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Hi everybody!  (Or should I say everypony?)  This is a new story I thought of.  It won't be as exciting as my other stories, but if nothing else, it'll help me pass the time on a boring day.   Anyway, here we go!


This is a story about a pegasus named Feather Scroll.  (There will be pictures later.)  Basically, she's me in pony form, and she learns about family, Jesus Christ, and, of course, friendship, as time goes on.

This story is more down-to-earth, I guess you could say, even though we are talking about colorful ponies here.    There's not going to be a real end to this story.  Sometimes it'll be a dramatized version of my day, or maybe just something I thought would be cool to add.

I hope you enjoy it, but if you don't, that's OK.  Like I said before, if nothing else it'll make time fly.    To Equestria, and beyoooooond!!

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Sounds like fun!  

When are you going to start?

Sometime today or tomorrow, but I have to finish my chores first   Silly chores

The sound of a meowing cat and a shower woke me up.  Opening my eyes, I turned my head towards the door, which was wide open.  Some distance away the bathroom light was on, confirming that someone was indeed in the shower.  The family calico cat, Abby, was meowing like a siren; constant and loud.

Slowly moving to face my nightstand, I gave an annoyed sigh when the clock read 8:02.  The night before, or maybe two days ago, I got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep total.  I, my mom, and older sister Chordette had to take a friend back home after she came to visit us.  We live really far from each other, so we had to wake up at 4:00 A.M. to take her to the train station.

After failing at trying to fall asleep again, I sat up with a yawn, blinking my tired eyes.  Looking over at my mirror, I shook my head a little to fix my short brown mane.  Chordette had suggested a side-part some months ago, which looked nice, but it was hard to manage at times.

Stepping out of bed carefully, I tested my back left leg as I walked into the living room.  My leg had started to hurt a few days ago, and it made walking difficult.  But thankfully, at the moment, there wasn't any pain. 

Laying down on a tan couch, I pulled out today's newspaper and looked for anything new.  I quickly became bored as I read through the pages.  Every day was the same old thing.  Why couldn't something new happen for a change?

The sound of hoofsteps reached my ears, coming from the stairs.  Looking up, I saw my mom's horn first, then the rest of her shortly after.  My mom was a tall unicorn, and my dad was a pegasus, but he was at work at the moment.  My dad had black-brown hair and blue eyes.  He worked for the Royal Guard as a chaplain and a counselor.

There was a crazy amount of similarities between me and my mom, but thankfully there were some differences.  My mother's mane was shorter, and definitely more curly compared to my straight hair.  Her eyes were blue, and mine were hazel.  Those were pretty much the only things, besides our personalities and me being a pegasus, that separated us.

"Hey," my mom said.

Still a little sleepy, I replied quietly.  "Hey mom."

"I have to take Chordette to work, so I'll get donuts on my way back," she said.  "But that means I'll be a while, so if you get really hungry, you can eat cereal or something."

Chordette had recently gotten her first job at a roller skating rink.  The owners had noticed that she was a good skater, so they offered her the job.  It was pretty much guaranteed from the beginning that she would get the job, since we already knew the owners.

I smiled.  "OK," I said.

It was Saturday, the only day in the week when we can get donuts.  Sugarcube Corner had amazing donuts, a shop you could only find in Ponyville, as far as I knew.

"Mom, we gotta go!"  Chordette called from downstairs.

With that, my mom smiled and walked back towards the stairs.  When she was maybe halfway down the stairs, I spoke my usual goodbye.

"Bye mom!"  I shouted.  "I love you!"

"Love you too!"  She called back.

Turning back to the newspaper, I heard the door open and close a minute or two later.  Despite being bored by it, I kept reading the newspaper, since there wasn't anything else I'd like to do.  I was an introvert, so going out a lot wasn't my thing.  But it sure was Chordette's thing!  She was an extrovert to the core.  Sometimes I wondered if one of us was adopted.


After I ate the donuts mom brought back, and remembered to put my glasses on, time flew by like it does every Saturday.  Dad came back after maybe an hour or two, then mom left to bring Chordette back home from work.  Plus, I managed to get some household chores done.  Everything was going like a normal Saturday would, but then there was a knock on the door.

Since everyone else was busy, I reluctantly made my way downstairs as quickly as I could.  Unfortunately, the pain had made a comeback about two hours ago, so I walked with a limp towards the door.  When I reached the door, I checked the peephole first.

Once I realized who it was, I quickly opened the door.  Fluttershy stood there, slightly startled, but she smiled.  Fluttershy was a close friend of mine, and we got along great.  Both of us were pretty shy, so we were similar in a lot of ways.

"Oh, hey Fluttershy," I said with a smile.  "What are you doing here?"

"Well," she began. "Rainbow Dash isn't feeling too good, so she can't clear up the clouds today.  She asked me to do it and, well, there's just too much sky for me."

I gave a small laugh.  "OK, um, sure.  Hold on a sec," I said.  Then I turned my head upward.  "Hey mo-"

"I heard," my mom said, looking down at me with a smile.  "I'm OK with it.  Go ahead."

Smiling, I turned back to Fluttershy.  "Lead the way then," I said.

Flapping our wings almost at the same time, Fluttershy and I flew out, making sure to close the door behind me.  Once I was just below the clouds, I took a look around.  Ponyville was always peaceful, as far as I knew.  My family moved to Ponyville just a year ago, and there was a castle that apparently was a new addition, but other than that, it looked like not a lot happened here.

"Feather Scroll?"  Fluttershy asked, realizing I wasn't following.  "Are you all right?"

I smiled again.  "Yeah, I'm fine," I said.  "Just admiring the scenery."

Awesome!!! I LOVE it!!

Me too!

What's her cutie mark?

My guess is either a feather pen or a scroll

Wow. How did I not think of that? I feel like an idiot.

I'm trying to put up pictures, but it keeps glitching out on me....

I think that this is a dead book...

unfortunately, I think so too

I'll leave it up, just in case I want to write here again, but I think the best thing to do is hit pause


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