Hey everybody, 

Just thought we'd drop a line and let you know about a really cool new book series we wrote based on an online game being developed by the creator of Club Penguin (Lance Priebe). The book just came out today on Kindle and Paperback.  It's called...Mech Mice: Genesis Strike.

Check it out >>

Anyway, we're really excited about this new series. The paperback version should be available in a few days on Amazon. Until then, we'll let you in on a little secret. A version of the paperback is available right now at but it has the wrong text on the first page. The file should update in 5 days which I guess will make the current version a super secret limited collectors edition some day. :-)

No matter which version you get we'll be thrilled to hear what you think of the new book. 

"Ears up, Mice!" 

Thanks for being such awesome fans and friends! We love you guys!

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You mean the cakes?

Oh, duh.



I got no idea, ma'am.


x3 You can feel the amazingness at that part. "Ears up, Mice!" 

Can't wait to read Mech Mice! Now to find the time...

Hey guys, for the next two weeks we're having a special offer for Mech MIce. Get a FREE Mech Mice iron-on patch simply for writing a review on about the book OR buying a copy from during that time. Details are on our blog at

If you want to write a review and haven't read it yet (and can't afford to buy it) simply go to and read it for FREE. Doesn't get any easier than that! We'll ship the patch to you for FREE (no shipping cost). 

So what are you waiting for?!? FREE stuff is waiting for you. Write that review...or buy the book today! 

Can we write a review without reading it?

Thanks for the enthusiasm, CandyStars.

Still, we'd rather hear the honest feedback from readers of Mech Mice. (It's a fun read! And there's a sweet patch in it for you! So what are you waiting for!) 

hmmmmm, I read some of Mech Mice on this website, but i don't what happened to it now. From what i read, it was pretty good, but i don't remember that much of it.


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