Who thinks there vicious and who thinks there friendly

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I think it depends on how they are raised. But all the ones I've seen in person-and in movies-are vicious.

Just out of curiosity, why do you ask?

some people just want a scary looking guard dog and they often beat there pit bulls and that makes them distrusting of people.

They're friendly. If one think they're vicious, they've obviously angered the dog.

I've never met a pit bull, so I wouldn't know XD

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On another note, I feel it depends on a lot of factors. I've met pit bulls that were sweet and some that almost mauled Sabrina. I feel it is dependent on disposition, training, treatment from the owner, and how they are treated by people in their personal bubble. There's a lot of variables in this equation.

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im doing an essay on how they arent vicious and i wanted peoples opinions

They are not vicious. I want to get one when I grow up.

I think that, like most animals, Pit Bulls can be sweet in nature, or vicious, depending on how they were trained/raised. If they are agressive, it is most likely due to a bad up-brining, such as if the dog was beaten, neglected, etc.


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