Ok, I knew the mods wouldn't approve a group, so here is where us pastors' kids can come to talk about life as a PK. Do you find that people have unrealistic expectations of you, or do you always get candy from members of the congregation? Do you get teased, or do you find that everybody wants to be your friend. Vent/talk about it here. 

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I'm so glad u made this!

Last three PK's I've met...

Well, they fit that whole PK rebel thing.

I dont think I do.

Really, Andy? 

I ain't a rebel... well, at least not a bad rebel...

i notice that my friends who are pastors kids, that they are very popular, and its hard cuz they r girls and they r pretty so its very hard on them because especially boys want to be her friend, and since she has grown up in that, they always expect people to want to be there friend when they meet them... and our pastor is very popular in our church.

Our Church is mostly Young people and our music is very strong we really are a rock'in church! :D

Ah yes. 

I mostly am just nice to all the youth at my church, and they're nice too me back. 

Dewd. My church, is like that ol' country church your mama wishes she were atx3

Yeah, really.

ol' country church FTW!!

Not all of my friends know my dad is a pastor, but they do know i go to church. Most people treat me the same as everybody else. Well not quite the same, but you get the point.

yup yup

I'm so glad I'm not the only pastors kid on here.

Me too


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