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By Mina

About one year ago I started and wrote this book! It quickly became my all time favourite and though now I have a new one close to my heart this one still holds a special place to me ;) Finally I've decided to try to rewrite it! Though this will be my first time attempting to rewrite a book! Wish me luck!

Please feel free to comment! Right now I really appreciated a bit more rough criticism since I'm in rewriting mode ;) Also please don't copy! This is my hard work and I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you.

Warning: Blood, dark and intense scenes and romance. I would recommend this for an older audience.(13 and up probably) 






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It's Friday! Enjoy people! 

Chapter III

Last Chance was actually the name of a small tavern. It was partially like a haven to them because most inside were criminals anyway. They didn’t have to worry as much about keeping their identity’s secret. Nonetheless both boys kept their hoods up just to be sure. They ordered some small drinks and sat at a table in the back corner. From there they could easily keep an eye on everyone and scan the room full of shady characters.

“Think he’ll come?” Caleb whispered.

Trint shrugged. “He’d better.” He muttered.

Under the table Caleb fiddled with his satchel, hoping the buyer wouldn’t be someone beyond their skill to fight in case the deal went bad. It was better they got rid of the crown as soon as possible and sent the king after someone else for a bit.

Finally someone new stepped through the door. He was as skinny as a rail with rather bulging eyes and shaky hands. Defiantly not someone handsome. However his clothing said he had the money even though he tried to put a disguise on. Well woven, expensive thread, heck he could be spotted a mile away in people knew what they were looking for.

He slipped over to their table and sat down. “Secrets told, treasure sold” He whispered.

Knowing for sure that he was their man Caleb leaned closer to keep as quiet as possible. He actually wanted others knowing who he sold the crown to. If he look suspicious though more people would listen in. “How much will you pay?” He asked, making his voice sound a little gruffer and deeper.

The older man scratched his cleanly shaven chin, trying not to look nervous. “10,000 Ritias” He offered.

Trint’s lips turned downward in disgust. “That’s it?” He spat. “We were thinking more along the lines on 50,000 Ritias”

The man’s eyes widened. “Are you trying to swindle me??” He squeaked. “That’s far too much!” More eyes turned toward the commotion and the man’s shoulders slumped as he tried to stay low.

Caleb very gently placed the bag on the table. “Maybe you don’t understand what we have” He said. Then he acted as though he changed his mind and pushed back his chair to get up, snatching back the bag. “Ah, never mind. The king will probably pay us better anyway.”

The man rung his hands nervously. “Wait! I-I’ll pay 30,000”

Caleb continued moving ignoring the offer.

“40,000?” He offered meekly.

Caleb paused. “45,000 and that’s my only offer”

The man sighed, caving in. “Fine, you have a deal.” He pulled out a massive bag full of Ritias and added another smaller baggy into that letting it thud on the table. “There” He muttered with annoyance as he pushed it across the table.

Trint quickly picked it up and weighed it in his hands. “You’re missing 103 Ritias” he said with an unimpressed raise of his brow.

The man blinked. “You can tell from picking it up??”

Trint held open the bag and the man finally dropped in the correct amount of money. Caleb carefully pulled out the crown and set it on the table before rushing to the door. He didn’t bother saying goodbye knowing it was best to leave as quickly as possible.

“There” Caleb said with a wide grin. “We’re close now”

Outside things had calmed down and everyone went back to their everyday lives. This time Caleb and Trint easily slipped into the crowd and followed it as it slowly moved down.

“I’ve got an idea for our next job” Trint whispered. “Rumors tell of a man with a famous diamond are here. He’s planning to auction it off tomorrow, but I thought we might nab it today” He gave Caleb a little wink.

Caleb smirked. “Sounds good to me” He bumped into an elderly fellow. “Oh! So sorry!”

The man hardly even blinked and continued on.

Caleb sighed playing with the baggy of money he’d picked off the man. “It’s the oldest trick in the book… yet it always works” He smirked.

Trint shook his head with a sigh. “That’s hardly going to make you anything” he said.

Caleb slipped it into his bag. “Every Ritia counts” He said softly.

Trint paused noticing the nervous look on his friends face. Quickly he clapped a hand on Caleb’s shoulder. “Let’s hurry to that diamond then! We can hurry over the border right afterwards” He promised.

