:D Just like all the other this or that thingys I guess! :)

I'll start.


Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones?

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Uh... ninja turtles.


Gladiator or 300?

Oh, man they're both so....

Princess Diaries


Inkheart or Sorcerer's Apprentice  

really want to see Avatar.


Princess Diaries 2 or Legally Blonde?

I haven't seen either, but I'm going to gues that Letters to Juliet is better


Hugo or Thomas the tank engine!

Thomas the tank engine

A walk to remember or princess diaries?

i have never seen inkheart so narnia prince caspian!!!

national treasure or national treasure 2

national treasure 2

Tangled or Ever After?


Gnomeo & Juliet or Tangled?
Te mysterious case of Benjamin button (or whatever his last name is) or the Santa clause?


Barbie in the Nutcracker or barbie princess charm school?

Never seen and don't want to.
Date night or how to train ur dragon.


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