:D Just like all the other this or that thingys I guess! :)

I'll start.


Lord of the Rings or Indiana Jones?

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The Hobbit or Tintin

The hobbit!!!!
Mary poppins or Tarzan 


Three Musketeers or Princess of Theives

Three muskateers (I havn't seen it, but the girl who plays in princess of theives gives me the creepers!)


Kung Fu panda 2 or smurfs

KFP 2 (i havent seen the smurfs)

National Treasure 2 or The Incredibles?

NT 2


Super 8 or 9

Hmm..... Which creepy movie do I pick? Hmmm..... Super 8. 9 creeped me out tooo badly.

Nanny McPhee or nanny mcpee returns?
Nanny McPhee returns. Sorry about the skippe letter.

Tangled or Aladdin?


Tangled or Pirates: Band of Misfits?

Up or Bolt?


Toy story3 or Disney Atlantis


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