:D Just like all the other this or that thingys I guess! :)

I'll start.


Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones?

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Beauty and the Beast or MegaMind?

Beauty and the Beast.

Rio or UP?

UP (I haven't seen rio)


Source code or  POTC 1, 2, or 3?

Source code.


Soul Serfer or Iron Man 1?

Iron man 1


POTC 4 or Thor?

POTC 4 isn't even out.
Thor isn't out eathier BTW
Thor is out in our theater
Yah I posted that and then I found out that night from my brother that it was out.



Alladin or The Little Mermaid?



Hoodwinked or Wall-E?

Ok that's just mean making pick between those! But I guess......I'll go with hoodwinked because it's funnier.

Tangled or Princess and the Frog


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