They slipped through town and went a bit off road towards a large cottage. It was meant for visitors who wanted to see the city yet didn’t want to stay directly in it. Trint’s rumors pointed them there so they decided it was their best bet. Since no one really knew who Trint was he was the one who entered the cottage through the front door for information. Caleb waited quietly outside.

“Hello Miss” Trint said with a small smile. She was a young pretty girl so he decided to use his charm as a tactic. He tilted his chin down slightly and ran and hand through his hair. “I’m looking for someone”

She blushed rather furiously. “H-hello!” She said quickly. “O-of course. Are you part of a group?” She asked.

Trint leaned on the counter slightly. “No, I heard rumors and old friend was staying here so I thought I’d visit him”

She nodded. “O-of course!” She said again. Bending down under the counter she came back up with a thick book. Daintily she opened it to one of the last pages. “Name?” She asked.

Trint spotted two more girls peeking at him through a window in the kitchen. More attention… he needed to finish this quickly. “Samuel D. Riel” He said.

She traced her finger through the book and smiled when she found the name. “Room three” She said. “Fraid he’s not here at the moment”

Trint almost smiled, but quickly put on a disappointed look. “Oh what a shame… Ah, well. Maybe I’ll come back” He straightened and began to leave.

“B-bye!” She called after him. “Have a wonderful day!”

Trint gave her a smile and a little wave. “Thanks for your help.”

When he got outside Caleb smirked. “Making a little lady friend?” He teased.

Trint rolled his eyes. “Samuel’s in room three”

Caleb nodded and they skipped around to the back of the cottage. “Bet that window is it” He said pointing up at one of them.

Trint raised a brow. “Why would you say that?” He asked.

Caleb shrugged. “You can see the door from here. It has a three on it”

Trint stepped back to where Caleb was. “Ah… perfect” He muttered.

Caleb quickly scaled the wall clinging to the loose vines that surrounded the entire cottage. Easily he snapped the little lock on the window and slid it open. Inside was a quaint room with the usual clothes lying about and the bed freshly used. He began riffing through everything. Pulling out drawers, sifting through clothing. He was looking more for a safe place to hide a diamond, but really had no idea what to look for. Just because the diamond was famous didn’t say a thing about it. Whether it was big or small, cut or uncut or even the color.

“How’s it going?” Trint called in a loud whisper.

Caleb poked his head out the window. “Nothing! Come help”

Trint rolled his eyes. “Bet I’ll find it as soon as I step in” He muttered. “You’re always as blind as a bat.”

Caleb pulled off a couple painting from the walls and carefully touched the insides of the drawers for secret compartments.

Trint didn’t have much luck either. He basically ripped the bed completely apart. “Nothing!” He hissed. “Where in the world is it?”

Caleb bit his lip. “Think he kept it here?”

Trint growled in frustration. “Of course he would! He chose a place specifically off the road so no common thief could steal it from him! Only reasons it wouldn’t be here is if he has it on him or….” Trint trailed off his eyes widening.

Caleb stopped what he was doing and listened carefully. “We’re surrounded aren’t we…?” He whispered.

Trint bit the inside of his cheek. “How could I be so stupid?” He thought. “Of course this is a trap! That man gave me that information all too easily!”

Caleb slowly reached a hand for his sword.

“I would raise your hands if I were you” Someone said from above.

Both lifted their heads to see at least a half dozen men hiding in the rafters.

“Shoot” Trint muttered.

Caleb quickly made a run for the window, but someone blocked his path. The others from the roof jumped down and tackled them. Trint didn’t even try to fight them off knowing it would be useless. Caleb meanwhile struggled hard, receiving a blow to the jaw. However he did manage to smash his boot hard into one of their attacker’s side making a loud cracking sound. Before long though, both hand their hands roughly tied tightly behind their backs and were pinned down.

“As always the general had a marvellous plan.” One of them sneered. “To easy”

They were both dragged out of the small room and down to the main level of the small cottage. Trint kept his eyes to the floor as he passed the young ladies. He already knew what their expressions would be. Back outside they were sent to their knees in front of a regal looking man. Obviously the general.

The man bent down on one knee and lifted Caleb’s chin to look him in the eye. “We finally caught you” He said with a small smirk looking very proud of himself.

