MLP: FiM - Feather Scroll - (Temporarily Closed)

Hi everybody!  (Or should I say everypony?)  This is a new story I thought of.  It won't be as exciting as my other stories, but if nothing else, it'll help me pass the time on a boring day.   Anyway, here we go!


This is a story about a pegasus named Feather Scroll.  (There will be pictures later.)  Basically, she's me in pony form, and she learns about family, Jesus Christ, and, of course, friendship, as time goes on.

This story is more down-to-earth, I guess you could say, even though we are talking about colorful ponies here.    There's not going to be a real end to this story.  Sometimes it'll be a dramatized version of my day, or maybe just something I thought would be cool to add.

I hope you enjoy it, but if you don't, that's OK.  Like I said before, if nothing else it'll make time fly.    To Equestria, and beyoooooond!!

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I put up pictures though!

in order of top to bottom: Feather Scroll, Chordette, and Crimson Quill (aka my mom)

I like ^-^


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