”

Caleb looked serious suddenly. “How much did you make?” He demanded.

Trint pat his satchel. “100,000 Ritias” He said proudly.

Caleb looked delighted. “That’s great! I’m sure we can get the same from this crown and the stuff I have.”

Trint looked thoughtful. “So we need… 50,000 more?” He asked.

Caleb counted on his fingers. “Yup. That sounds right”

Trint let out a noisy sigh. “This is taking forever!” He complained.

Caleb looked completely serious. “We’ve got to do it” He said.

Trint saw look on his friends face and nodded.

They arrived at another town by the afternoon. This one was far bigger than the last and was packed with people bustling about their business. It looked like it was going to be easier for Caleb and Trint to blend in. This was unfortunately wrong. Caleb was having trouble with the flow of the crowd and accidentally bumped straight into a soldier. At the last moment he remembered to keep his head down so the man wouldn’t recognize, but it seemed a tad too late.

“Watch where you’re going!” The man rumbled. He paused to study them. “Would you lift your hood?” he said. “We are looking for criminal.”

Caleb snuck a glance at Trint who gave a small nod. With lightning speed Caleb drew and drove the butt of his sword into the soldier’s stomach. The man gave a woof as all his air was push out of him. Without wasting a beat Caleb and Trint both quickly began pushing through the crowd.

The man gave a cry. “I found him!” He winced in pain. “Hurry before he gets away!”

More soldiers began leaving their posts and hurrying to get through the crowd. The crowd was not helping at all. They only stopped moving in confusion and it made it even hard to run through.

“The roofs!” Trint called to Caleb who jumped onto a counter of a stall and to the little fabric roof. It started to tear but he quickly leapt to an open window of one of the buildings and with a skillful backflip made it too the opposite building’s roof.

Caleb nodded and free climbed the bricks of another house. There was plenty more room to run up there since the houses were very tightly mashed together and all of about equal height. Caleb rushed to catch up with his friend and they both jumped gracefully roof to roof. “Not good” Caleb muttered under his breath.

People gasped and pointed up at them in surprise instantly recognizing Caleb from his famous posters when the hood from his cloak blew off. The soldiers began to catch on and try to climb the roofs after them. Unfortunately they didn’t have the skill and balance that the two boys had and slipped and tumbled as they tried to walk on the old shingles. Jumping roof to roof turned out to be harder than it looked too and many had to pause before they gave it a try. Caleb and Trint quickly were gaining ground.

“We’ve got to lose them or we’ll never make it to the tavern” Caleb told Trint as he made a rather large jump.

Trint nodded. “Any ideas?”

Caleb had none. He felt his foot slip on a loose shingle and everything slowed down a moment as reached out and grabbed the opposite roof before he fell. Pushing off with his legs he did a full flip and landed upright on the roof. He was hoping to continue on, but found himself face to face with a very familiar girl. “How’d you get here…?” He muttered in surprise.

Fay smashed him in the chin with a powerful punch and sent him down on his back. He groaned rolling over and spitting out a bit of blood. “Found you!” She announced.

Trint stopped his dash and headed back to Caleb.

Caleb slowly got up wiping his mouth and reaching for his sword. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you” He growled.

Fay pulled out a white metal sword of her own and pointed at him. “You are under arrest!” She announced.

Caleb smashed his sword against hers and began pushing her back. “I don’t think so”

Fay turned out to be far more talented than she looked. She blocked his every blow and began catching onto his pattern of movements to predict what he was going to do next. “I’m going to stop you!” She promised him. “You’ll pay for all your crimes!”

Trint got back to where they were fighting and crept up behind her. Caleb spotted his friend and did his best to ensure Fay’s attention was entirely on himself. “How will I pay for them?” He asked her sweetly. “Are you going to punish me?” He asked with a wink.

Fay’s face went bright red. “W-why you! You scoundrel! Thief! Y-you….”

Trint smacked the butt of his sword into her temple and stopped her from saying anything more. He didn’t hit her very hard so she didn’t pass out right away and simply swayed a bit. Caleb caught her before she fell and gave her a small smirk before pushing her off the house. She fell right into a tree and quickly got entangled. “That’ll distract her a bit” Caleb thought. Trint motioned him onward and they rushed ahead and slipped into an alley while everyone’s attention was still on the struggling Fay.

Trint sat back against a barrel and let out a breath of relief. “Why do you always pick the feisty ones?” He groaned. Caleb rubbed the back of his neck and gave a nervous laugh. Trint shook his head with a small smile. “Go check what the sign around the corner says”.

Caleb nodded and carefully went and peeked around the corner, but came back. “Um… I have no idea what the sign says” he said. “I was hoping it was one with a picture”

Trint blinked. “Oh! Sorry! I forgot you can’t read” He chuckled. “Remind me to teach you sometime”

Caleb shrugged. “That might be helpful.”

Trint peeked around the corner himself this time and nodded back to Caleb. “Last Chance” He whispered.

Friday just became my new favorite day. :P


Well at the rate I've been writing lately it might be sooner! ;)

I try to write at least 500 words or more a day. Each chapter is almost 2000 words. I write two chapters a week though. One for this book and another for my other book. So depending if I can write more then 500 words then I can post more per week! ^^

Thursday is now a close second. ;P

It's funny how everything is starting to come back to me now. XP

Same here! But we have to make sure we don't spoil anything.:P

Hmm I'm curious. Would any of you be interested in reading the original bit of the story so you can compare them? Its fairly old so its a bit weird :P

Funny…I was about to ask if it was still on here so I could find out what happens next. :P

Nope. I deleted it cause I was worried someone might copy it ;P I'm going to do the same with this one when its finished.

Wow. Trint is hot!
Celeste: Really? After that well written, action filled chapter, your only comment is on the new character's attractiveness?

Lol! But its totally true! I love Trint as well! X) 

When I first wrote the book though he was totally spur of the moment.

Yes, I do remember reading this. YAY! My mind was correct for once! :D


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