Caleb winced in pain from the man’s tight grip on his sore jaw, but managed to glare at him venomously. He didn’t dare say a word though and let his hardened face show what he thought of the man.

The general let go of Caleb and got back to his feet. “So the famous thief has a little friend?” He said, sounding rather surprised. “Well, we’ll have to remember you then” He chuckled as he started to leave. “Let’s take them to where we keep most scum” He told his men as he hopped aboard his horse. 

Ahhh, now I remember! I was trying to remember the point at which they got captured. Well that answers my question. ;P 

Geez... you remembered more then me.... When I started to read over it I totally didn't remember like anything *face palm*

*gasp* It actually IS Friday! :D
Yeah, I've been thinking one day too far ahead all week. -_-

Man…Trint's good with weights. :p


Trint's "103 Ritias" thingy.

Ah, yes. He's held a lot of money in his time so he knows what 45,000 ritias feels like ;)

is pro

lol. he's really talented. :)

I remember tid-bits of the story, can't wait for next chapter!!!

Yay!!! I did it! I thought I wouldn't make it this week! Sorry if its not very well edited.... I didn't have much time to work on it :P Enjoy!

Chapter IV

Caleb and Trint were taken to a place far beneath the earth’s surface made of stone. There it was damp and cold, but most of all dark. Their hands and feet were chained to the wall and floor with minimal slack. Their only light was a tiny candle which was burning swiftly.

The general looked haunting in the cold candle light, a smirk on his face. “Enjoy your evening” He chuckled. “I’ll let the King of Klenton know of your capture.” With that he turned on his heel and strode up the steep steps back to the surface.

A thick metal door slammed shut from above and the boys were plunged into darkness. It seemed like forever before their eyes adjusted to the tiny candlelight.

“I’m sorry I got you into another mess” Caleb whispered. The expression on his face was difficult to see, but by the loll of his head Trint could tell he was giving up.

Trint bit his lip and did his best to pat his friend on the back with chains on. “Don’t worry about it” He insisted. “I knew you’d never be able to make all that money on your own. I wanted to come”

Caleb’s voice was shaky. “But now we’ll never make the money” He whispered hoarsely.

Trint swallowed not knowing what to say.

“How many more days?” Caleb asked.

Trint counted on his fingers subtracting the months and weeks that had already happened. “Three days” He said.

Caleb looked over to Trint. “And the money?” He asked.

Trint couldn’t look his friend in the eye. “Probably 100,000 Ritias since they took the rest of our money…”

Caleb looked crushed. “We could never make that amount in that time even if we got out of here right away! …She’s as good as dead”

Trint heard a hint of a sob in Caleb’s voice.

“It’s over” Caleb said in a barely audible whispered.

Trint tried to think of something encouraging he could say… but could think of nothing.

Caleb pulled his knees up to his chest and put his face in them trying desperately to hold back the tears and supress the sobs.

The heavy door opened again and the clicking of shoes going down the stone stairs was heard. It was Fay who descended the stairs. She looked pleased with their capture, a small smirk on her face. Her dress was badly torn and her hair was rather messy. She had spent a good bit of her day untangling herself from that tree. Never had she been so embarrassed or mad at someone in her life. “Well, here you two are, where you belong” She said. “You both deserve it” She snorted.

Caleb kept his face in his knees not daring to look up. Trint on the other hand gave her a glare that was like death. He shook in his chains making them rattle.

Fay went on. “Thieves will not be tolerated and are branded criminals”

Trint suddenly leapt to his feet and moved to jump at her, but because of the chains had so little slack he toppled over. He looked up at her again. “How dare you?!” He spat.

Fay looked a bit taken aback by the deep anger and hatred in his eyes. “Wha…?” She began to say, but was cut off.

“Shut up!” Trint snarled, managing to stand.

Caleb lifted his head and looked up at Trint. “Trint” He said.

Trint wasn’t listening. “You have no right to talk to Caleb like that!” He roared.

“Trint” Caleb said a bit louder.

Trint went on. “You have no idea what he’s all been through and why….”

Caleb suddenly smacked Trint’s leg hard with the back of his hand. “Trint!” He said sharply. “That’s enough.”

Trint looked back. “But…!”

Caleb’s eyes narrowed. “I said that’s enough” he growled.

Trint fell silent and plopped back down to the floor sitting against the wall and glaring at Fay.

