My all time favorite comic, Pearls Before Swine! It is hilarious. It is worthy of a XD. XD So, have you learned how to panelwalk? Are you part of Eet-a-zeeb coorparation? I know I am. XP 

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I get this comic in the newspaper. =P
Lucky! I don't get the newspaper. =/
The comic's funny.

Customer: "Rat, can you suggest a place to take my wife? I'm in a real hurry, so I'll take anywhere!"

Rat as a conceirge: "Sure, it's just a couple blocks down the street. Just say 'Hi' to Ronald for me."

I don't get a newspaper either. I have NEVER heard of this strip before.
LOL! Pure epicness!
Ha!  I like that.
i think it funny, but i'm more for Baby Blues and Zits.

Who here is part of the Eet-a-zeeb corparation?

i is not.

Zeeb 1: Dwo too lack ov monay, we will have too way people off

Zeeb 2: I think you is very smart

Zeeb 1: You get box o monay!

Zeeb 3: I think you are smarter!

Zeeb1: *Takes money from Zeeb 2* You get too box o monay!

Zeeb 4: Doze Zeebs iz just sayin dat. They say that for monay. I think yoor brave.

Zeeb 1: Way offs! *Pushes Zeeb 2 and 3 out of window*




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