Light& Dark


By Mina

About one year ago I started and wrote this book! It quickly became my all time favourite and though now I have a new one close to my heart this one still holds a special place to me ;) Finally I've decided to try to rewrite it! Though this will be my first time attempting to rewrite a book! Wish me luck!

Please feel free to comment! Right now I really appreciated a bit more rough criticism since I'm in rewriting mode ;) Also please don't copy! This is my hard work and I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you.

Warning: Blood, dark and intense scenes and romance. I would recommend this for an older audience.(13 and up probably) 






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Me: Lol. Sorry Ev, but I don't think Mina would be very happy if you spoiled it for the others.

I remember why they're thieves. :)
Me: I remember why their thieves too!
John: But like Evrem you can't spoil it.
Me: I know... :(
I don't know any details but there are some pretty obvious clues.

Sorry guys! No chapter this week :( I've been frightfully busy and today's my only day to write so I'm working on my other book :P Maybe I'll be able to manage two chapters next week to make up for it :)

Gomen!!! High school is almost over and my life is absolutely insane. One minute I'm studying for finals, next I'm working out future education, then I'm trying to figure out how being an English teacher in Japan is possibly going to work and of course to add to the chaos I have to find a job... Writing is nearly impossible T.T 

I have had a chance to write for one of my classes though. A short story! ^^ It's going to be published as a finishing touch to the class! I miss all of your support for my writing so please enjoy the short story!


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