Fay looked confused looking between both boys. She wasn’t quite sure what had just happened. Something inside of her felt weird. Did she…. pity them? Thieves? She didn’t understand. “What do you mean I have no idea?” She asked finally.

Caleb looked down not daring to answer. Trint looked as though he wanted to but he kept his mouth shut.

Fay looked at both of them carefully but saw neither planned to budge. Finally she sighed. “Very well, have it your way.” She started to leave. “I only want to see you two in here with my own two eyes so I’m leaving now”

Neither seemed to care much.

With a huff Fay quickly turned and rushed up the stairs slamming the heavy door behind her.

Caleb watched until the last rays of light disappeared before putting his face back into his knees.

Both boys sat quietly for a while without saying a word. Trint played with a frayed end of the cuffs of his shirt and Caleb didn’t move from his sulking position. Suddenly Trint’s eyes widened and he straightened. “How could I forget?!” He said excitedly. He carefully pulled out a thin long piece of metal from hidden within his cuff. “I moved it from my bag!”

Caleb lifted his face slightly a look of hope glowed in his eyes.

Trint stuck the metal piece into the lock and took a deep breath. “Please still work” He muttered. He pulled it back out and the strange metal began to warp until it was the shape of the proper key. Trint smirked and stuck it back into the lock. It turned with a pleasing click and the chain on his wrist popped off. He just barely managed to grab it before it clattered to the floor. Quietly and gently he set it to the floor and continued with his others.

Caleb quickly held out his own and Trint finished up. “Maybe… we can still make it” Caleb said softly.

Trint smiled. “Course. You must have forgotten I’m the master of escape.”

Caleb got to his feet and gently rubbed his sore wrists. “Now what? No doubt above ground is going to be totally guarded.”

Trint shrugged. “Then we’ll just have to take out as many as possible and get out of here.”

Caleb nodded. “We should also make it our goal to grab our stuff if possible.”

The carefully made their way up the steps until they reached the door. Trint leaned his ear against it closing his eyes to help concentrate. “Two standing by this door by the sound of it, but there may be more around.”

Caleb didn’t wait another moment and flung the door open with all his might, taking out one of the guards standing in the way. With a high kick he took out the other.

Trint smirked. “Nice” He rushed out blindly in the sunlight scanning for their gear. He finally spotted it and threw Caleb’s stuff to his friend. “Let’s get out of here.”

More guards came around the corner and now armed; the boys began to fight them off. “We’ve got to get moving” Caleb said with a grunt as he pushed another off of him.

Trint nodded. He reached into his bag and pulled out a small sack like ball. He hurled it at their attackers and both boys quickly sucked in a last breath before it hit the ground. A large explosion of green dust filled the air and both boys slipped into the bushes and scurried away. The men’s angry cries finally faded after a while and both boys slowed down to let out their breath and suck in fresh air.

“W-we made it” Caleb said.

Trint gave a tired smile to his friend. “N-now what?” he said panting.

Caleb bit his lip and sat down at the base of a tree opening his bag. He let out a breath when he saw his gold still inside. “Well, it looks like all our money is still here. Now we only need about 50,000 hopefully.”

“Could we work for it?” Trint asked hopefully.

Caleb shook his head. “We might make 25,000 in a year if we were lucky.”

Trint sighed running a hand loosely through his hair. “So we’ll have to steal it…”

Caleb shrugged. “If we do anything we’ll have to do it on the way. On foot it’ll take us two days to get across the border and make it to the castle.”

Trint nodded and pulling out a small compass he managed to figure out an approximation of where they were. They began their long trek towards the mountains and back to the border.


Fay had been riding and was quite a ways away before Caleb and Trint escaped so she had no idea. She was thinking an awful lot about them though. The two made her rather curious. They weren’t like any other thieves she’d ever met.  There were normally about three reasons why people became thieves. The first was because they were poor and desperately needed the money to survive, but that didn’t seem to be why Caleb and his friend were stealing or they wouldn’t be taking such large and expensive items. The second was greed, but neither of them had a greedy look in their eyes when they held their loot. There was more of a desperate look… almost like they needed it. The third reason was anything other. For a moment she stopped her horse and looked over the view of the kingdom. “Why would they need that much money?” She wondered.

I wanna know why they're thieves too…

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