Ok, I knew the mods wouldn't approve a group, so here is where us pastors' kids can come to talk about life as a PK. Do you find that people have unrealistic expectations of you, or do you always get candy from members of the congregation? Do you get teased, or do you find that everybody wants to be your friend. Vent/talk about it here. 

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I'm going to be a youth pastor. Sooooox3

My kids will be PKs.

That's awesome, Andy!


I'll be grand at it, I hope.

C-Rae killed my discussion. Again. Here is a vid to bring it back to life!

/Saw video

/Facepalmed before it came up, because I knew it'd be messymonday.

/Facepalmed even harder.

that was a funny video. :)


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